30 BEST Valorant YouTubers to Watch

30 BEST Valorant YouTubers to Watch

Ladies and gentlemen, put on your headphones and prepare to be schooled in the art of shooting virtual guns! We’ve compiled a list of the 30 BEST Valorant YouTubers to watch, so you can learn all the tricks, tips, and tactics needed to dominate your opponents in this thrilling FPS game.

These YouTubers are not your average Joe Schmoes, no sir! They are the Jedi masters of the virtual battlefield, the Yoda’s of Valorant if you will. With their exceptional skills and cunning strategies, they make us mere mortals look like noobs. But don’t worry, they’re here to teach you their ways, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to land that elusive headshot.

From insane clutch plays to hilarious bloopers, these YouTubers have got it all. They’ll keep you on the edge of your seat with their intense gameplay and make you laugh with their witty commentary. So sit back, relax, and let the Valorant masters show you the way. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one on this list.

30. Arcadog


Arcadog’s videos are a mix of insane plays, crazy kills, and just plain ridiculous moments. Whether it’s pulling off some mind-boggling headshots, clutching a round with only a pistol, or even managing to win a game while blindfolded (yes, you read that right), Arcadog always delivers the goods.

But what really sets this YouTuber apart is their sense of humor. From witty one-liners to clever editing, Arcadog’s videos will have you laughing out loud. And if you’re a fan of memes, you’ll definitely appreciate the frequent use of popular internet references.

So, if you’re in need of some serious entertainment (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), be sure to check out Arcadog’s channel. Just be warned – once you start watching, it’s hard to stop.

29. Variant


He’s like a ghost on the battlefield, moving silently and striking with deadly precision. It’s like he’s playing a game of Valorant with the volume turned down to zero, which is both impressive and a little spooky at the same time.

If you’re looking for some commentary on his channel, you’re out of luck. But honestly, who needs it? Watching Variant play is like watching a master chef in the kitchen, meticulously preparing a delicious meal without saying a word. Except instead of a meal, he’s dishing out headshots left and right.

Sometimes you’ll see him make a play so incredible, you’ll wonder if he’s secretly a superhero in disguise. Maybe he has superhuman reflexes, or maybe he’s just a really, really good gamer. Either way, it’s hard not to be impressed by his skills.

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28. XTR


This dude is a walking, talking meme factory! I mean, have you ever seen someone make killing enemies in Valorant look so darn entertaining? Yeah, neither have I, until I stumbled upon xtr’s channel.

This funny guy knows how to keep his audience glued to their screens with his infectious humor and mad skills. Whether he’s clutching a round with an insane play or just cracking hilarious jokes with his teammates, xtr always brings his A-game. Plus, his reaction to getting headshotted is pure gold! It’s like he enjoys getting knocked out just to make us laugh.

But don’t let his goofball antics fool you. When it comes to playing Valorant, xtr is a straight-up beast. He’s got the aim of an eagle and the reflexes of a cheetah. Seriously, watching him play is like witnessing a masterpiece in motion. If you’re looking for a good time and some serious skill, xtr is your guy.

27. Oozern


The master of snappy quips and razor-sharp wit. If you’re looking for some great Valorant gameplay commentary, you can’t go wrong with this YouTuber. They’re like a finely aged cheese, getting better and better with each passing day.

Oozern’s commentary is so good, it’s like they’re writing their own stand-up comedy routine. They’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves or their teammates, and their delivery is so on-point, you’ll be laughing out loud even when they’re describing the most intense moments of the game.

They’re like a comedic superhero, swooping in with hilarious one-liners and sassy comebacks whenever things start to get too serious. With Oozern on your screen, you’ll never have a dull moment. So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to laugh your way through some amazing Valorant gameplay.

26. Quarkwy


With gameplay moments that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat and commentary that’ll have you laughing, Quarkwy is a must-watch for any Valorant fan.

Not only does Quarkwy have the reflexes of a cat on caffeine, but they also have a wit sharper than a freshly honed knife. Their commentary is like a stand-up comedy routine, but instead of jokes about airplane food, you get expert analysis of their gameplay and laugh-out-loud commentary.

You’ll find yourself rooting for Quarkwy as they expertly navigate their way through each match, pulling off epic plays and clutching rounds left and right. But even when things don’t go quite as planned, Quarkwy’s quick wit and self-deprecating humor will keep you laughing and entertained.

25. Ziptie25. Ziptie


Ah, Ziptie, the one and only! If you’re looking for someone who can make you laugh while also showing off their impressive Valorant skills, then look no further. Ziptie is the kind of guy who can clutch a round with ease while cracking jokes that’ll leave you in stitches.

