5 Best Support Champions in League of Legends Patch 10.15

Lulu is one of the best support champions in League of Legends Patch 10.15. She has so many shields and buffs which makes her one of the best support picks in the latest League patch

With the buffs received to the Spellthiefs Line of items, the dynamics of Supports have changed which introduce many new champions in the God tier list. This list contains the 5 best supports in League of Legends Patch 10.15.

5. Lulu

Lulu is one of the best support champions in League of Legends Patch 10.15. She has so many shields and buffs which makes her one of the best support picks in the latest League patch

Lulu is essentially filling in the very tiny shoes left behind by Yuumi because of her recent nerfs. Lulu is an amazing support pick as she can do a multitude of things extremely well. She is one of the few supports that can still reliably use Ardent Censor and she can both play aggressively and defensively in lane. Whimsy (W) can either stun enemies or buff allies’ attack speed and Wild Growth (R) can be used either as a knock-up or as a defensive cooldown. Because of Lulu’s versatility, she is one of the best support picks as she can fit into almost any lane. Lulu also received indirect buffs thanks to Spellthiefs Edge and is a viable and solid pick for this patch.

4. Leona

You just can't go wrong with Leona. She's one of the best supp champs in Patch 10.15 of League of Legends

Leona is a fantastic pick that brings a lot of flexibility to bot lane. She fits with next to every ADC and has a kit that’s packed with crowd control which can be used in various ways. Leona can find picks with Zenith Blade (E) and start a massive stun chain that should allow her ADC ample time to find a kill. Additionally, Solar Flare (R) can be used to initiate a team fight or peel any enemies that made their way to the backline. Leona’s incredible versatility and bulk make her one of Patch 10.15’s strongest supports.

3. Senna

Senna has been a popular pick in the last few patches, and she's still going strong in this one as well. Her damage and her shields make her a great support pick in Patch 10.15

Senna can scale almost as well as any AD carry in the game. Late game, Senna can deal punishing long-range attacks that force your team to either play around her or lose team fights. Her ultimate, Dawning Shadow (R), can turn team fights by itself and can be used to steal objectives. While Senna is fairly weak in the early game, she scales into a complete monster due to the mist mechanic in her passive. The mists allow Senna to increase her attack damage, auto-attack range, crit strike, and lifesteal just by collecting them. Because Senna does not need gold to scale, she can play alongside a hard scaling ADC such as Jinx, Jhin, or Ashe and produce two legitimate late-game kill threats that the enemy team has to overcome.

Senna provides a unique blend of damage, utility, and crowd control that can become impossible to deal with if she is allowed to scale.

2. Brand

Need some damage? Need a stun? Need a perfect ultimate for team fights? Brand has got it all! Even though he's a mid lane champion, Brand has became one of the best support champions in the League of Legends Patch 10.15

Brand had already been pretty close to the top tier and is one of the best Spellthief users. The changes to the line will allow Brand to relentlessly spam his spells to bully lane even harder than he currently does without much concern as his mana costs aren’t too high, to begin with. Brand will pair incredibly well with popular ADC poke bullies like Ashe, Cait, and Jhin and does well against squishy enchanters like Janna and Lulu. Because of these factors, we expect him to do very well as a Support now and is a top pick this patch.

1. Soraka

Soraka is the BEST Support champion in League of Legends Patch 10.15

With Yuumi still out of the way, Soraka is the best healer in the game right now. She was not buffed or nerfed this patch but the attack on Yuumi has increased the strength of Soraka. Even though she was not buffed, the buffs to Spellthiefs Edge makes her much more stronger than she actually was. She has excellent self sustain because of Starcall (Q), and her ability to slow is also potent. What makes her great, however, is her large AOE silence that can, for the most part, absolutely destroy opponents in a team fight. This with her two healing abilities will make sure nobody dies in the team and is the best support to pick in Patch 10.15.

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Written by Jusjeet

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