10 Most Dominant Champions in League of Legends

10 Most Dominant Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is closing in on 200 Champions. Of these, all have their ups and downs. Depending on what part of the game we’re looking at, a Champion might be strong or weak—dominant or useless. Here we will look at the ten most dominant Champions in League of Legends right now, focusing on all their intricate details. 

To define ‘dominant’, we will hypothetically take a game where everyone is maxed out and pretty strong by default. Only under these conditions could a Champion shine, as any other situation might skew them too weak or strong. At any rate, let’s stop the babble and get right into our list! 

10. Kassadin10. Kassadin

Only a few Champions in League of Legends can snowball as much as Kassadin. He starts each game slowly and methodically rises up to the top. If Kass is careful enough, his victory is near guaranteed, as fighting him in the late game becomes nearly impossible. He’s strong in many aspects that we can’t even begin to name them. 

Of them all, his mobility and damage are unmatched. He can jump around the entire map with his Ult at no cost (save for a ton of Mana, which he gets back anyways). Using this mobility, he can chase down anyone, and you shouldn’t try to escape him. Not only that, his damage packed with mobility means certain death for anyone who wanders too close to him. 

Whether it’s engagement ability, damage, mobility, you name it—Kass has it. 

9. Jax9. Jax

Top Laners are seldom found in lists like these, primarily due to their knack for being strong in the earlier parts of the game. However, a few exceptions appear on this list, one of which is undoubtedly Jax. Jax is a fantastic hybrid Bruiser that can singlehandedly swipe up entire teams without breaking a sweat. 

Jax dominates most of his opponents in the Top Lane and carries that over to the rest of the map when the time comes. It takes a while, though, and the final parts of a match tend to slow him down. The thing is, Jax isn’t a burst Champion, which causes problems against defensive enemies. Nevertheless, Jax uses his basic attacks and insane sustain to beat people to death with a lamp! Imagine if he had a real weapon! 

If you’re looking for a fantastic Top Laner that can dominate from start to finish, there’s no better pick than Jax. 

8. Kayle8. Kayle

Like Kassadin, Kayle takes her time to reach a dominating status. Once she does, though, surrendering is probably your best bet. She is one of the game’s strongest hyper carries for a good reason. Kayle absolutely melts health bars away in just a few basic attacks while being entirely immortal. Her Ultimate is completely broken, especially so in the late game. 

Kayle has three phases, getting more robust with each. At levels 6, 11, and 16, Kayle will grow in power and get extra passive effects. Level 16 is when Kayle turns into God and lays her judgement on all her adversaries. It’s incredible how much damage she can dish out just by auto-attacking people. She’s also pretty versatile, and despite Top being her primary role, she can also take on Mid if she likes. 

Kayle is a fantastic Champion overall and certainly meets the criteria for ‘dominating.’ Ban her if you want a chance to win. 

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7. Fiora7. Fiora

Almost the last Top Laner on this list, Fiora, is here for several reasons. Fiora is a Top Lane carry, not unlike Jax. Though Jax could be considered a hyper carry, Fiora is just a short distance from the definition. She only lacks AOE damage, but she makes up for it with her quick way of killing individual opponents. 

Fiora has it all: speed, damage, unstoppable healing, etc. She can cut down the tankiest of Tanks in just a few precise basic attacks. Furthermore, her passive enables her to do obscene amounts of true damage, meaning that she ignores all enemy defences. Therefore, Fiora needs no more than a few good hits, and you’re done for. 

With how fast she can do this, it is a no-brainer to consider her a dominant Champion. Late game Fiora is the bane of everyone’s existence, and if you’ve ever met her, you’ll know perfectly why. 

6. Vladimir6. Vladimir

Vladimir is Kassadin’s evil twin as if Kass wasn’t evil enough. He can do all Kassadin can, probably better (and faster, too). Vladimir is a force to be reckoned with from the moment he lands on the Lane. Unlike some others on the list, he doesn’t take too long to snowball to a dominating status. However, even when everyone else is snowballed to the maximum, Vladimir can still wreck them. 

