4 Reasons Why You’re Not Climbing in League of Legends

League of Legends players tend to make a lot of common mistakes, and after that they still blame other teammates. You should really stop blaming your teammates because it's not their fault that you're not climbing the ranked ladder (entirely). Here are the 4 main reasons why you're not able to climb the ranked ladder in LoL

Playing League of Legends is fun, and we all want to be the best of the best, but when we find that we’re doing something wrong, it can get frustrating. There are some reasons why people that are in low ELO are unable to climb like they want to, and that is what we’re here to discuss.

Here’s why you keep losing games:

1. You’re Taking on Too Many Roles and Playing too Many Champions.

Playing too many LoL champions can be a big problem. You shouldn't try out new champions in your ranked games. Just play them for fun in your normal games or with friends.

Perhaps the reasons you’re not climbing in League of Legends is because you’re taking on too many roles and playing different champions? When players take on every role in LoL, they will find themselves sitting there without the skill required to play each role. If you’re a League of Legends player, you probably already know that some lanes are harder to play than others. 

It would be a good idea to play one role, followed by a side role that is a lot like the first role – by doing this, you will be able to carry information from one role to the next. 

Here’s an example for you: 

If you’re used to playing support, but take on a different role and switch over to another lane, you’re probably not going to have the same skill level it takes to succeed in that rank. On the same note, Mid Laners require great macro, great micro, and good mechanics, and technically, they can go anywhere on the map because their character traits are a good match for almost all LoL lanes.

If you have a champion that you are good at, then that is the champion you should stick to playing. When you play a character you’re not used to, it’s not going to help you climb.

Sure, being able to play every champion is good, but if you really want to climb, you need to stick to a couple of champions that you can play in ranked. When you choose which champion you’re going to play in ranked, you need to have a gameplan. 

Which Champion Should You Choose?

For the main role champion, you should have a couple of champions to select from, but we recommend keeping it under five and for the side roll, no more than two. Having a couple of champions that you can rely on is a good idea for those times when your main one is counter picked.

If you choose to drop a champion because it’s just unplayable, don’t pick them back up. Instead, go with a champion that you feel good about. 

Here are the three main reasons why you’re not climbing:

2. You Are Not Playing Enough Ranked Matches.

Maybe you're not climbing simply because you don't play enough of ranked games? Sometimes people can go play normal games with their friends and they think that they're playing ranked games

Maybe you’re just not playing enough ranked matches. If you’ve been playing normal games, that’s one of the reasons you’re not climbing in LoL. When players play normal games instead of ranked, they’re usually not taking the game seriously and are trying out different champions. So, if you find yourself doing epic in a normal match, this is usually because the other players aren’t playing their best – we know it hurts, but it’s the truth.

Plus, you also have to consider that there is a major difference between normal MMR and ranked MMR. It goes without saying that the best way to climb the ladder would be to play as much ranked matches as you can. When you play ranked, make sure it’s something you’re ready for and can focus on. If you’re not ready to pay full attention to a ranked match, then there’s no point in playing it.

For those in lower ELO, one of the main reasons is that they’re not playing enough. 

If you haven’t played many games this season, then that’s the top reason you’re not improving. So, without further ado, stop playing those normal games and put your concentration on ranked matches. 

If you have only played 30 games this season, how do you expect to reach Diamond?

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3. Not thinking enough

This is probably the main reason why people are having a hard time in their ranked matches. People tend to do a lot of mistakes simply because they don't think some things through.

Let’s say you have good KDA, but that isn’t enough – the only way for you to win would be to destroy the enemy Nexus. Yes, we get it, ranking up on all of those kills is satisfying to say the least, but that’s not all it takes.

If you’re the type that goes in to get kills, that is okay, but make sure you continue to grow your advantage while bashing the enemy. 

For example, you kill the enemy – don’t just stop there. Now is when you need to push the wave straight to the enemy’s tower in an attempt to claim the tower. Do this during mid-game so that you can get a combination of kills and objectives. 

Some players are under the impression that getting more kills is the way to win the game, but this isn’t true – there are cases where you can have the most kills, but still lose the match. There are going to be times where you are fed, but because your team lacks macro and coordination, you won’t be able to close out the game. If you have a good macro, then you will be able to carry your team.

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4. You Can’t Seem to Stay Alive

Are you having a hard time in League of Legends and you keep dying all the time because you get ganked by the enemy jungler all the item? Well, we can't really help you out with that, but here's a meme for you.

Continuously dying can be aggravating, to say the least, but dying is all a part of the game. However, dying over and over, and continuously being outplayed by the opposing team can be prevented. When you continuously die repeatedly, you’re working your way to a significant disadvantage that is sometimes hard to recover from. Each time your champion dies, you lose out on experience gain, which will put you behind on experience – the enemy will be farming while you’re respawning. Plus, when a champion is killed, they gain experience, which gives the enemy a lead over you.

If your champion is dead, you won’t be able to farm creeps and get gold. Yes, you can passively earn gold by completing objectives, but this isn’t as good. As you die, the enemy gains more gold, and you don’t gain any, which makes it so that the enemies are able to get the items faster, turning them into more of a threat.

Are you dying too much in LoL? Here are two things you need to keep in mind:

  • The Minion Wave – Make sure you are always aware of the minion wave, and if the enemy has more minions than you, don’t engage. 
  • Lane Warded – In order to prevent enemy Jungler from ganking you, you need to have your lane warded. 

Make sure you take those points into consideration when you’re playing. 


In the end, if you’re not able to climb in League of Legends, then there’s obviously something you’re doing. The four things we just mentioned aren’t the only issues as to why players don’t climb, but they are the most common issues. 

Are you having issues climbing ranks in League of Legends, and feel you’re doing everything right? Explain your issues in the comment section below, and we will try to help you.

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