With his unique blend of humor and skill, Ziptie is a force to be reckoned with in the Valorant community. He’s known for his insane gameplay, but it’s his infectious personality that really sets him apart. Whether he’s bantering with his teammates or pulling off an insane play, Ziptie always manages to keep things lighthearted and entertaining.

Watching Ziptie play Valorant is like watching a comedy routine and a high-stakes esports match all at once. His energy is contagious, and his commentary is always on point. Whether you’re a die-hard Valorant fan or just someone looking for a good laugh, Ziptie is definitely a YouTuber you don’t want to miss. So buckle up, grab some popcorn, and get ready to watch the one and only Ziptie in action!

24. Red


Watching his videos is like taking a trip through a twisted, neon-lit wonderland where every kill is a work of art and every death is a punchline.

But don’t be fooled by his funny editing, Red’s gameplay is as cool as a cucumber in a snowstorm. He can 360 no-scope with his eyes closed while sipping a cup of tea with his pinky finger out. He’s like a ninja, but instead of throwing shurikens, he throws pixelated bullets.

And let’s talk about his sense of humor. It’s so dry that you need a gallon of water to swallow a single joke. He can make you laugh with a single sentence, and then make you question your existence with the next one. It’s like he’s a stand-up comedian and a philosopher rolled into one.

So if you’re looking for a YouTuber who can make you laugh, gasp, and question the very fabric of reality, then Red is your man.

23. AminOnPC


This guy is a walking challenge machine, and we’re not just talking about his gameplay. Amin’s channel is all about pushing himself to the limit with crazy, fun, and downright absurd challenges that will leave you laughing and scratching your head at the same time.

Whether he’s playing Valorant blindfolded, using a guitar hero controller, or trying to win a game with only his feet, Amin always manages to keep things entertaining. His infectious energy and enthusiasm make him a joy to watch, even when he’s struggling to aim his crosshair at a wall.

If you’re looking for a YouTuber who’s not afraid to think outside the box and take on the wildest challenges that the Valorant community can come up with, then AminOnPC is your guy.

22. Xirena


Watching xirena’s videos is like going to a virtual therapy session, but instead of talking about your problems, you get to watch her absolutely dominate on the battlefield while radiating good vibes. It’s hard not to feel uplifted by her positive attitude, even if you’re getting obliterated by the enemy team.

I mean, who needs a Prozac prescription when you can just watch xirena’s content? Her upbeat personality and infectious smile will have you feeling like everything’s going to be alright, even if you’re in the middle of a stressful game. Plus, it’s just fun to watch her completely destroy the competition while still managing to be the most wholesome player on the map.

So, if you want to add a dose of positivity to your Valorant viewing experience, xirena is the YouTuber for you.

21. GrimLIVE


GrimLIVE is the man with the skills to pay the bills! Or at least, the skills to make you feel like a complete noob in Valorant. This male prodigy has been lighting up the YouTube scene with his insane gameplay and hilarious antics.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, GrimLIVE is your guy. Not only is he a formidable player, but he’s also got a great sense of humor. Whether he’s trolling his teammates or just making ridiculous plays, GrimLIVE never fails to entertain.

But don’t let his funny bone fool you. GrimLIVE is a seriously skilled player. He’s got the aim of a hawk and the reflexes of a cat, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. So if you’re looking to improve your gameplay, there’s plenty to learn from this guy.

20. VALORANT – Protatomonster


Protatomonster – the one and only source for the absolute best Valorant plays and montage compilations on YouTube. If you’re looking for jaw-dropping moments that will leave you shouting “Oh my god!” at your screen, look no further than Protatomonster.

This channel is basically like a highlight reel of all the most insane, mind-blowing plays from the world of Valorant. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love watching people pull off ridiculous headshots and clutch plays that seem like they’re straight out of a Hollywood action movie?

The best part about Protatomonster is that they don’t just show off the most impressive plays – they also give you a good laugh along the way. Whether it’s a player pulling off a ridiculous no-scope or a hilarious fail that leaves everyone in stitches, Protatomonster knows how to keep things entertaining.

19. QuarterJade


Let’s start with her infectious personality – it’s like sunshine mixed with a touch of sass and a whole lot of gaming expertise.

As a Valorant YouTuber, QuarterJade has made a name for herself with her amazing gameplay, hilarious commentary, and undeniable charm. Whether she’s pulling off insane headshots or cracking jokes about her teammates, she always keeps us entertained and on the edge of our seats.