His ability to deal thousands of magic damage in the blink of an eye, coupled with becoming literally immortal, is genuinely unparalleled. He can waltz into a whole team and burst them into kingdom come with just a few button presses. It’s so easy that even your grandmother could do it. 

To call him a dominant Champion would be an understatement, as Vladimir is a universally praised late-game beast. This blood-sucking vampire takes no prisoners, and you should definitely give him a try next time you’re in-game. 

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5. Twitch5. Twitch

Whenever Twitch is in a game, you know things are going south when he reaches full build. No matter if the rest of the map is also at that level, Twitch shreds through enemies like butter. His sickeningly fast attacks could be bombs for all we know, as they damage everyone in a particular area. 

You can’t even run away at that point. Once he comes close enough and presses R, he can reach into hell to shoot you one last time. The range, speed, and damage make him a brutal hyper-carry easily labelled as dominant. Dominating people is kinda his expertise, both in and out of Lane. 

We recommend Twitch to newcomers to the ADC role, as there’s scarce a Champion that balances so well between power and difficulty. 

4. Yuumi4. Yuumi

Dominating others doesn’t come only in the form of dealing damage. On the contrary, it manifests itself through various means, one of which is undoubtedly good Supporting. A Support player can easily establish dominance in the late game, and Yuumi is the perfect Champion for doing so. 

She can heal a lot. She also boosts people’s speed, has amazing CC, and can do substantial damage herself. Pair a Yuumi with a hyper carry like Yone or Twitch, and you’ve got yourself double trouble of pure dominance. They will crush you like a twig and make you rush for that surrender button. 

Support players are the unsung heroes of League of Legends. Their dominance ensures that others can dominate, too. Therefore, let’s respect our Support brethren a bit more from now on.

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3. Nasus3. Nasus

Last but not least of this list’s Top Laners is Nasus, beasthood in its purest form. A methodical melee Tank, Nasus grows and grows throughout the game. In the latest stages, when everyone is at their peak, Nasus towers over all as he demolishes, well… towers. 

Anyhow, Nasus only needs farm—and lots of it. If he gets enough by the end-game period, he’ll be nigh unstoppable. With only a couple of his Q attacks, he’ll wreck any structure you have standing, with or without the minions. By nature, he is a Tank, meaning you’ll need hell and high water to bring him down, and it is never a guaranteed success. 

Nasus is a fantastic Champion for new players who want to establish dominance in the late game. Of course, if played well, Nasus’ domination can begin earlier, but that all depends on you. 

2. Cassiopeia2. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is the final in the Mid Lane dominators from this list. We’ve had Vlad and Kassadin, and we close it off with an equally insane snake lady. Cassiopeia dominates not only under extreme conditions like the ones described but also from minute one. As soon as she comes into Lane, she begins harassing her enemy into submission. 

It doesn’t take much for Cassiopeia to get fed and farmed, easily outmatching her opponents. Thereon out, Cassiopeia is basically unstoppable and wreaks havoc upon the Rift. With so much damage, utility, speed, etc. Cassiopeia is a fantastic Champion for players of all styles. There’s also a ton of method in her kit, meaning that a true master can experiment to their heart’s content. 

To speak of dominating Champions and not to mention Cass would be a crime, so be sure to check her out as soon as you can. 

1. Sona1. Sona

Ending the list with Support seems appropriate due to their constant neglect. Like Yuumi, Sona is a beast in late-game conditions. She mitigates hundreds, if not thousands, of damage and heals equally as much. On top of that, Sona deals obscene damage for a Support, and her spells come at brutally low cost and cooldown. 

Sona helps her allies achieve true dominance over their enemies, and she dominates a bit herself. We love Sona like we love all Supports, and her inclusion here is well justified. Make sure to give Sona a good look if you feel like Supporting these days. 


As we can see, League of Legends has many Champions that could be declared ‘dominant.’ Selecting just 10 does an injustice towards all the other powerful Champions in the game’s roster. However, we could only do this much, so playing the game is your best bet to discover what else hides in its ever-expanding roster. 

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