5 Best Mid Lane Champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19

Orianna's ultimate can change the outcome of teamfights. She can easily carry and win the game if she lands a perfect ultimate. This all makes her one of the best mid lane champs in League Patch 10.19

With the League of Legends Patch 10.19, there are quite a few changes taking place in the mid lane. Twisted Fate, Azir, Lucian, and Akali are getting their nerfs, which means that there will be some changes in the mid lane meta. 

Without further ado, here are the 5 best mid lane champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19.


Yone is a newest champion in League of Legends, which means that not a lot of people have mastered him yet. You should really start playing Yone as he's very OP at the moment which makes him our #1 choice for the best mid lane champions in the current Patch 10.19 of League of Legends

Yone is a great champion – when he was alive, he was a renowned student of his village’s sword school and half-brother of Yasuo. However, he died at the hands of Yasuo, he became hunted by an evil entity from the spirit realm and had no choice other than to kill it with its own sword. Now, he is cursed with a demonic mask on his face, hunting such monsters so that he can gain an understanding of what he has been turned into. 

Despite it all, in League of Legends patch 10.19, Yone deserves his spot on the top 5 best mid lane champions. Many players haven’t figured out how to unlock this champions full potential, but take it from us, it’s there. His ultimate, called Fate Sealed, is super scary, and his burst damage is out of this world. 

Yone has the capabilities of ripping his soul right from his body, as his mortal form remains behind to navigate the spirit realm for a bit. In a match, this is his Soul Bound (E) ability. This is when he lets out an onslaught towards his enemies. During this time, he marks them with stored damage, and once he returns to his body, this will turn into true damage. Unlike LeBlanc and Zed, this champion doesn’t have a choice on when he returns to his body; once the timer ends, he automatically returns.

List of Yone’s Abilities

Passive – Way of the Hunter – With every second attack, this champion deals magic damage. Along with this, his chance of a critical strike is doubled. 

Q – Mortal Steel – With this ability, Yone will sling forward, causing damage to all of the enemies in a line. On hit, a stack of Gathering Storm will be granted for a couple of seconds. Once he reaches two stacks, Mortal Steel sends Yone forward, causing the enemies to be Airborne. 

W – Spirit Cleave – With spirit cleave, it cleaves forward, causing damage to the enemies in a cone. A shield will be granted to Yone, and the value will be increased by the number of champions that are hit with the swipe.

E – Soul Unbound – As Yone’s spirit leaves his body, he gains a decent amount of movement speed. Once this skill comes to an end, Yone’s spirit will return to his body and repeat a portion of his spirit’s damage. 

R – Fate Sealed – With this ability, this top mid champion will be pulling enemies towards him. 


Zoe is an ultimate assassin champion that can one-shot enemies in a blink of an eye. She's very underrated in low elo, but she does wonders once she's mastered

While Zoe is a hard champion to get used to, her kit is so rewarding that it’d be insane not to list her as one of the best mid lane champions in League of Legends. It’s always fun to use her Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E) ability because her damage output is insane.

As the embodiment of imagination, change, and mischief, this LoL champion is a cosmic messenger of Targon. 

Zoe’s Abilities

Passive – More Sparkles – Because we need more sparkles in our lives! This is a basic attack after casting a spell that does an additional amount of magic damage. 

Q – Paddle Star – With this ability, Zoe will be firing a missile, and here’s the cool thing…she can redirect it in flight. The longer the missile flies in a straight line, the more damage it’s going to deal. 

W – Spell Thief – With this ability, this champion is able to pick up the remnants of enemy spells and cast them herself. Whenever Zoe casts a summoner spell, she will be granted three missiles directed towards her nearest target. 

E – Sleepy Trouble Bubble – This is a super fun ability. With Sleepy Trouble Bubble, Zoe’s target will become drowsy, causing it to fall asleep on the battleground.

R – Portal Jump – With this ability, Zoe will blink to a nearby enemy. 


Even though she recently received a nerf, Akali is still one of the best mid lane champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19. Here's why:

Even though Akali went through a nerf, this isn’t going to change the fact that she’s one of the best mid lane champions in patch 10.19. Everything she knows, she learned from her master Shen and has taken the oath to defend Ionia from the enemies, killing them one by one. She may strike her enemies in silence, but her message isn’t going to go unnoticed. One should fear the assassin (that’s Akali) with no master.

