What is 1v9 in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, not every game is played equally. The odds can change on a whim, and the matchmaking system isn’t exactly the most praised thing. 

However, sometimes the enemies aren’t the issue. They’re your inherent opponents, and you must face them no matter what. Without the enemies, there wouldn’t be a game. 

Sometimes, your own team are the ones up against you, sabotaging your every move. I would like to argue that it is more difficult to be against your allies than even the best of enemies. Without a team and cooperative cohesion, you cannot win a game. Most of the time that is.

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So, what is 1v9?

1v9 is a broad term used by League of Legends players to describe a situation when you alone are playing against the entire map. Four of your allies and five of the enemies. This is the worst situation you can find yourself in, and there are a couple of ways of trying to escape it.

Firstly, try to encourage your allies to keep going. Having a positive atmosphere be present in the game is crucial to staying dormant. People have the knack for getting easily tilted and frustrated, and they immediately seek to blame people for it. 

By keeping your allies at bay and motivated, you can perhaps find a way of getting out of a dire situation and even gain an advantage. 

If that fails, try to do things yourself. Use your own skill to the fullest to gain an individual advantage. People will get instantly motivated if they see that they still have a shot at winning. Hopelessness is the biggest enemy in multiplayer games, and you should always seek to stay above the situation. 

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But can you genuinely win a 1v9?

Well, that depends. If all of the above fails and your allies simply do not cooperate – it is 99% impossible to win a 1v9 game. However, I witnessed and participated in games where that exact thing happened. 

People find ways of getting fed with overpowered Champions like Master Yi or Yasuo. It becomes insanely difficult to bring them down. This is especially true in lower divisions where players still don’t know how to use their advantage to the fullest. 

In higher ranks, this seldom happens. The opposing side severely punishes even the slightest mistakes. Although I did see some 1v9 situations even among the Challenger levels, which shows how frustrating League can be at times.

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Final Thoughts

League of Legends is a challenging, often frustrating experience. To become a good player and win most of your games, you must maintain a positive and victorious attitude. If you delve into decadence and hopelessness, you will lose way more often than you usually would. Try to keep both yourself and your allies motivated – and remember: Never give up. 

I hope you’ve found this short article fun and interesting to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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