Top 20 Best High Elo Supports in League of Legends

Top 20 Best High Elo Supports in League of Legends

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, meeples and yordles, gather around as we embark on the ultimate journey through the wondrous and treacherous world of high Elo support champions! These are the unsung heroes, the selfless sidekicks, and the charismatic comrades of the Rift, all vying for a spot in our Top 20 Best High Elo Supports list.

In a game where AD Carries flaunt their flashy pentakills and junglers reap the rewards of masterful ganks, the support role often takes a backseat. But fear not, for today we’re here to celebrate the masterminds that make it all possible. You know, the ones who save your sorry behinds from certain doom, set up game-changing plays, and still manage to ward the map like there’s no tomorrow.

So buckle up and hold onto your Sightstones, as we guide you through the rollercoaster of emotions that is high Elo support gameplay. From the cozy embrace of the tankiest defenders to the poke-tastic fiestas provided by mage supports, we’ve got it all!

20. Thresh20. Thresh

Thresh, the Chain Warden, is a support champion in League of Legends who’s known for his ability to hook enemies with his signature weapon, the Death Sentence. But what sets Thresh apart from other supports is his versatility in both offensive and defensive situations, making him a top pick for high elo players.

Thresh’s ability to control the battlefield is unparalleled, thanks to his crowd control skills that include a flay, a lantern that can bring allies to safety, and his ultimate, The Box, which creates a cage of walls that can trap enemies or zone them out. With such a wide range of tools at his disposal, Thresh can turn the tide of teamfights and secure kills with ease.

But what truly sets Thresh apart is his skill ceiling, which is incredibly high. A skilled Thresh player can manipulate his chains to hook enemies from unexpected angles, interrupt dashes with his flay, and use his lantern to bait enemies into unfavorable fights.

19. Lulu19. Lulu

Lulu, the enchanting Yordle, is a versatile support champion who can turn even the most unsuspecting AD carry into a ruthless killing machine. She’s like a fairy godmother, but instead of a magic wand, she has a glittering staff that she uses to buff up her allies and mess with her enemies.

In high elo, Lulu is a popular pick because of her ability to peel for her carries and protect them from harm. Her whimsical W can turn an enemy’s engage into a laughable hop, skip, and jump. And her ultimate, the Wild Growth, can turn her ally into a monstrous titan, crushing all who stand in their way.

But Lulu isn’t just a one-trick pony. She can also dish out some serious damage with her Q, Pix, and her passive, Pix, Faerie Companion. In the hands of a skilled player, Lulu can be a real terror in the bot lane, making her opponents regret ever underestimating the power of a tiny, sparkly Yordle.

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18. Alistar18. Alistar

Alistar, the angry cow, is a support champion that can make enemies feel like they’re being trampled by a stampede. He’s not just good in high elo, he’s downright bullish. Alistar’s kit allows him to control the battlefield, making him a top pick for players who know how to utilize his abilities to their fullest potential.

One of Alistar’s biggest strengths is his ability to engage and disengage fights with ease. With his Headbutt and Pulverize combo, he can knock enemies up and out of position, giving his team the perfect opportunity to pounce. And if things get a little too hot to handle, Alistar can use his Ultimate, Unbreakable Will, to become virtually indestructible, allowing him to soak up enemy damage while his team takes care of business.

In high elo, where every move counts, Alistar’s ability to peel for his team and protect his carries is what makes him a standout pick. He’s not just a meatshield, he’s a playmaker, and his kit allows him to set up plays that can turn the tide of any game.

17. Bard17. Bard

Bard, the cosmic caretaker, is a support champion that brings a unique twist to the traditional support role. Known for his ability to roam the map and create game-changing plays, Bard has become a staple in high elo play. He’s not just a support, he’s a meep-loving, chime-collecting, tunnel-creating enigma.

One of the reasons why Bard is so strong in high elo is his ability to control the map. With his Magical Journey ability, Bard can create tunnels that his team can use to quickly move around the map, catch enemies off guard, and set up ambushes. This allows Bard to make plays that other supports simply can’t, as he can surprise the enemy team from unexpected angles.

Another strength of Bard is his ability to set up fights with his ultimate, Tempered Fate. This ability allows Bard to freeze any champions or structures in a targeted area, giving his team time to set up their own abilities and take out key targets. It’s a game-changing ability that can turn the tide of a team fight or secure an objective.

16. Leona16. Leona

Leona, the radiant dawn, is one of the most formidable supports in League of Legends. She’s not just a typical blonde in armor, but a champion who can dish out some serious pain while keeping her teammates safe. In high elo, she’s known for her aggressive playstyle and her ability to lock down enemies with her crowd control abilities.