But what really sets QuarterJade apart from the rest is her ability to connect with her audience. With her down-to-earth demeanor and relatable content, it’s no wonder she’s amassed such a loyal following. We just can’t get enough of her!

So, if you’re looking for a Valorant YouTuber who knows how to bring the fun and the skill, look no further than QuarterJade. She’s the real deal, folks!

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18. LEO


LEO’s meme game is on point – I’m talking next-level stuff here. He takes all the silliest moments and situations from Valorant and turns them into gut-busting memes that’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing.

And the best part? He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s all about having a good time and spreading the laughter around.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good meme? And when you combine that with Valorant, it’s a match made in heaven. LEO’s videos are so funny, they might just make you forget that you’re supposed to be playing the game.

So if you want to take a break from all the serious stuff and just have a good time, check out LEO’s channel – you won’t be disappointed!

17. Sero


With his helpful Valorant guides, Sero will make sure that you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Whether it’s tips and tricks for mastering a new agent, or strategies for dominating the enemy team, Sero’s got the goods.

But what sets Sero apart from the rest of the pack? Well, for starters, he’s got a sense of humor that will keep you entertained even as he’s dropping knowledge bombs left and right.

From silly jokes to ridiculous memes, Sero knows how to keep things light and fun while still delivering top-notch content.

16. Eggwick


 This YouTuber is the master of funny editing in the Valorant community. They take the game to a whole new level of entertainment with their hilarious montages and videos that will make you laugh until your sides hurt.

Eggwick’s editing skills are no joke. They have an uncanny ability to splice together clips in a way that creates a comedic masterpiece. Whether it’s adding funny sound effects, memes, or captions to their gameplay footage, Eggwick knows how to bring the funny.

And don’t even get me started on their sense of humor! Eggwick’s wit and sarcasm are as sharp as a Vandal headshot. They’ll have you giggling with their jokes and puns, even if you’re not a Valorant player.

15. schrodingerLee


If you’re looking for some serious gameplay tips, then move along because you won’t find them here. But if you want to have a good laugh and enjoy some of the most hilarious and cringeworthy moments in Valorant, then schrodingerLee is your guy.

This YouTuber has made a name for themselves by creating the most absurd and ridiculous memes about Valorant that will make you laugh until your sides hurt. And if you’re a fan of all things anime, then you’ll definitely appreciate the weeb references that are sprinkled throughout schrodingerLee’s content.

So, if you’re feeling down or just need a good laugh, check out schrodingerLee’s channel. Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to properly use your abilities… or maybe not. But one thing is for sure, you’ll have a great time watching their videos.

14. ProGuides Valorant Tips, Tricks and Guides


These guys really know their stuff when it comes to Valorant strategy, and they’re not afraid to show it off in their informative and entertaining videos.

If you’re tired of getting sniped from across the map or falling prey to those pesky sneaky flanks, then you better head on over to ProGuides and start taking notes. They’ll show you everything from how to properly peek a corner to which agent to pick for your team composition. And let’s not forget their expert analysis of professional matches, which will leave you feeling like a true Esports aficionado.

But don’t worry, even if you’re a complete noob who can’t even tell the difference between a vandal and a phantom, ProGuides has got your back. Their beginner-friendly guides will teach you the basics of the game, from how to move and shoot to understanding the different game modes.

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, ProGuides Valorant Tips, Tricks and Guides is the channel for you. Just be prepared to dominate the battlefield and leave your opponents quaking in their boots.

13. SkillCapped Valorant Tips Tricks and Guides


SkillCapped Valorant Tips Tricks and Guides, the YouTuber that can teach you how to be the next ninja in Valorant… or at least make you feel like you’re one.

These guys take “Valorant guide” to a whole new level. If you want to learn how to be the ultimate Jett main or become a Sova prodigy, SkillCapped has got you covered. They’ll show you every nook and cranny on the map, every angle to hold, and every strategy to dominate the competition.

But let’s be real, sometimes you just want to feel like you’re good at the game without putting in the actual effort. So why not watch SkillCapped’s guides and pretend you’re the next big thing in the Valorant world? They’ll give you all the tips and tricks to make you feel like you’ve got a shot at going pro.

12. Daily Valorant


This channel is like a refreshing drink of water in the middle of a hot and sweaty match, providing you with all the latest and greatest in the world of Valorant.

Whether you’re a casual player or a die-hard esports fan, Daily Valorant has got you covered. With their expertly crafted videos, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to the latest updates, tournaments, and player drama.

