10 Most Unique Weapons in League of Legends

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League of Legends Developers put in a lot of effort in the animation and lore part of each Champion and if you dive deep into it, you will really see how unique the weapons they come up with are.

Aphelios’ Moonstone Weapons

Easily one of the most unique Champion has 5 different sets of Weapons that is given to him by his Sister Alune. Aphelios the weapons master and Alune the seer form a bond by drinking Noctum’s essence. Their bond lets Alune give information to Aphelios and also keep sending him his Unique Weapons. His Weapons and his Kit is one of the most unique in League of Legends.

Qiyana’s Ohmlatl

As all Marvel fans already recognised, Qiyana’s Weapon looks awful similar to the weapon of Nakia Chakram in Black Panther. Also, back in the 2nd century BC, the Chakram is a throwing weapon from the Indian subcontinent. It is circular with a sharpened outer edge and a diameter of 12-30 centimeters (4.7-11.8 in). It is also known as chalikar meaning “circle”, giving Qiyana a much more traditional and warrior like feeling.

Jax’s Street Lamp

Funny enough, Jax actually has a Street Lamp as his weapon. This is because apparently according to his lore, he is so strong with a real weapon that he needed to start using a Street Lamp to have a challenge. Jax has mastered all weapons and if he used any one of those, he would win very easily thus he decided to use a Street Lamp to create a challenge for himself.

Ekko’s Zero-Drive

Although this is not the sword like weapon he uses to dish damage, this is the weapon Ekko uses to travel back in time i.e, his Ultimate. While the Marvel Universe took many years to figure out Time Travelling, a small boy from Zaun created a time travelling machine from Hextech. A one of a kind Weapon in League of Legends.

Rumble’s Tristy

Yes, Rumble’s Mech suit is called Tristy and sources say it was named after his crush Tristana. Rumble a genius created his whole suit from all the scraps available in a Junkyard and it is equipped with Flamethrowers, a huge mace and Missiles to destroy all his opponents.

Written by Jusjeet

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