Top 10 Rarest Icons in League of Legends

Ever since League of Legends came out, Riot Games have released a large number of icons in the game. However, there's a high chance that you have never heard, nor seen any of these icons in the game before. Here's a list of the 10 rarest icons in the history of League of Legends!

In League of Legends, there are many ways for the players to show off the resources they have earned. These new features come in the form of new icons, emotes, and yes, new skins (our personal favorite). Since the beginning of League of Legends, every summoner was given an icon. Unfortunately, you’re only able to equip one icon at a time. Could you imagine how it would be if we could equip as many icons as we wanted? However, we’re kind of glad Riot only allows one LoL icon at a time. There are hundreds of icons available that you can choose from, so when it comes to LoL icons, the sky is the limit (almost). 

League of Legends players that are really looking to show themselves off will equip the rarest icon they have in their stash.

Icons that are on this list are rare – so, it’s safe to assume if it’s on this list, it’s worth showing off. Many haven’t even heard of these icons, nor have they seen them in the game. 

The 10 Rarest Icons in League of Legends

10) Radiant Wukong

Radiant Wukong Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

This icon can only be obtained by a League of Legends player if they go to the Riot store and purchase the Radiant Wukong figure. After purchasing the figure, you’ll receive a digital code that you will be able to use in order to unlock the Radiant Wukong icon in-game. Sure, this sounds super easy, but come on, think about it…who would actually put money towards a Radiant Wukong figure? Wukong isn’t exactly a popular LoL champion, so chances are, not many people have purchased the Wukong figure.

9) Great Mentor

Great Mentor Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

The Great Mentor icon is probably the easiest icon on this list to get, yet, at the same time, not many LoL players actually have this icon on the account. The Great Mentor icon was given to players at the end of the old honor system – in order to get it; players had to get a large amount of what was called “Helpful” honors. As you could imagine, not very many players honored players who helped them, which is why the Great Mentor was easy to obtain, but not many players got the icon.

8) Vintage

Vintage Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

If you have the Vintage Icon, give yourself a pat on the back because you managed to obtain what very few LoL players have obtained – this is a super rare icon. In order to get it, you have to purchase a limited-edition skin, but not many players have it because it’s actually quite boring. However, pat yourself on the back, because it’s still rare. With the vintage icon being rare, we feel that it should have more style to it. 

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7) Rengar Plush in the Jungle

Rengar Plush in the Jungle Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

If you really want to see an icon that makes you go “aww,” then look no further than the Rengar Plush in the Jungle icon – this icon truly is adorable. The Rengar Plush in the jungle icon can be obtained by going to the Riot Merch Store and purchasing the Rengar collectible plush. If you love everything adorable, then you’re going to want to get this icon, plus, you’ll get a cute Rengar plush with it. Of course, we all know that even a plushie Rengar would rip your face apart if given a chance. Still, though, we can’t stop thinking about how cute this icon is.

6) Rare Rune Owner

Rare Rune Owner Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

Players who either spent a large amount of IP on runes (125K) throughout the years or have owned a legacy rune received the Rare Rune Owner during the popular rune/mastery overhaul that took place in League of Legends. The Legacy Runes were available in 2010 and 2011 during the Harrowing events. The Rare Rune Owner is rare because we’re pretty sure there weren’t very many players who spend that much IP on runes. 

5) Dominion Retirement

Dominion Retirement Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

Any League of Legends player who had a taste for lousy game codes with no balance probably has the Dominion Retirement icon. This icon right here was aimed towards those Dominion-only players. When Riot decided to shut this game mode down, they decided they wanted to do something nice for them. The gift those players received was a never-to-be-released ever again Dominion icon. Only those who had 100 PVP wins or more were able to obtain this icon, and from our understanding, that wasn’t very many players. 

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4) Hextech Hard Candy

Hextech Hard Candy Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

The Hextech Hard Candy icon was handed out between August and September of 2014 during the Sugar Rush event. However, it wasn’t handed out to just any player – in order to receive the Hextech Hard Candy icon, you had to put some money into the game and send a gift to a friend. Once you sent a gift to a friend, you would unlock this sweet icon. I’m sure many League of Legends players didn’t have a problem doing that, but for some reason, we don’t really see the Hextech Hard Candy icon anywhere these days. 

3) Master Beta Tester

Master Beta Tester Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

Simply by looking at the name “Master Beta Tester,” we’re sure you were able to figure out how this icon was given out. As you’ve probably already guessed, the Master Beta Tester icon was handed to those players who participated in the beta. However, there is a catch to this one – in order to receive the Master Beta Tester icon, not only did you have to participate in the beta, but you also had to be within the top 500 players in your region – hence the word “master” in the beta tester. Again, this is another icon that we don’t see, making this icon one of the rarest in League of Legends. 

2) Challenger 3 Solo 2014

Challenger 3 Solo 2014 Top Rarest Icon in League of Legends

Back in the day, the Challenger tier was released as a gateway between pro and Diamond Players. Yes, the Master tier did this as well, but the Challenger tier was a whole new ballgame. In season 2014, once the player finished the challenger tier 3, they received the Challenger 3 Solo 2014 icon as a reward. When you come across a pro player, chances are, they own this, but apart from them, you won’t really find anyone else having it.

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1) Grand Master Beta Tester

Grand Master Beta Tester is the rarest icon in the history of League of Legends. The only way to acquire this icon was if you were in the list of the top 100 players back when League of Legends was still in the beta testing mode.

This one right here is nearly impossible to see and acquire. If there’s a League of Legends icon you’re never going to see in a game, it’s going to be the Grand Master Beta Tester. During the League of Legends beta stage, the top 100 players in each region received this icon – that is back when the game didn’t have as big of a following as it does right now – the LoL population was much lower. 

Thinking about it, there probably aren’t many accounts holding this icon that are still active. 

So there you have it, the ten rarest icons in League of Legends. If you have at least one of these icons, you’re a lucky player. However, if you have the Radiant Wukong icon, I’m not sure what to say…congratulations on the Radiant Wukong figuring? I’m curious – do you know anyone that has any of these icons from this list? 

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