Here are 12 Differences between League of Legends and Wild Rift

5. Change in some Abilities

Because of how Wild Rift is dependent on buttons and controllers, point and click abilities were hard to implement as they will have to click the ability and then the enemy to use point and click abilities so instead they just changed how different abilities work like they made Annie’s Disintegrate (Q) a skill shot instead of point and click, Miss Fortune’s Love Tap (Q) also got converted from point and click to Skill shot, Vayne’s Silver Bolts (W) gets a new active where it provides additional attack speed and Ashe’s Enchanted Arrow Crystal (R) is now a guided ability instead of a skill shot. They want Wild Rift to be more interactive so they have added some new mechanics in different abilities for different champions.

4. New Runes

Wild Rift Runes

As they wanted the game to stand out and have a different feeling, Riot Games added new runes to Wild Rift. This is to give a slightly more unique aspect to the game and make people want to play Wild Rift for Wild Rift and not because it is League of Legends.

3. Jungle Monster Changes

Riot Games have also changed how the Jungle monsters work by introducing new functionality. The Red buff now gives damage and in the late game, an evolved version of the Red Buff will spawn giving extra stats. Similarly for Blue Buff, the normal one will give HP and mana regen while the evolved one will give extra stats.
The Elder Dragon has also been completely changed where from the normal Elder Drag, it now spawns element specific Elder Dragon which give a more powerful buff of the same version their smaller cousins give.

2. Summoner spell change

Wild Rift Summoner Spells

While League of Legends has the ability to choose 2 summoner spells, Wild Rift will only have the ability to choose one summoner spell. Having 2 spells would make it very difficult as the number of buttons will increase and make the gameplay slightly difficult.

1. Item Changes

Riot Games have added some new items to Wild Rift and completely changed how active items work now. All items have their Actives removed in Wild Rift, instead, you can now attach any active to your boots for the cost of 500 gold. You will not get the whole item but only the active. This really opens up ways to outplay as AD Champions can now get the Zhonya’s Active without actually getting the stats, similarly, anybody can build any Active without getting their stats so we can see an Ashe with Gargoyle Stoneplate active or an Annie with Quicksilver Sash Active but each player can only purchase one!

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There are many more different changes in Wild Rift but we will leave it up to you to find out those small changes when you play the game!

Written by Jusjeet

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