Top 1v5 Raid boss Champions in LoL

Best Top 1v5 Raid boss Champions in League of Legends

Raid boss champions are some of the most fun champions you can play in League of Legends. They generally have insane amounts of sustain and damage–with kits that are extremely hard to deal with.

I created a list of the top 1v5 raid boss champions in LoL. These are the champions I often played as or against on many of my climbs to the Master rank. There is no doubt in my mind that you will find a champion that clicks with you.

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1. Nasus

When thinking about raid boss champions, the first thing that naturally comes to mind is Nasus. This is a champion that fits all the criteria perfectly. He has plenty of damage, he is extremely hard to kill with his ultimate up, and he has a kit that will annoy even the sanest players.

As many of you probably know, the selling point to Nasus is his Q. This ability is an auto-attack reset that gains power each time you last hit a target with it. This ability is most commonly used on minions, but it gives the most benefit when killing a structure or a champion.

Nasus’s Q also gives a great number of stacks when killing neutral monsters, such as jungle camps. This gave birth to jungle Nasus, an extremely fun way to play champion. I would recommend this playstyle to anyone who enjoys off-meta jungle picks.

What makes Nasus work well is his W. It is a spell that will slow enemies all the way from 35% to 95%, depending on the level. This makes up for Nasuse’s lack of mobility, as it makes the enemies immobile themselves.

Nasus’s ult is a thing that ties everything together. The ult gives him additional HP, size, and a reduction in Q cooldown. When up, it is one of the best tools in his kit. It allows him to fight even the hardest of battles, making him one of the top 1v5 raid boss champions in LoL.

2. Darius

Best 1v5 Raid boss Champion Darius in League of LegendsAnother very notable raid boss champion is Darius, and I do not think this comes as a surprise to anyone. Darius is a bruiser with plenty of HP, healing, and insane true damage output.

Much like Nasus, Darius has one defining feature that has his whole kit revolving around it. This is his passive hemorrhage. Hemorrhage applies one stack per hit, and it stacks up to five times.

Each stack of hemorrhage increases the damage dealt to enemies, and at the 5th stack, it marks the enemy, dealing true damage, and making them more vulnerable to Darius’s R. The 5th stack also enrages Darius, making him able to apply full stacks on the next enemy with only one kit.

Essentially, you will always want to play with the passive on your mind. Each time you manage to get 5 stacks on the enemy, it is almost guaranteed that you will win the fight. If you manage to do it in a teamfight, you will pretty much be able to carry 1v5.

3. Vladimir

Best 1v5 Raid boss Champion Vladimir in League of LegendsDo not worry. I have not forgotten about AP raid boss champions, but I had to honor the kings first. That said, Vladimir too deserves a special place on this list, as he is one of the strongest solo carries in the game.

This champion is unique in the sense that it follows a non-traditional scaling path. If you choose to play him, you will need to have a lot of patience and a monk mindset to protect you from your team’s flame.

As Vladimir, you will want to focus on yourself only. This is something that can not be overstated. This champion has such good scaling that even the slightest amount of gold matters.

In more practical terms, you will want to farm well, and you will not want to die. As the game goes on, you will be more and more powerful, and in the late game, you will be able to comfortably delete the whole enemy team in a few clicks.

4. Aatrox

Best 1v5 Raid boss Champion Aatrox in League of LegendsIn lore, Aatrox is described as a fallen god-warrior who once threatened to destroy Runterra. I think Riot has done a good job adapting him to summoner’s rift, where he is able to single handedly destroy all kinds of enemy compositions.

Unlike the aforementioned champions, Aatrox is much harder to play. He requires players to understand many combos before he can be pulled off successfully. Thankfully, learning him pays off, as he is one of the strongest raid boss champions in LoL.

His power lies in a combination of advanced mechanics and insane healing power. Once a player learns all his combos, he can dictate every lane, and by doing that, they can gain enough advantage to 1v5 any game.

The most fun part about Aatrox is his teamfighting. He simply holds too much strength, and he can run over enemies with ease. The amount of healing he has is substantial, especially when running Goredrinker. This makes him really hard to play against, and it catches many enemies off guard.

5. Illaoi

Best 1v5 Raid boss Champion Illaoi in League of LegendsLike all the other raid boss champions in LoL, Illaoi too features an interesting and unique playstyle. She is an AD champion, but playing her feels like playing a mage.

This champion is extremely powerful, especially against lower-ranked opponents. The key to outplaying Illaoi is to dodge her spells, but that is really hard to do versus a seasoned Illaoi player.

Playing Illaoi is not especially hard. Anyone can do well, provided they land skillshots well. Her Q is great for poking enemies walking up to CS, but her most important ability is E.

The E quite literally pulls out enemy souls and allows Illaoi to smack the hell out of it. It creates a range that limits the enemy’s movement, and if the enemy escapes it, it triggers three consecutive tentacles to attack them.

Illaoi R is one of the most powerful ones in the game, and it cements her identity as a raid boss. The more enemies this spell hits, the more damage it will do. If you ever witnessed this in a game, you definitely know how hard it hits.


Raid boss champions are some of the most unique ones in the game. Each of them has special features that make them stand out from all the rest of the champions. For those looking for something straightforward and relatively easy, I would recommend Nasus and Darius.

For those who like more advanced picks, which have better returns once you invest some time, I would recommend Aatrox and Illaoi. Finally, there is also Vladimir. He is great for people who enjoy or prefer playing AP champions.

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