But let’s be real, the best part of Daily Valorant has to be their hilarious moments. Watching other players fail spectacularly at the game is always good for a laugh, and Daily Valorant knows how to pick the best clips to showcase. Who knew watching someone get blasted by Raze’s ultimate could be so entertaining?

11. Root


This is a man with the plan, or should we say the man with the pixelated hands? Because let’s be real, his aim is so good, it’s like he’s playing with a potato. But don’t let that fool you, this guy is a Valorant legend.

Watching Root play is like watching a master chef at work, he slices and dices through the competition with such ease, you’ll be left wondering if he’s using some sort of cheat code. But no, it’s just pure skill and determination.

And let’s talk about his commentary, shall we? It’s like a stand-up comedy show, and a gaming stream had a baby. Root’s quips and one-liners will have you laughing out loud, even if you’re not a fan of the game.

10. Flights


Watching Flights play is like watching a mad scientist at work. He pulls off plays that seem to defy the laws of physics, and his aim is so sharp it could cut through steel. But it’s his commentary that really sets him apart. The man has a sense of humor that’s drier than the Sahara, and we love him for it.

One minute he’s popping off with a clutch ace, and the next he’s cracking jokes about how he’s going to retire and become a full-time vegan chef. And somehow, it all just works.

So if you’re looking for some top-tier Valorant gameplay mixed with a healthy dose of sarcasm and self-deprecation, Flights is your man. Just be prepared to laugh until you cry, because this guy is hilarious.

9. Tarik


Oh, Tarik, the man, the myth, the legend! This guy is one of the most entertaining Valorant YouTubers out there, and for good reason.

First off, Tarik’s got some serious skills. His reflexes are lightning-fast, his aim is deadly accurate, and he always seems to know exactly where his opponents are hiding.

But that’s not all that makes Tarik so special. No, what really sets him apart is his hilarious commentary. This guy is an absolute riot. Whether he’s making witty one-liners or just shouting random nonsense, Tarik always keeps things interesting.

And let’s not forget about his epic reactions. When Tarik makes an incredible play, he doesn’t just celebrate quietly. Oh no. He’ll scream, he’ll jump out of his chair, he’ll do a victory dance – whatever it takes to show the world just how awesome he is.

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8. Vainsz


This guy has a nose for sniffing out the most interesting and offbeat aspects of Valorant, and he delivers them to you with the precision of a well-timed Jett ult.

From analyzing the spray patterns of each gun in the game to breaking down the intricate details of the game’s sound design, Vainsz is always on the hunt for the juiciest tidbits of Valorant knowledge. And if you’re looking for a good chuckle along the way, well, he’s got that covered too.

Whether he’s showcasing the wackiest Omen smokes or pulling off some of the most insane Raze nade lineups you’ve ever seen, Vainsz knows how to keep things light-hearted and entertaining. So if you’re looking for a Valorant YouTuber who can educate and amuse in equal measure, Vainsz is your man. Just don’t try to beat him in a game of Spike Rush – the guy’s a stone-cold killer.

7. MrLowlander7. MrLowlander


Ah, MrLowlander, the man with the aim so deadly, his enemies’ only hope is to surrender before the game even starts! This guy is like a walking cheat code, except he’s not cheating because he’s just that good. His skills with the mouse and keyboard are like a dance of death, leaving his foes shaking in their boots.

But don’t let his deadly aim fool you – this guy’s got jokes for days. His banter is as sharp as his skills, and he’s always ready with a quip to make his teammates and viewers crack up. It’s like watching a stand-up comedian with an AK-47, and we are absolutely here for it.

Seriously though, MrLowlander is one of the best Valorant players from a watching perspective, and his videos are a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their game. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced noob, you’re sure to learn something from this guy. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show – because with MrLowlander, it’s always a wild ride.

6. AverageJonas


Watching AverageJonas play Valorant is like watching a high-stakes poker game, except with more guns and less bluffing.

He’s always one step ahead of his opponents, and his aim is so precise that it’s like he’s got a homing missile instead of a mouse.

But what sets AverageJonas apart from the rest is his humor. Whether he’s making witty comments about the game or roasting his teammates for their mistakes, he’s always got us laughing.

And when he gets a clutch play, you can bet he’s celebrating with some hilarious victory dance or meme-worthy reaction.

5. Kyedae


This gal is a total force to be reckoned with on the Valorant scene, and she’s got the personality to match.

Kyedae is a true gem in the YouTube world. But, what really sets Kyedae apart is her infectious energy and hilarious sense of humor.

