10 Best Champions from Zaun in League of Legends

10 Best Champions from Zaun in League of Legends

The world of Runterra has dozens of exciting regions and locations—from the idyllic hills of Ionia, over the treacherous waves of Bilgewater, to the ghastly deadlands of the Shadow Isles. These regions have unique themes that make them stand out among the rest. Naturally, all League of Legends Champions (save for a stellar few) originate from one of these regions.

In this article, we will look at Champions originating from Zaun, Piltover’s chem-tech neighbor. These two cities lie on opposite banks of a major strait and are characterized by heavy reliance on technology. They differ in how they handle tech, which is additionally highlighted by their respective arrays of Champions.

We’ve picked out our favorite ten Zaun Champions that we believe are best. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them!

Key takeaways:

–        What Champions come from Zaun.

–        Lore and gameplay details for each of them.

–        A detailed view of the world of Zaun.

–        …and more!

10. Blitzcrank10. Blitzcrank

To start the list off, we have everyone’s favorite hunk of metal known as Blitzcrank. This fantastic Support can do a lot and is quite the meta these days. Blitzcrank is, by nature, a Tank, though he can dish out a ton of unexpected damage. Not only that, Blitzcrank is likely one of the best CC Champions in League, which makes him all the better.

Regarding his lore and connections to Zaun, Blitzcrank was created by the mastermind Viktor. Intended initially to be a tool for descending into the most dangerous environments, Blitzcrank has evolved beyond his original design and now roams the streets of Zaun, helping everyone that might need it. His benign nature is why everyone seems to love this steaming pile of steel. We know we do.

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9. Twitch

9. Twitch

Twitch is a rat. That is all we have to say about his personality and playstyle. Jokes aside, Twitch is a powerful, scaling ADC capable of singlehandedly killing entire teams. His invisibility, overall DPS, and speed (both movement and attacking) make him one of the most formidable ADCs in League of Legends proper.

In terms of lore, Twitch is a Zaunite plague rat that has a vehement hatred for Piltover. He spends most of his time rummaging through other people’s trash and carries a chem-tech crossbow if anyone crosses his path. He skulks around Zaun and has vouched to shove Piltover’s pride in its face… once he’s done digging through the garbage. That might take a while.

8. Zac8. Zac

Zac is currently one of the most popular Junglers, and for a good reason. His capacity to engage the enemy from vast distances, obscene damage, and insane CC are just some of his abilities. Zac has various playstyles that make him suitable for just about any Jungler. There are not many Champions like him, but then again, he was made for this… literally.

Zac was created by an unnamed Zaunite scientist whose toxic spill ran through Zaun’s chem-tech pipes and pooled deep in the city’s Sump. There, Zac evolved through time and became a living, thinking being who occasionally emerges from the sewers to help those in need. Zac also helps city authorities rebuild broken infrastructure, making his overall nature relatively benign.

7. Urgot7. Urgot

This walking, hulking, dreadnought of a man is Marksman/Bruiser/Tank hybrid that comfortably sits at the Top Lane. Urgot is a lane bully who puts a ton of pressure on his opponents by either harassing them or just going all in. In the late game, he serves primarily as a Tank, though he has many tools for incredible damage and utility. Good Urgot players make the most out of his versatility, which can often be unpredictable.

His origins start far away from Zaun, in Noxus, where he was once a feared aristocrat. Betrayed by the Empire, Urgot was imprisoned in the Dredge, a prison leagues beneath the city of Zaun. After a cataclysmic disaster that destroyed parts of the city, Urgot was freed and now serves as one of its biggest criminal overlords. His presence is felt in every corner, his name echoing in the darkness.

6. Viktor6. Viktor

Viktor is a laster-fest of magic and machinery that dominates the Mid Lane. He is a robust, mechanically complex, and powerful Mage capable of carrying his team easily. Viktor is known in the community as one of the most difficult Champions to master, with only players like Faker unlocking his full potential. Those who do know how to handle him will quickly find their ranks increasing tenfold, and that is putting it lightly.

In the lore of Zaun, Viktor is an idealist and zealot endlessly pursuing the perfection of humanity. He religiously believes that humanity is limited by their weakness of the flesh and believes machinery and steel would lead to the perfect human being. Having augmented himself with all kinds of technology, Viktor will stop at nothing to realize his vision.

