5 Best ADC’s in League of Legends Patch 10.13

5 Best ADCs in Patch 10.13

Here are the 5 best ADCs on Patch 10.13 for carrying games and climbing the League of Legends solo queue ranked ladder!

1. Ezreal

5 Best ADCs in Patch 10.13

Ezreal is undoubtedly good and has been good for the past several patches, although the conqueror nerf will slightly hit him, it won’t be enough to dethrone him from the top tier position. He is the perfect ADC with the right amount of safety and the right amount of damage. You cannot go wrong with this pick and is definitely the strongest this Patch.

2. Vayne

Best ADCs in League of Legends Patch 10.13

You don’t pick Vayne for lane control. You don’t pick her for utility. You don’t even pick her for late game team fight damage. You pick Vayne for the 1v9. Vayne is stronger than ever especially in this Tank Meta where her Silver Bolts (W) just shred everyone in her path. After her recent early game buff too, she is better than ever and belongs right at the top.

3. Kai’Sa

5 Strongest ADCs in 10.13

Kai’Sa is incredibly potent at the moment. The fact she is largely ability damage also sets her apart in what’s arguably a melee heavy meta, ensures she goes against the grain. Her ability to increase her attack speed through Supercharge, while her kit and the upgrade mechanic gives her flexibility and variety. The fact that she can also build hybrid makes her an even better ADC as going Armor against her won’t be enough, you need to go for Magic Resist too if you want to stop her.

4. Jhin

Strongest ADCs in 10.13

In the meta that we have currently, Caster Champions have been doing incredibly well and Jhin is one of the strongest AD Caster. His Abilities help him greatly to catch out enemies or zone them out and a good Q can completely change the colour of the team fight. With the proper items, Jhin easily out scales any other ADC and is definitely top tier.

5. Ashe

Best ADCs in 10.13

Ashe is one of the strongest utility champions and no matter what you do, you cannot go wrong with Ashe. All her abilities can greatly help in catching enemies out whether it is her slows or her stuns or even her vision from her E. Utility champions can help even if they are behind which is what makes them so strong, especially in low elo. Ashe has a very simple kit and scales properly so she is top tier this patch especially in the low elo.

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What do you think about this Tier List? Are they truly the Best ADCs this Patch or are there any better champions?

Written by Jusjeet

Passionate League of Legends player whose goal is to provide you with the best League of Legends News