Here are 12 Differences between League of Legends and Wild Rift

Here are 12 Differences between League of Legends and Wild Rift

Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends is soon to be launched and these are the differences which players have noticed between both the games in the few matches they got to play in its Closed Alpha.

12. Map is Smaller

Here are 12 Differences between League of Legends and Wild Rift

The Map in Wild Rift is a direct mockup of the map in League of Legends but it is smaller. Where in League of Legends you had about 10s to travel to your lane, it is much shorter in Wild Rift. This mean combats that involve many players will occur more frequently, the team with better laning phase has higher chance to win the combat.

11. Buttons! Lots of them.

Well League of Legends has several key bindings to carry out different stacks, Wild Rift has lots of buttons to do them. There are 11 buttons close to each others, there buttons have many function like: auto attacking, 4 skill slots, warding, 2 summoner spells, shop, and not to mention item activation. These sure are a lot of buttons that cover a major part of the screen which can make your game slightly difficult especially for those with slippery fingers.

10. Skin Quality

The Wild Rift team has definitely dedicated a huge amount of time to come up with special animations and VFX such as a short presentation video, changing the viewpoint of the skin, 2D render, 3D render and what not. They have put in time for every single skin and have special animations for each and every one of them. Something League of Legends players really wanted which was special animations for skins when you lock in have now been introduced in Wild Rift. Hopefully this also comes to League of Legends.

9. Skins are more PG-13

The skins in Wild Rift are definitely more kid-friendly than the skins in League of Legends. You all know how all League of Legends skins are very sexual in nature whether it be any Miss Fortune Skin or the upcoming Pool Party skins where Heimerdinger is JACKED, all League of Legends skin have a very sexual appeal to everyone but the same does not carry forward to Wild Rift. As you can see below the comparison between Janna in Wild Rift and Janna in League of Legends, the skin in Wild Rift is clearly more kid-friendly.

8. The Game is fast-paced

Differences between Wild Rift and League of Legends

While the average game in League of Legends is about 30 mins, Wild Rift games will be much faster with an average time of 15 mins. With many different changes to abilities, turrets and game mechanics, Riot Games have made this game much faster so that mobile players can have quick games.

7. No Inhibitor

One more change that makes Wild Rift so fast paced is the fact that there are no minion inhibitors. Inhibitors are what spawn enemy’s super minions when it is destroyed and in its cooldown, these things affect the idea of a fact pace MOBA that Riot is applying for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

6. Minions give a lot more gold

Because Riot Games wanted Wild Rift to be a fast paced game, all Minions give alot more gold than in League of Legends. Melee minions give 65 gold, Caster minions give 40 gold and Cannon minions will give 85 gold in Wild Rift compared to Melee minions giving 21 gold, Caster minions giving 14 gold and Cannon minions giving 60 gold in League of Legends. Not only this but even if you miss the Minion, you will get 24 gold if you are near it. This increases the speed in which you gain gold and makes the game that much faster.

Written by Jusjeet

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