She’s the perfect support for those who like to play a little rough in the bot lane. Her kit is designed to stun, snare, and root enemies in place, making them easy targets for her allies to pick off. She’s like a lioness, pouncing on her prey and holding them in place until her team can finish the job. Plus, who doesn’t love a champion who can yell “Come forth, you feeble mortals!” while charging into battle?

Leona’s popularity in high elo comes down to her ability to make plays and start fights. Her ultimate ability, Solar Flare, is a game-changer in team fights, stunning enemies in a large area and slowing them down. It’s like throwing a giant sun at your enemies, and who doesn’t love that? Her ability to initiate fights and peel for her team makes her a valuable asset in any game.

15. Nami15. Nami

Nami, the bubbly mermaid, is a versatile support champion who can either heal her allies or wreck her enemies with her watery arsenal. She’s basically a fish with a heart of gold, and a mean right hook. Don’t let her size fool you, she’s a force to be splashed with.

With her Tidecaller’s Blessing, Nami can empower her allies’ basic attacks, turning them into aquatic missiles. And if things get a little too fishy, she can summon a massive tidal wave that sends enemies flying and slows them down. It’s like surfing, but with more fins and fewer sharks.

But Nami’s true strength lies in her ability to heal and protect her team. Her Ebb and Flow can bounce from ally to enemy, healing and damaging as it goes. And with her Aqua Prison, she can imprison any pesky divers who try to sneak up on her backline

14. Braum14. Braum

Braum, the mustachioed man of the Freljord, is more than just a support champion in League of Legends. He’s a man with a heart of gold and muscles that could rival a Demacian soldier. Braum’s kit revolves around protecting his allies with his massive shield and providing crowd control to his enemies with his various abilities.

Braum’s signature move is his Unbreakable, where he holds up his shield and blocks incoming projectiles. It’s like watching a superhero deflect bullets with their bare hands, except Braum does it with a giant slab of metal. And if the enemy team gets too close for comfort, Braum can slam his shield into the ground and create a wall of ice that slows and damages enemies.

But Braum isn’t just about defense. He’s also got some offensive capabilities with his passive, Concussive Blows. Every time Braum hits an enemy with his basic attacks or abilities, he applies a stack of Concussive Blows. Once he reaches four stacks, the enemy is stunned and vulnerable to attacks from Braum and his allies. It’s like Braum is a professional wrestler, setting up his opponents for the ultimate finishing move.

13. Rakan13. Rakan

Rakan, the lovebird of the Rift, is a charming and agile support champion that will leave you swooning with his moves. He’s not just a pretty face though – his abilities make him a great pick for any high elo game. His ability to engage and disengage with ease makes him a slippery opponent to deal with, almost as slippery as a bar of soap in a bathtub.

Rakan’s kit revolves around his charming personality and love for his teammates. With his ability to dash in and out of fights, he’s like a rabbit hopping around the battlefield, never staying in one place for too long. His ultimate ability is a giant feathered dance party, where he invites all his friends to come and join in on the fun – unless, of course, you’re an enemy trying to ruin his vibe.

When playing Rakan, it’s important to remember that love conquers all – or at least, it conquers most things on the Rift. With his ability to charm and heal his teammates, Rakan is a true support champion that will keep you and your allies dancing around the battlefield.

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12. Zyra12. Zyra

Zyra, the queen of the bot lane garden, is a support champion that can make any opponent feel like they’re lost in a thorny maze.

She is a unique support pick that can dish out damage like a mid-laner while still providing valuable utility for her team. Her seeds can sprout into pesky plants that slow down enemies or dish out damage over time, and her ultimate ability can create a thorny ring of death that punishes anyone foolish enough to try and dive her team.

Of course, like any garden, Zyra can be vulnerable if her opponents know how to prune her down. She’s squishy and can struggle against heavy engage or long-range poke. But if you can cultivate her properly and let her blossom, she can become a beautiful and deadly addition to any high-elo support arsenal. Just don’t forget the gardening gloves!

11. Nautilus11. Nautilus

Nautilus, the deep-sea diver with a giant anchor, is not your average support. He’s a heavyweight, both in terms of his massive size and the amount of CC he brings to the table. You know you’re in for a wild ride when you see Nautilus in the bot lane, ready to hook, stun, and knock up anyone who dares to mess with his carry.

Nautilus’s playstyle is all about fishing for hooks, and boy, does he have a big one. His Q ability can drag enemies from miles away, and it’s always satisfying to see him reel them in like a pro angler. But Nautilus isn’t just a one-trick pony. He also has a plethora of other crowd control abilities at his disposal, from his passive root to his ultimate knock-up. It’s no wonder why he’s often called the king of lockdown.

