Unleash Your Inner Carry: 4 BEST SOLO CARRY Champions for EVERY ROLE on PATCH 13.7!

Unleash Your Inner Carry: 4 BEST SOLO CARRY Champions for EVERY ROLE on PATCH 13.7!

Are you tired of losing games because your teammates just don’t seem to have your back? Fear not, fellow gamers! We’ve got the perfect solution to your problem. Our expert gaming journalist, Jack Miller, has curated the ultimate list of the 4 best solo carry champions for every role on Patch 13.7!

TL;DR: Key Takeaways

  • Top Lane Dominators: Fiora, Camille, Jax, and Darius
  • Mid Lane Assassins: Zed, Talon, and Fizz
  • Support Carry Champions: Thresh, Bard, and Rakan
  • Expert Tips from League of Legends Coach LS
  • Personal insights and secret strategies from Jack Miller

Top Lane: Unstoppable Split Pushers

According to op. gg, the top four solo carry champions for the top lane on Patch 13.7 are Fiora, Camille, Jax, and Darius, boasting win rates ranging from 51-53%. These champions excel in dueling, split pushing, and scaling into the late game. Jack Miller’s insider tip: be patient and focus on farming, and you’ll be an unstoppable force.


  • Slippery Duelist with Sustain and True Damage
  • Great Split Pushing Capability
  • Skill-dependent, High Skill Ceiling


  • Mobile Fighter with Built-in Sustain
  • Strong Duelist and Split Pusher
  • Versatile Kit for Engages and Escapes


  • Strong Scaling Bruiser with Dueling Power
  • Excellent Split Pushing and Objective Control
  • Simple Kit, Easy to Learn


  • Lane Bully with High Damage Output
  • Snowballs Hard with Early Leads
  • Strong Teamfighting Presence

Mid Lane: Cunning Assassins

Assassins like Zed, Talon, and Fizz are often considered strong solo carry champions in the mid lane due to their ability to quickly eliminate enemy carries and snowball the game. Master these champions to roam, create pressure, and secure objectives.


  • High Burst Damage and Mobility
  • Strong Split Pushing and Assassination Potential
  • Requires Skill and Precision to Execute


  • Fast Wave Clear and Roaming Capabilities
  • High Burst Damage and Slippery Escapes
  • Snowballs Easily with Early Kills


  • Slippery Mage-Assassin with High Burst
  • Great Roaming and Pick Potential
  • Difficult to Lock Down and Kill

Support: The Game Changers

As League of Legends coach LS suggests, “The key to solo carrying as a support is to pick a champion that can make a big impact in team fights and provide strong utility for your team.” Thresh, Bard, and Rakan are prime examples of such champions.


  • Versatile Playmaker with Crowd Control
  • Game-changing Hooks and Lantern
  • High Skill Ceiling, Rewarding Mastery


  • Unique Roaming Support with Magical Journeys
  • Strong Poke and Pick Potential
  • Game-changing Ultimate if Used Correctly


  • Highly Mobile Engage Support
  • Strong Crowd Control and Disengage
  • Synergizes Well with Multiple ADCs


1. How do I choose the best solo carry champion for me?

Consider your preferred playstyle, the current meta, and the champions you’re most comfortable with. Practice a variety of champions to find the one that suits you best.

2. Are solo carry champions always the best choice?

Not necessarily. While solo carry champions can help you climb, it’s essential to consider your team’s composition and the specific match-up you’re facing.

3. How do I improve my skills with solo carry champions?

Practice, watch high-level gameplay, and review your own games to identify areas for improvement. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from experienced players.

4. Can I climb the ranks by playing other roles and champions?

Absolutely! While the champions listed here are strong solo carry options, mastering any champion or role can lead to success if played effectively.

5. How do I adapt my gameplay when playing a solo carry champion?

Focus on your individual performance and decision-making. Look for opportunities to secure objectives, make picks, and apply pressure on the map to create advantages for your team.

6. How important is teamwork when playing solo carry champions?

Teamwork is still crucial, even when playing solo carry champions. Communicate with your team, be aware of their needs, and work together to secure objectives and win fights.

7. Can solo carry champions be viable in higher ranks?

Yes, solo carry champions can be viable in higher ranks if played correctly. Adapt your playstyle and strategies to the level of your opponents and work with your team to achieve victory.

8. How can I counter solo carry champions?

To counter solo carry champions, focus on teamwork, vision control, and shutting down their early game snowball potential. Coordinate with your team to apply pressure and deny them resources.

9. Are there any specific items or runes that work well with solo carry champions?

Each champion has their own optimal build and rune setup. It’s essential to research and understand the best combinations for your chosen champion. Consider checking websites like op.gg or Mobafire for popular builds and runes.

10. How do I stay motivated when playing solo carry champions?

Remember that improvement takes time and perseverance. Set small, achievable goals for yourself and celebrate your progress. Learn from your losses and maintain a positive attitude.

11. How do I deal with being focused by the enemy team as a solo carry champion?

Positioning is crucial when playing solo carry champions. Stay aware of the enemy’s threats and engage only when it’s safe to do so. Work with your team to create opportunities and force favorable fights.

12. How can I improve my decision-making as a solo carry champion?

Watch high-level gameplay, practice, and analyze your own games to learn from your mistakes. Understanding win conditions, objectives, and match-ups will help you make better decisions during games.

Personal Conclusion

While mastering these solo carry champions will undoubtedly help you climb the ranks, remember that League of Legends is a team game. Collaborating with your teammates and adapting to each match’s unique challenges are equally important. Good luck, and see you on the Rift!


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