A Look at Akali’s Abilities

Passive – Assassin’s Mark – With Assassin’s Mark, Akali will be dealing spell damage to an enemy champion – this surrounds them with a ring of energy. Once they have exited the ring, her next auto attack will come with bonus damage and range.

Q – Five Point Strike – With this ability, the champion will toss out five kunai, which will deal damage based on Akali’s bonus Attack Damage and her Ability Power and slowing.

W – Twilight Shroud – When you use Akali’s Twilight Shroud, the champion will gain a brief increase in Movement Speed as she drops a cover of smoke. During this time, since she is invisible, enemies won’t be able to select her for their enemy spells or attacks. Using abilities or attacking will briefly reveal Akali. 

E – Shuriken Flip – Using Shuriken Flip will cause the champion to flip forward, and during this time, she will deal magic damage. 

R – Perfect Execution – With Perfect Execution, it’s exactly how it sounds – perfect. This will cause the champion to leap, causing damage to any enemies she comes in contact with. 

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Orianna's ultimate can change the outcome of teamfights. She can easily carry and win the game if she lands a perfect ultimate. This all makes her one of the best mid lane champs in League Patch 10.19

Patch 10.19 puts Orianna in such a good place. Her terrain control with the ball comes in handy, and I must say, overall, she’s a fun champion to play. Once, Orianna was a curious girl of flesh and blood, but now, she’s a technological marvel. After an accident, her body failed her, and that’s when it was replaced piece by piece with exquisite artifice. 

A Look at Orianna’s Abilities

Passive – Clockwork Windup – With Clockwork Windup, Orianna can deal additional magic damage to her enemies. The more she attacks a target, the more the damage increases. 

Q – Command: Attack – With this ability, she sends her ball toward a location of her choice, dealing magic damage to those along the way. 

W – Command: Dissonance – This is where she commands her energy ball towards a target location, dealing magic to enemies around it. This also slows enemies and adds speed to the allies.

E – Command: Protect – Orianna’s ball will attach to an allied champion of her choice. It deals magic damage to the enemies it passes along the way and once’s it’s attached, it shields the allied champion. In addition, it grants an additional magic resist and armor to the champion it has attached to.

R – Command: Shockwave – Her ball will release a shockwave with this ability. It flies towards nearby enemies and deals magic damage. 

Playing Orianna can be a little bit tricky, so here’s the best build for Orianna


Annie looks cute and innocent, but once she's in the mid lane, everybody gets scared of her. She has a stun and great AoE damage, which makes her one of the strongest mid lane champions in Patch 10.19

Last on our list; we have a favorite champion of many, Annie. Annie is one of the highest mid-laners with a win rate of around 54 percent. She’s super fun to use and has some pretty cool abilities, which we will discuss. Don’t let Annie’s precious look get the best of you because she’s very dangerous under all of that. Annie is a child mage with strong pyromantic power. Her natural fire affinity started in her early life through emotional outbursts, and she eventually learned how to control it. Her favorite would be the ability to summon a cute teddy bear. Lost in her childhood innocence, she searches in dark forests and is always on the lookout for someone fun to spend time with.

Annie’s Abilities

Passive – Pyromania – After casting four spells, her next offensive spell will keep the target in his/her spot with a stun. 

Q – Disintegrate – With this ability, she tosses a fireball infused with mana. This fireball deals damage, and if it destroys the target, it will refund the mana cost. 

W – Incinerate – Annie tosses a blazing ball of fire, causing damage to the enemies around it. 

E – Molten Shield – With the Molten Shield ability, Annie will be given a burst of Movement Speed, an increased percentage Damage Reduction, and enemies who are attacking her with basic attacks will be damaged. 

R – Summon: Tibbers – Having the ability to summon Tibbers, a teddy bear, is one of the things that makes Annie fun to play on. It’s neat watching this bear come to life and deal damage. Tibbers has the capabilities of attacking and burning enemies that are near him.

Final Word

Annie, Orianna, Akali, Zoe, and Yone are the five best mid lane champions in League of Legends patch 10.19. If you’re looking to own the battlefield, and you’re playing mid-lane, go ahead and choose one of these champions from this list. 

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