Top 4 Best Roaming Mid Laners in Season 12

In the current League of Legends meta, you cannot turn away from roaming. It is vital throughout every single role, mainly mid lane. Instead of remaining in the lane to be the farmer you’ve always wanted to be, roaming and assisting your teammates can significantly impact the match. Some champions can easily complete this type of task because they have higher versatility and mobility. 

Today, we are going to introduce you to the top 4 best roaming mid-laners…

4. Nocturne – the Eternal Nightmare

Nocturne really is the Eternal Nightmare, and you’ll see why. In League of Legends, you all know how important vision is, right? By knowing your enemy’s moves, you can deploy your playstyle with confidence. The higher rank you are, the more important vision control is going to be. When Nocturne activates his R (Paranoia), all control wards and Warding Totems will be deemed useless. 

Instead of going for a full-lethality build, Nocturne is effective simply by sticking with semi-damage items. Now, Nocturne is more known as a Jungler and not so much as a mid or top lane. However, in recent seasons, we noticed that LoL players started to choose this champion more as a solo laner because of his ability to quickly clear those minions using his Q (Duskbringer) and the passive from W (Shroud of Darkness). The passive also helps Nocturne a bit with healing when combines with W.

By soloing on this Champion, Nocturne will be able to maximize his experience and quickly get to level 6, and then from there, he will make sure he gives nightmares to the enemy team. 

For those less mobile and fragile champions, Nocturne is one big nightmare.

During the early game, try to clear those minions as fast as you can – you can use your Q (Duskbringer) to do this – this will help you quickly reach level 6. In order to maximize the pushing ability of Nocturne, we recommend building Tiamat early in the game. 

When you have reached your ultimate Paranoia, set up a sudden attack. This will send the enemies into major panic, disabling any chance they may have had of getting a back-up teleport from their team members. With the large amount of damage combined with his CC effect from Unspeakable Horror (E), this champion can take down the weak prey. 

With Nocturne, it is important to realize he isn’t going to be a strong champion in the late game, so you’ll want to try to finish the match as soon as possible.

Tips when Playing on Nocturne:

  • Nocturne’s Intrinsic attack is a lot like Renekton’s Q. The more targets this attack hits, the more you’re going to heal, so you’ll want to try to strike as many targets as you can. 
  • In order to get a large bonus amount of AD and Movement Speed, you’ll want to pay attention to the dark trail created by your Q (Duskbringer). 
  • When Nocturne blocks an enemy’s skill using W, his attack speed will be doubled. 

3. Talon – The Blade’s Shadow

When thinking about a champion with the most terrifying ability damage in LoL, Talon always comes to mind. As soon as Talon reaches level 2 and unlocks two skills, W (Rake) and Q (Noxus Diplomacy), he isn’t going to have any problems eliminating a large portion of the enemy’s HP if they are a fragile champion.

A good combo that activates Passive (Blade’s End) combined with Ignite can help Talon get his First Blood. Even if Talon isn’t able to solo kill the enemy champion, he can continuously drain their health, making it so that they really cannot do anything besides hold still in their lane – this allows Talon to take advantage of the other lanes. 

Talon has a special ability that boosts his ability to roam and helps Talon show up where the enemy team would never expect him to be – the E (Assassin’s Path). 

If you choose Talon as your champion, you will want to purchase Tiamat so that you can maximize his ability to push. This will make it easier to roam the map and eliminate those weak targets. 

Talons Assasin Path (E) makes it so that he can cross through artificial terrains such as Anivia’s W or Trundle’s E.

Tips when playing Talon:

  • You want to avoid overdoing E because it has a separate cooldown on each wall, and you may need to use them later to getaway. 
  • Talons Darkness (W) has a certain delay, but you can use your Flash or Q to change direction – similar to Ahri’s Q. 
  • Combo 2 W + Q + basic attack will give Talon his maximum passive.
  • Noxian Diplomacy (Q) will regenerate Talon’s basic attacks. If you’re quick at what you’re doing, you’ll be able to add a normal attack on Q’s flight path, so if you hit the target, the champion will auto-attack without clicking.

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2. Pantheon – The Unbreakable Spear

Pantheon went through a rework, which really improved him – now, he is very powerful, and when it comes to mid-lane, he can roam very well. In the mid lane, he is both deathly and tanky. 

This champions strongest strength, of course, is his ultimate. With his ultimate, he can quickly move to any lane. With W (Christmas Shield), Pantheon can close the distance between him and his enemy or use E (Storm Strike) to block damage from the tower. 

He can quickly clear minions with Q (Spear Meteor), so he’ll be able to purchase lethal items early in the game. While playing on Pantheon, try to roam and offer support to your teammates. 

During a team fight, with your point-to-face skill set, try targeting the enemy’s ADCs. This champion will become weaker by the late game because his enemy’s will more than likely have more defensive items. This means that Patheon won’t be as strong as he was in the beginning or mid-game when he had his full-damage items. So, if you choose Pantheon as your champion, you will need to finish the game as fast as you can. 

Tips when Playing on Pantheon

  • You’ll want to pay attention to Patheon’s passive (Battle of Attitude). You can use this to strengthen your next skill. If you want to put a large amount of damage on your enemy’s, you should strengthen Q or W – W will give this champion three more attacks, while Q will increase the damage and slow. If you want to escape from ganks or increase your chance of getting a kill, enhance E.
  • Q (Spear of Meteor) is your friend – you can use it to create pressure on your opponents and farm minions. Save E (Attack of the Storm) because this skill has a slow cooldown during the game’s early stages. 
  • After you use R (Falling Sun), this champion will gain five passive points, so make sure you use them appropriately. 

1. Pyke – The Bloodharbor Ripper

Last on our list; we have Pyke. Now, this is a pretty unique support champion in League of Legends. This champion isn’t like the other champions we talked about. This one has a weak laning phase because of the continuous nerfs from Riot. With his Q and E no longer dealing damage to the minions. He doesn’t have a whole lot of tools to use in order to clear the minions. However, this doesn’t mean he’s a horrible champion; he’s actually quite useful if you take the time to know him.

Don’t let those weaknesses fool you, because Pyke has a good recovery ability from Gift of the Drowned Ones (passive), and thanks to Phantom Undertow (E), his anti-ganking ability is great. 

Once you pass the laning phase on this champion, he will turn into a real killer because of his ability to “scoop” and maneuver. Death from Below will help Pyke instantly kill the enemy target once it reaches a certain HP threshold. 

Pyke’s combos are difficult to master, but once you do, you’ll be happy with this champion. If you’re using him for solo-laning, you’ll want to keep up with your opponent’s amount of minions and level. Early on, jump on the Boots of Mobility and Tiamat so that you can roam other lanes and support your teammates. In the mid and late game, try not to go solo because Pyke is stronger with a team. 

Tips when Playing on Pyke

  • Gift of the Drowned Ones (Passive) allows Pyke to heal when there’s no enemy vision. If you go into the dust and find that you’re not healing, then this is more than likely because there are wards from the enemy around. 
  • E (Phantom Undertow) can be combined with Speed in order to create a pleasant surprise for the enemies around.


What do you think about the four champions we just introduced you to? Have you used them before? Go ahead and drop your comments below.

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