Despite his intimidating appearance and his arsenal of crowd control, Nautilus is actually a pretty chill dude. He’s seen some things in the depths of the ocean, and he’s not one to get riled up easily. But when it comes to protecting his team, he’s all business.

10. Janna10. Janna

Janna, the queen of disengagement, is a support champion who knows how to blow her enemies away with a gust of wind. She’s like that one annoying friend who always knows how to ruin the fun and scatter everyone away with their words. Except Janna does it with her ultimate, which can push back any enemies foolish enough to challenge her team’s superiority.

With her ability to slow down enemies and protect allies with shields, Janna is the ultimate wing-woman. She’s always there to help her team get out of sticky situations, like a cool-headed friend who knows how to calm everyone down during a heated argument. And with her ability to heal allies and provide vision, Janna is a reliable and supportive friend who never fails to have her team’s back.

In short, Janna is the Mary Poppins of the support world. She brings her umbrella of protection and gracefully floats her team to victory.

9. Soraka9. Soraka

Soraka, the Star Child, is a support champion in League of Legends that makes you wonder if she’s secretly a unicorn. Her ability to heal her allies is so impressive that she makes Mercy from Overwatch look like she’s slacking off. If Soraka was your nurse, you’d probably find yourself asking for a fake illness just so she can tend to you with her celestial powers.

Aside from her impressive healing abilities, Soraka can also silence her enemies, making them feel like they’ve suddenly gone mute. This can come in handy when facing off against chatty opponents who won’t stop talking trash in the chat. One minute they’re typing away, and the next, their keyboards are silent as Soraka shuts them down.

Lastly, Soraka’s ultimate ability is basically a panic button for her teammates. It’s like a giant “Get out of Jail Free” card that can save your team from certain death. It’s like having a life insurance policy that doesn’t require a monthly premium.

8. Morgana8. Morgana

Morgana, the Queen of Dark Binding, is a support champion that can make her enemies feel like they’re stuck in quicksand. Her Dark Binding ability is like a boomerang, but instead of coming back to her, it sends her opponents flying towards her. If you’re looking for a champion that can turn the tide of a teamfight, Morgana is your gal.

Not only can Morgana root her enemies in place, but she also has the ability to shield her allies. It’s like having a personal bodyguard who’s also a magician. Morgana’s Black Shield can protect her teammates from crowd control effects like stuns and slows. If you’re tired of being bullied by champions with hard crowd control, pick Morgana and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Last but not least, Morgana’s ultimate ability, Soul Shackles, is the perfect tool for setting up kills. It’s like a giant bear trap that lures enemies in and then locks them down.

7. Pyke7. Pyke

Pyke, the murderous support, is one of the most entertaining champions in League of Legends. With his harpoon and bone skewer, he’s not afraid to go fishing for kills in the bot lane. You might think you’re safe under your tower, but Pyke will dive in like a madman, stun you with his Ghostwater Dive, and then execute you with his ultimate. He’s like a shark in the water, except he’s also a zombie, so that’s a fun combo.

Playing Pyke requires a bit of finesse, as he’s squishy and relies on his mobility to avoid getting squished himself. But if you can land his abilities and make use of his camouflage, you’ll be reeling in kills left and right.

And let’s be real, there’s nothing more satisfying than hooking an enemy champion with his Bone Skewer and watching them flop like a fish out of water.

6. Blitzcrank6. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank, the great steam golem, is the ultimate enforcer of the bot lane. With his giant metal fist and his love for pulling unsuspecting enemies, he’s the perfect choice for players who want to turn their opponents into rag dolls.

While his rocket grab may sometimes feel like a coin flip, when it lands, it’s a thing of beauty. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching an enemy ADC get yanked straight into your loving embrace. And if they try to run, Blitzcrank’s overdrive ability will let him chase them down like a kid chasing an ice cream truck.

But let’s not forget Blitzcrank’s real secret weapon: his personality. This robot may have been built for destruction, but he’s got a heart of gold. From his goofy dance to his “Beep Boop” voice lines, Blitzcrank is sure to bring a smile to your face even as he’s smacking enemies around.

5. Senna5. Senna

Senna, the unorthodox support, is a deadly marksman with a soulful twist. Her abilities are a fusion of her sharpshooting skills and her supernatural powers, making her one of the most versatile champions in the game. But don’t be fooled by her angelic appearance – Senna’s scaling hits like a truck and can take down even the toughest tanks in seconds.

One of the most exciting things about playing Senna is the satisfaction of watching your enemy’s health bar drop with every hit. It’s like a game of Jenga, but instead of removing wooden blocks, you’re removing their health bit by bit until they crumble to the ground. And let’s not forget her ultimate, which allows her to snipe enemies from afar while simultaneously shielding her allies. It’s like being a superhero and a sniper all rolled into one.

