5 Best ADC Champions in Patch 10.10

Here are the 5 strongest ADCs in Patch 10.10 . With these ADC champions, you will be able to climb the ranked ladder without any problems!

ADC is a role which used to be super strong but now isn’t. You have to play the strongest of ADC’s to have an impact in the game or you are completely useless in this meta of Assassins. These 5 ADC’s will help you be effective and help carry yourself out of elo hell.

1. Jhin

In the meta that we have currently, Caster Champions have been doing incredibly well and Jhin is one of the strongest AD Caster. His Abilities help him greatly to catch out enemies or zone them out and a good Q can completely change the colour of the team fight. With a win rate of 53%, Jhin is one of the strongest ADC right now in League of Legends

2. Miss Fortune

Although not as strong as she used to be in the previous patch, her nerfs to Strut (W) movement speed has not completely ruined her. She can still heavily impact the game with one good  Bullet Time (R) and even without that can deal a ton of damage to the enemies. Miss Fortune paired with a good engage champion can heavily change all team fights to your favour and help you win the game.

3. Vayne

There has been an increase in the number of Tanks played in recent games and which Champion is the strongest for killing Tanks? That’s right its Vayne. She can absolutely shred all tanks and has so much potential to outplay everyone. Although she does require skill, in the right hands she can 1v9 and win games.

4. Ashe

Ashe is one of the strongest utility champions and no matter what you do, you cannot go wrong with Ashe. All her abilities can greatly help in catching enemies out whether it is her slows or her stuns. Utility champions can help even if they are behind which is what makes them so strong, especially in low elo.

5. Sivir

Another utility champion is Sivir, her movement speed greatly helps in catching enemies out and surprising them. Even if you are behind, you can simply use your On the Hunt (R) to give everyone a movement speed buff and help them “Hunt” the enemy, which is what makes you very helpful and if by chance the enemy has a lot of melee champions, your Ricochet (W) absolutely shreds all of them as it bounces off them continuously in team fights.

What do you think about these best ADC champions in this Patch? Do you prefer any other ADCs besides these?

Written by Spezzy

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