Top 10 Best Nexus Blitz Items

Nexus Blitz is one of the most hectic and most fun game modes that Riot Games have ever given us. The new League of Legends mode is quite different from anything else, and everyone should give it a try! 

Champions get totally OP thanks to numerous buffs and events that spawn all the time, but without the correct builds, you might end up grabbing a defeat. But worry not! Here we will talk about the 10 best Nexus Blitz items for all roles and champions!

And when it comes to the items in this game mode, you have the freedom to try new things. The regular build paths for our champions will be applicable here but note that Nexus Blitz is a much faster game, and some items won’t have the same value as others. So, you might want to switch things up a bit.

With this guide, we want to clarify to you which are the 10 best items in Nexus Blitz in terms of performance and power. You can usually spot this item in every match, and they’re currently the most sought-after items in this game mode. We’ll also be mentioning which champions should prioritize these items, but know that you can try them on all champions and see how that works. Let’s begin!

10 Best Nexus Blitz Items

10. Kraken Slayer

Kraken Slayer is the go-to mythic item for many ADC champions in Nexus Blitz. It brings a lot of raw power to the table through the three most important stats for marksmen: attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike.

Additionally, Kraken Slayer has a built-in true damage effect that activates on every third auto-attack. This is crucial for any sort of fighting in Nexus Blitz, especially in the arena. Caitlyn, Vayne, and Twitch work exceptionally well with Kraken Slayer, but any ADC champion can use it as well.

9. Luden’s Tempest

Luden’s Tempest is the equivalent of Kraken Slayer, but for mages. Luden’s is the best mythic item for AP champions because it provides the biggest amount of damage early on. The Echo passive grants enough power to secure kills from the start of the game, as well as wave clear speed if you need to roam.

This item will also add a bit of magic penetration to your build. And unless your team falls heavily behind, Luden’s Tempest will allow you to carry the game right from the get-go. The champions that should prioritize Luden’s Tempest over any other mythic items are the mana-hungry mages like LeBlanc, Xerath, and Zoe.

8. Goredrinker

Goredrinker is a fantastic item in Nexus Blitz on the bruisers. The stats (health, damage, ability haste, and health regeneration) are phenomenal fighting in melee range. Also, Goredrinker is a recommended item for jungling in Nexus Blitz, as long as you’re playing an AD champion like Warwick or Aatrox.

You can start by purchasing Ironspike Whip, which has the same active as Goredrinker, though a bit less powerful. Yet, Ironspike Whip only costs 1200 gold, and it will help you tremendously clearing jungle camps or enemy champions.

7. Trinity Force

Trinity Force is one of the most used mythic items in Nexus Blitz. Its versatility makes it a very interesting addition to your inventory, and any champion can get at least some value out of it. However, the ones that can utilize it best are the champions that use both auto-attacks and spells to deal their damage, such as Corki and Gangplank.

Trinity Force gives you everything. From attack speed and health to ability haste and attack damage. Many ADC champions can really dominate Nexus Blitz with Trinity Force as their first item!

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6. Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire Aegis is the best mythic choice for tanks in Nexus Blitz. At first sight, Sunfire might not be the strongest tank item in terms of stats, but its passives are what makes it really broken. 

Any champion that has purchased Sunfire Aegis will passively burn down enemies and generate stacks. At six stacks, the item gives your auto-attack a burning effect that lasts for additional 3 seconds. Needless to say that any champion that can lock another down for several seconds will basically melt them during that crowd control. So, the best matches for Sunfire Aegis are champions like Amumu, Maokai, and Ornn.

5. Duskblade of Draktharr

Duskblade of Draktharr thrives on chaos. This mythic item is seriously broken in Nexus Blitz just because of the frequency of the random fights. You see, Duskblade puts you in true invisibility whenever you score a kill or an assist. And champions that already have invisibility, like Kha’Zix or Pyke, get to slay champion repeatedly from stealth. Oh, and this invisibility effect resets with each champion takedown!

4. Rabadon’s Deathcap

By now, it’s clear to everyone that Rabadon’s Deathcap is the biggest AP damage increase in the game. In Nexus Blitz, you get to purchase it much sooner than in Summoner’s Rift. And any mage champion can one-shot anyone else once they put RA in their inventory.

The champions that benefit the most from Rabadon’s Deathcap are the champions that depend on AP scaling. These are Ziggs, Syndra, Orianna, Diana, and more!

3. Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is one of those items that are normally very situational. But, just imagine what happens in a game of Nexus Blitz when the enemy carries purchase Guardian Angel only a few minutes after the game starts. All rules of League of Legends fall apart, and the winners are usually the users of this item!

But Guardian Angel can do more than just save your life. It provides the necessary armor and attack damage to any marksman, and it’s also very cheap, which means you can get it fairly quickly! ADC champions like Draven and Twitch should always incorporate it in their builds.

2. The Collector

The Collector is an extremely fun item to play with, especially in Nexus Blitz. It was originally meant to help marksmen with securing kills, but in this game mode, the item has reached a whole new level. And the main reason for it is the passive, which executes any champion below 5% HP that you’ve already damaged.

The Collector can be bought on literally any champion and make it work. In Nexus Blitz, you aren’t really interested in the raw stats as much as in the effects your gold can buy. So try it out regardless of what you’re playing, and have fun!

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1. The Golden Spatula

Golden Spatula is the #1 item for almost every single League of Legends champion on the Nexus Blitz game mode! You should always, and I mean ALWAYS build this item when you're playing Nexus Blitz!

The Golden Spatula is the absolute best item in the game mode of Nexus Blitz. And not just because of the memes, but seriously! It costs 7487 gold, and it grants all the bonuses that you can dream of! Mana, health, damage, ability power, critical strike, magic resist, and everything else!

But the greatest thing about The Golden Spatula is that it grants the On Fire effect permanently! We don’t need to say how OP the On Fire effect is in Nexus Blitz, but if you want to quickly close games, then go for this item straight away! 

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