But perhaps the best thing about playing Senna is her ability to turn the tide of a game with a single well-timed ultimate or well-placed snipe. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you hit a bullseye or win a game of Battleship in one shot.

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4. Yuumi4. Yuumi

Yuumi, the meow-velous support, is a feline fighter who loves to tag along with her allies, but hates being left alone. She’s the ultimate clingy friend, always attached to someone, even when they desperately need to use the bathroom. Despite her small size, Yuumi packs a punch, and her Q ability, Prowling Projectile, can scratch enemies to death.

While some may find Yuumi annoying, her loyal companions know that she’s always there to provide healing, shielding, and a friendly purr. She’s the perfect support for players who love to cuddle up with their allies and hate being alone, even for a second. Plus, with her ultimate ability, Final Chapter, Yuumi can knock out enemies with a barrage of magical books – who knew reading could be so deadly?

But beware, Yuumi’s clingy nature can also be her downfall. She’s vulnerable to enemy attacks when unattached, and her lack of mobility can make her an easy target.

3. Karma3. Karma

Karma, the Enlightened One, is not your typical support. She’s like the Swiss Army Knife of the support roster, capable of doing a little bit of everything, except maybe cooking a three-course meal (I’m not sure about that one). She’s got poke, she’s got shields, and she’s got some sweet crowd control to boot. You might even say that Karma is the Jack-of-all-trades, master of…well, pretty much everything.

One of the best things about Karma is her versatility. Need to harass the enemy laners? No problem, just throw out a few Q’s and they’ll be feeling the burn in no time. Want to keep your ADC safe from harm? Just pop a shield on them and watch as the enemy’s attacks bounce harmlessly off. And if things get really hairy, you can always root the bad guys in place with your W and give your team a chance to turn the fight around.

Sure, Karma might not be the flashiest support out there, but she gets the job done. And when your team is counting on you to provide the utility and damage they need to win the game, you can always count on Karma to deliver the goods.

2. Zilean2. Zilean

Zilean, the timekeeper of the Rift, is not your average support champion. With his ability to manipulate time, he’s like a Swiss Army knife of support champions, capable of doing a little bit of everything. Need to speed up your ADC for a chase? Zilean’s got you covered. Want to revive your tank after they’ve gone too deep? Zilean’s got that too. It’s like having a personal time-traveling butler at your side!

But let’s be real, Zilean is not without his quirks. For one, he’s always punctual. Like, always. You’ll never be late to a fight with Zilean on your team, but you might get there a little too early and have to awkwardly wait for the enemy team to arrive. And don’t get me started on his dad jokes. “I knew you were going to say that!” Yeah, we get it Zilean, you can see the future. Just focus on keeping us alive, okay?

All jokes aside, Zilean is a powerful pick in high elo play. His ultimate can turn the tide of team fights, his Time Warp can make or break a chase, and his double bombs are a nightmare for any squishy opponent.

1. Milio1. Milio

This fiery champ knows how to get things done with his enchanted abilities that pack a punch. Milio’s passive ability, “Fired Up,” ignites his allies’ attacks and spells, burning the target to a crisp.

Milio’s arsenal includes his Q ability, “Ultra Mega Fire Kick,” which sends enemies flying while leaving them scorched. His W ability, “Cozy Campfire,” is the perfect spot for allies to gather around and heal up while increasing their attack range. Need a quick getaway? No problem! Milio’s E ability, “Warm Hugs,” throws a shield on an ally and boosts their movement speed.

But Milio’s ultimate ability, “Breath of Life,” is where he truly shines. This support champ unleashes a wave of soothing flames that not only heal allies but also remove any pesky crowd control effects. So, the next time you see Milio on the enemy team, don’t be afraid to feel the burn!

Let me tell you, as a certified support main, being able to successfully peel assassins off your ADC, and watching them mald in the all-chat is one of the few blissful moments in my life.

With the addition of Milio to my personal roster, that feeling has started to reach a new high! What’s there to say, Milio’s kit is very strong, and offers a guaranteed win rate boost to anyone supporting an ADC with more than two brain cells!


And there you have it, summoners! We’ve explored the fantastic realm of the Top 20 Best High Elo Supports in League of Legends, proving that supports truly are the lifeblood of any successful team. Whether they’re shielding, healing, engaging, or just being the strategic masterminds behind every victory, these champions have shown us that being a support is not just a role—it’s an art form.

Having played all these champions myself, I guarantee your enemies won’t be having a fun time playing against you. Besides, even if all comes to naught, Milio and Senna are here to save your day. The latter is like a ticking time bomb! Your enemies won’t know what hit them!

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