Top 10 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends (Season 12)

5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Season 12

Duo Queueing is an effective way to play League of Legends. The average player will have more success in games when they duo queue with another player, even if the other player has a lower skill rating than them. This is because there are fewer variables involved and it’s easier for both players to coordinate their efforts. So what are the best duos in League? Let’s find out!

This article explores 10 different duos that can be played together effectively and efficiently in order to achieve victory on Summoner’s Rift. Each combo consists of two champions that complement each other well, providing you with plenty of options for your next game!

1. Ashe and Varus

Ashe and Varus Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

This is a very popular duo that is often seen in the lower leagues. Ashe’s slows and Varus’s long-range makes zoning enemies and poking them from a safe distance easy. Their lack of burst damage can be problematic if the enemy team has a lot of champions with high mobility, but they make up for it with their consistent damage output.

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2. Malphite and Orianna

Malphite and Orianna Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

One of the oldest & best bot lane combos in League of Legends, this duo is still significantly relevant in today’s version of League. Without going too much into detail, the main reason why this pairing is so strong (as I’m sure you can guess by now), is the overwhelmingly great synergy they have when taking into account their abilities & champion kit.

You’ve probably seen it happen a million times by now, Orianna attaches her orb to Malph, he then ults the whole enemy team, and if one knock-up wasn’t enough to absolutely demolish all of them, Orianna pretty much guarantees the teamfight’s victory with her own ultimate.

Hands-down one of the best combos you could pull of in League.

3. Lucian and Braum

Lucian and Braum Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

Lucian and Braum are the pinnacles of bot lane synergy. Their passives are what make their bot lane combos excellent. Lucian’s passive allows him to pop Braum’s faster than any champion in the game.

Once Braum applies a stack of his passive, Lucian can proc 2 out 4 stacks with one Passive AA making this synergy absurdly strong. Lucian’s R, Culling, is very easily interrupted by crowd control abilities. Luckily, all he has to do is stand behind Braum. Braum’s Unbreakable shield can block any incoming projectiles, including auto attacks and CC. This allows Lucian to get a full channel Culling off almost any time!

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4. Yone and Yasuo

Yone and Yasuo Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

As these two League of Legends champions are siblings in the universe, it’s only natural that Riot would create them to be one of the game’s most powerful duos. The hardest scaling stat in League of Legends, each gaining double Critical Strike Chance, this pair is vicious! Before the knock-up ends, they can dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Yasuo is used to being paired with duos, since he can pair up with any knockup ability. Regardless of the enemy team’s composition, you will climb the ranks. Just don’t put him in a team with champions that have grounding abilities.

Yone provides a LOT to a team, especially because he has two AoE knockups for Yasuo’s ultimate. His stacked Q (which is similar to Yas) along with his Ultimate are two of the best abilities complementary to Yasuo’s playstyle. Yone has the tools required to do mixed damage that Yasuo can’t while taking less damage than Yasuo.

5. Galio and Pantheon

Galio and Pantheon Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

This is the duo comp for you if you’re facing assassins roaming bot and top instead of mid. This is a more tanky, less creative take on the Shen and Twisted Fate tandem. The advent of assassins made it necessary to include a duo that destroys them in every way.

With his passive boosting talents, he can burst someone with Spear, stun them with Shield Vault, and most importantly, utilize enhanced Aegis Assault to tank entire combos simply by standing in front of them.

Galio is the same, but against AP. Think champions like Fizz who’s a popular pick. He has a lot of similarities to Pantheon, in that he can take hits and kill whoever tried to do him harm with magic damage. He has a more personal approach than Pantheon but is more consistent when it comes to farming because of his Q’s range and poke.

If you want to ruin assassins in every aspect of their game, from farming to roaming to duels. These two will make any assassin main wish they had chosen a different champion.

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6. Jhin and Vi

Jhin and Vi Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

This is another very popular duo in the lower leagues. Jhin’s long-range and slow make it easy for Vi to catch up to enemies, and her stuns and knockups can easily set up Jhin’s traps. Jhin’s ultimate, Curtain Call, does massive damage when enemies are grouped together and can easily take down an entire team if Vi helps him set it up correctly.

This can go both ways though, with Jhin landing his W on a far-away target, which in turn would allow Vi to catch up with her Q and R abilities, which would then give Jhin all the time he needs to build up his 4th shot (passive), or precisely land his ultimate.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for extremely high damage output, coupled with a few hard CC abilities, then this is the duo you should take into your next ranked game.

7. Xayah and Rakan

Xayah and Rakan Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

Xayah and Rakan are another popular duo in LoL. Rakan’s heals and buffs make it easy for Xayah to stay in the fight, and her long-range skills make it easy for Rakan to catch up to enemies. Xayah’s ultimate, Deadly Plumage, does massive damage when enemies are grouped together and can easily take down an entire team if Rakan helps her set it up correctly.

Together, they can easily take down any opponent who isn’t prepared for their deadly combo.

8. Azir and Gnar

Azir and Gnar Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

With their built-in attack speed and escapes, the two champs are equally useful for split pushing or teamfighting. Gnar offers 1v1 dueling potential without the same immobility issue that tanks face. He’s also adaptable, playing both tanky and carry Azir compositions with ease. He can handle most melee top laners in the meta, including Sett, Darius, Garen, etc.

Azir, on the other hand, is one of the most complex & best scaling champions in the game and may wipe a team by himself when played by a capable player. Azir can go wild with his ultimate, which adds an extra wall to provide Gnar with excruciatingly long chains of crowd control. All of this makes them one of the best bot lane duos in League of Legends!

9. Kog’Maw and Janna

Kog'Maw and Janna Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

The ultimate classic combination, and of the best ADC/Support combinations. When you want to play Kog’Maw, make sure you have a support who can keep him alive. Janna is the ideal person for keeping people safe, so she’s an excellent choice.

This combination might be difficult to play at times, particularly early on, but once Kog’Maw has a few items, things go quite well. Kog is one of the most potent late-game ADCs, and with Janna by his side, it’s almost impossible to kill him.

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10. Twisted Fate & Shen

Twisted Fate & Shen Top Best Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends (Season 12)

Twisted Fate and Shen are two of League of Legends’ most famous worldwide ultimates. When you combine the two, you get a ubiquitous duo that may appear at any time and anywhere. Using Twisted Fate’s pick potential with Shen’s follow-up, the pair instills fear in the minds of their foes by making them feel alone.

If you’re looking for CC, Utility, Teamfight Power, and overall map presence, this duo is for you.


In short, the best duo bot combos are those that work well together and can cover each others weaknesses. This means you should choose a champion with CC to pair up with one who has high damage output or shields for protection. Whether you’re looking for long-range champions or melee fighters, there is always a combo out there that will suit your needs in League of Legends!

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