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5. Jinx5. Jinx

A speed demon and demolitions specialist, Jinx is a force to be reckoned with in the Bot Lane. Her fast attacks, long-range rockets, and insane damage scaling make her incredibly difficult to Lane against while playing her is a piece of cake. Anyone can pick up Jinx and be good at playing her, which makes her most players’ first choice. She’s incredibly popular right now, what with her being part of the tutorial and the critically acclaimed Arcane animated series.

Jinx is a violent criminal known all across Zaun and is the vicious rival of the crime-fighting duo Vi and Caitlyn. Vi happens to be Jinx’ sister, and this story point is explored in detail in Arcane that we mentioned above. Jinx is likely inspired by Harley Quinn, also known for bringing mayhem and destruction wherever she goes. Despising boredom and all things mundane, Jinx is destructive for the sake of it, trying to bring some joy into her rather bleak life.

4. Ziggs4. Ziggs

Ziggs is the second Mage on this list who alternates between Mid and Bot, depending on the player. He performs equally well in both, capable of dealing a ton of magic damage and providing his team with solid utility. Ziggs primarily stands out for his ability to wreck towers, as there are a few spells he can use to speed the process up significantly. He’s also known for his one-shot potential, high base damage, and being a bomb-crazed maniac.

In the lore, he is even more of a bombastic maniac than in the game. After meeting with Jinx for the first time in Piltover, it was enough to convince him to move to Zaun. There, he’d regularly supply Jinx with explosives and take on terrorizing the chem barons with his love for the bomb. Heimerdinger sees past Ziggs’ bomb mania and names him a brilliant scientist, despite his dangerous and unpredictable nature.

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3. Warwick3. Warwick

The most hated among Top Laners (for all the good reasons) and likely among the most hated Champions in the game, Warwick rightfully takes place at number three. He’s a Bruiser capable of dishing out immense damage while remaining healthy himself. To kill others and emerge unscathed is his motto—one he’s often successful at fulfilling. He has it all: damage, speed, CC, and sustainability. There is no single mechanic that Riot didn’t bestow upon the big bad wolf of Runterra.

Once a gangster seeking to abandon his evil ways and become a good and honest man, Warwick was turned into a gnarly beast by cruel experiments conducted by Singed. Augmented by chem-tech and driven mad by the scent of blood, Warwick stalks the alleys of Zaun, seeking out criminals. Criminal or innocent, none who spill blood can escape Warwick’s rage, and as he says: ‘Spill the blood… draw the beast!’

2. Dr. Mundo2. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is among the best Top Laners currently. His capacity to deal damage while soaking all of it in is unprecedented and makes Mundo a formidable opponent in any matchup. He can easily dominate his Lane, and things especially get sour once Mundo starts roaming around the map. Late-game Mundo is infamous in League of Legends for being nigh unkillable while being more than able to kill everyone around him.

Mundo was a patient of an asylum in Zaun, and after somehow ‘curing’ all the staff, he declared himself to be a physician. He has zero idea what he is doing and never had any prior experience in medicine, but none of that stops him from being a ‘doctor.’ Mundo is chemically altered, and with each injection he gives himself, he becomes more bloated, purple, and mad. He scares everyone away from him, affirming his belief that he is a good doctor since none of his patients return.

1. Ekko1. Ekko

Ekko is a Mage Jungler that occasionally plays as a Mid Laner. No matter what players choose, Ekko will always be a fast AP Assassin capable of one-shotting the Tankiest of opponents. His unpredictability in gameplay makes him very hard to play against, but he isn’t the easiest to play. Ekko has some of the most mechanically deep spells that may appear simple initially. At any rate, Ekko is a fantastic Mage with a ton of versatility.

In the lore, Ekko is a child prodigy from Zaun’s streets. He somehow managed to invent his own machine known as the Z-Drive, which he can use to manipulate time. Ekko strives to use this time manipulation to create the perfect moment and appears capable of doing the impossible to anyone who crosses him. He’s a free bird but always comes in to help his friends in need, which highlights his childlike, innocent nature.


All regions in League of Legends are unique, but Zaun stands out. This chem-infested cyberpunk city harbors some of the vilest and most vicious criminals, crazed maniacs, and some good guys. The ten Champions above are our absolute favorites, both in the game and on the streets of Zaun, where they all have their chaotic roles.

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