5 Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Patch 10.13

Best Mid Lane Champs 10.13

This Patch had a pretty decent number of Changes for the Mid Lane and these are the top 5 Champions in Mid Lane for Patch 10.13

1. Fizz

Strongest Mid Laners 10.13

Fizz is an absolute monster in mid lane. Confusing for new players to fight against, and still an absolute nightmare for experienced players. His ability to move through units, while also being Untargetable ensures he can avoid him impact burst, before punishing opponents. Fizz has been top tier for about 5 Patches now and League of Legends developers simply do not care about his state right now. No changes are being made to him and he still continues to be the very best in the mid lane.

2. Talon

Best Mid Lane Champs 10.13

Talon is a beast in mid lane. A kit that’s heavy in poke, bleeds, evasion and burst, he’s hard to pin down and incredibly strong at rotating lanes for ganking. Although conqueror did get nerfed this patch, it should not affect Talon that much as he can simply take Electrocute now and still be top tier.

3. Galio

5 best Mid Lane Champions in Patch 10.13

Galio is a very simple and safe pick for anybody. His kit makes him tanky and also the simplicity makes him very easy to play. The thing what makes him strong is that not only is he tanky and impossible to kill, he also deals massive damage from his combo making and if you also factor in his massive Ultimate for late-game team-fights, he’s a great pick and top tier for Patch 10.13.

4. Ekko

5 Strongest Mid Lane Champions in Patch 10.13

Ekko can pretty much boss any lane in the game right now and goes in at the top of this Patch’s Tier List. A kit brimming with utility, survivability and burst, he’s more than capable of controlling mid lane and punishing those even just a fraction out of position. He may be mana heavy early game, but he can comfortably hold mid and steamroll quickly with just a few kills under his belt.

5. Cassiopeia

Best Mid Laners in Patch 10.13

Cassiopeia is very much in the meta right now, and while her kit looks fairly “thin” in terms of damage or burst, it’s all about control and utility. This not only helps her defend mid lane comfortably, but also pushes her value hugely late game. The ability to slow, poison, stun or gain massive amounts of movement speed ensures that she’s incredible in the late game. Although she did receive a nerf two nerfs this patch, with a decrease in MR and nerf to Conqueror, it should not affect Cassiopeia as much as she will only need 1 extra E to proc conqueror and that is fairly easy as she spams E non-stop.

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