When you tune into one of her videos, you can expect to be entertained from start to finish. Whether she’s pulling off insane headshots or just goofing around with her friends, Kyedae knows how to keep things interesting. She’s not afraid to make a fool of herself for a laugh, and her fans love her all the more for it.

But don’t let her fun-loving attitude fool you – Kyedae is a fierce competitor, and she takes her gaming seriously. She’s got the skills to back up her humor, and she’s always striving to improve her gameplay. Whether she’s streaming live or uploading pre-recorded videos, you can bet that Kyedae is putting her all into every match.

4. Hiko


If you’re a fan of Valorant, then chances are you already know who this guy is. He’s got skills that make even the most seasoned players green with envy, and a personality that’s just as impressive.

In fact, I’m pretty sure Hiko could make even a game of tic-tac-toe sound exciting. He’s got a sense of humor that’ll leave you in stitches, and he’s not afraid to call out other players when they make a mistake.

But don’t let his laid-back attitude fool you. When it comes down to it, Hiko is a competitive player through and through. He’s got a killer instinct that’s helped him win countless matches, and he’s not afraid to take risks when he needs to.

So if you’re looking for a YouTuber who can make you laugh, while also showing you how it’s done in Valorant, then Hiko is your guy. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to copy his moves the next time you jump into a game. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

3. Disguised Toast


Disguised Toast, the man who loves Valorant so much he decided to create his own organization. That’s some serious dedication right there! But it’s not just his entrepreneurial spirit that makes him a must-watch on YouTube.

Disguised Toast is a master of the game, with skills that will leave you wondering how he managed to pull off that insane clutch. His humor is just as impressive as his gameplay, with jokes that will have you laughing so hard you’ll forget you’re watching a gaming video.

And let’s talk about his disguises. The man knows how to hide in plain sight better than anyone, and his ability to blend into the environment is almost as impressive as his aim. It’s no wonder he’s been able to pull off some of the most creative plays in the game.

But what really sets Disguised Toast apart from other Valorant YouTubers is his passion for the game. He doesn’t just play it for the views, he genuinely loves it. And that love is infectious, making his videos a joy to watch. So if you’re not already subscribed to Disguised Toast, what are you waiting for? Get ready for some top-tier gameplay, killer jokes, and some seriously impressive disguises.

2. Shroud


Ah, Shroud, the man with the aim of a god and the reflexes of a cheetah. If you’re looking for a YouTuber who can make you feel like a complete noob with their incredible skills, Shroud is your guy.

Watching Shroud play Valorant is like watching a magician perform a trick you can’t quite figure out. He’s got the ability to spot enemies from a mile away and take them out with the precision of a surgeon. And let’s not forget his insane flick shots – they’re so quick, you’ll need to slow down the footage just to see what happened.

But what sets Shroud apart from other Valorant YouTubers is his personality. He’s got a laid-back, chill vibe that makes you feel like you’re just hanging out with a friend. Plus, his dry wit and sarcastic humor will have you cracking up while he casually dominates the competition.

So, if you want to watch someone who’s an absolute beast at Valorant and also hilarious to boot, Shroud is definitely a YouTuber to add to your list. Just don’t be surprised if you start feeling inferior about your own skills after watching him for a while.

1. TenZ


This guy is so good at Valorant, it’s almost like he’s cheating. Seriously, I’ve watched him play and I’m pretty sure he’s got some kind of aimbot installed in his brain.

But it’s not just his skills that make him a must-watch on YouTube. TenZ is also hilarious. Whether he’s trolling his opponents or just cracking jokes with his teammates, he always manages to keep things entertaining.

And let’s not forget about his hair. I mean, have you seen it? It’s like a work of art. I’m pretty sure he spends more time styling his hair than most people spend playing Valorant.

Overall, if you’re looking for a YouTuber who can make you laugh while also making you feel totally inadequate at the game, TenZ is your guy. Just be prepared to spend the rest of your day trying to replicate his hairdo.


Well, well, well, wasn’t that a hoot and a half! We’ve reached the end of our journey through the 30 BEST Valorant YouTubers to Watch, and what a wild ride it’s been. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve seen some epic fails and even more epic victories.

But most importantly, we’ve discovered that the world of Valorant is home to some seriously talented YouTubers who know how to make us laugh, cry, and feel like we’re part of the action. From crazy gameplays to hilarious commentaries, they’ve shown us that there’s more to this game than just shooting people in the face.

So, if you’re a fan of Valorant and you haven’t checked out these YouTubers yet, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to be entertained. And who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about how to dominate the game (or how not to, depending on who you’re watching).


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