5 Best Support Champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19

With patch 10.19, we witnessed quite a few changes that took place. With these changes, some champions rolled into the “best of” list. This post will take a look at the five best support champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19. 

5) Morgana

Morgana goes out of her way to inflict pain and bitterness upon the corrupt and dishonest. If there are traditions and laws that she feels are unjust, she rejects them and fights for truth. She believes that even the outcast and banished may rise again someday. In League of Legends Patch 10.19, Morgana is one of the top 5 best support champions. If you haven’t given Morgana a chance, we suggest you hop on her after patch 10.19. 

Morgana’s Abilities

  • Passive – Soul Siphon – With Soul Siphon, she can suck the spirit straight out of her enemy. As she deals damage to large minions, champions, and giant monsters, she heals. 
  • Q – Dark Binding – Using dark magic, she can bind an enemy in place. While they’re bound in place, the enemies feel the pain they have caused – this ability also deals magic damage. 
  • W – Tormented Shadow – With Tormented Shadow, a cursed shadow will appear on an area, causing damage to enemies that dare come in her circle. If they step in the dark circle, they will receive magic damage over time, and the lower they are in health, the more this increases. 
  • E – Black Shield – Using the Black Shield on an Ally, Morgana smears them with a protective barrier of starfire. This barrier will disable effects and absorb magic damage until it is broken. 
  • R – Soul Shackles – As she uses her wings and gently hovers above the ground, Morgana reveals her Celestial power’s full force. The enemies nearby will feel the pain as chains of dark pain lash at them.

With Black Shield, Morgana can protect her allies, and her ulti reveals harmful chains – she can even siphon souls from enemies and heal. It’s obvious that Morgana is a force you don’t want to mess with.

4) Lux

Lux is able to bend light to her will. Growing up, she dreaded exile and discovery – in order to preserve her family’s status of being noble, she was forced to keep her power secret. Her resilience, combined with optimism, led to her being able to embrace her unique skills, and now she is able to use them in service of her homeland.

Lux’s Abilities

  • Passive – Illumination – For 6 seconds, Lux’s target is charged with energy. Her next attack will ignite the energy and deal bonus magic damage to her chosen target – the amount of bonus magic damage will depend on her level. 
  • Q – Light Binding – With Light Binding, a sphere of light is released. This sphere does damage while binding up to two enemies…
  • W – Prismatic Barrier – Lux uses her wand to bend light around friendly targets – in return, this prevents them from being damaged by enemies. 
  • E – Lucent Singularity – With Lucent Singularity, an anomaly of twisted light is tossed in the area, causing nearby enemies to be slowed. Lux can detonate it, causing it to deal damage to the enemies in the area. 
  • R – Final Spark – After Lux has gathered energy, she fires a great beam of light – this beam of light will damage the enemy targets in the area. Along with this, it triggers her passive ability and refreshes the duration of the illumination debuff.

3) Soraka

In order to protect the mortal races, Soraka gave up her immortality. To everyone she meets, she spread the virtues of mercy and compassion. She even heals those that wish her harm. With LoL patch 10.19, you’re going to want to give Soraka a try. 

Soraka’s Abilities

  • Q – Starcall – At the target location, a Soraka’s Starcall does magic damage and slows enemies. If Starcall strikes an enemy, Soraka will recover her health. 
  • W – Astral Infusion – When Soraka sees an ally low on health, she can use Astral Infusion to heal them. 
  • E – Equinox – This will silence all enemies inside the location where Equinox is cast. Once the zone has expired, the enemies will still be rooted inside. 
  • R – Wish – With this ability, she instantly fills her allies with hope, restoring her health to herself and friendly champions. 

2) Lulu

Lulu conjures dreamlike illusions and creatures as she glides Runeterra with Pix, his fairy side-companion. While many may consider her magic at worst dangerous, and at best unnatural, Lulu believes everyone could use a little bit of enchantment. 

Lulu’s Abilities 

  • Passive – Pix: Lulu’s Faerie Companion – Pix is always by Lulu’s side, helping her in the battle. Whenever the champion Pix follows attacks an enemy, Pix will fire magical bolts of energy. While these are homing bolts, other units can intercept them.
  • Q – Glitterlance – Lulu and Pix, together, fire a bolt of magical energy – this slows all enemies it strikes. Take note that once a bolt damages an enemy champion, it can’t be damaged again during that same time.
  • W – Whimsy – When this ability is cast on an ally, they will be granted with Movement Speed as well as Attack Speed for a short duration of time. If Whimsy is cast on an enemy champion, it will turn them into a cute little critter that can’t cast spells or attack while in critter form.
  • E – Help, Pix! – If this ability is cast on an ally champion, it will shield them from damage. He will then follow them around and help their attacks. However, if the ability is cast on an enemy champion, Pix will jump to the enemy and cause damage. 

From there, Pix will follow the enemy champion around, granting you the vision of that enemy. 

  • R – Wild Growth – With this ability, lulu will enlarge an enemy champion, causing nearby enemies to be knocked into the air – this will also give the ally a nice amount of bonus health. For the next couple of seconds, the ally will gain an aura that slows nearby champions.


When Blitscrank was initially built, he was constructed to be able to dispose of hazardous waste, and we never thought he’d be where he is today. However, during this time, he found the reason behind his creation too restricting and didn’t like it one bit. From there, he created his own form to serve the fragile people of the Sump. Blitzcrank uses his durability and strength to protect others, using his burst of energy or metal fist to take on any troublemakers that cross his path. 

Blitzcrank’s Abilities

Passive – Mana Barrier – When Blitzcrank’s health drops, he gains a shield based on his mana. 

  • Q – Rocket Grab – With his right hand, Blitzcrank grabs an opponent on its path, dragging it back to him and dealing damage. 
  • W – Overdrive – With Overdrive, this champion can increase Attack and movement speed. After this effect ends, however, he will be temporarily slowed. 
  • E – Power Fist – With Power Fist, the champion will charge up his fist, making his next attack pop the enemy champion up into the air, and deal double damage. 
  • R – Static Field – Enemies attacked by Static Field will be marked and take lightning damage after one second. Blitzcrank can use this ability to damage nearby enemies and remove their shields. He can also briefly silence the enemy champions. 

Final Word

Now that you know the 5 best support champions in League of Legends patch 10:19, you can jump right in and choose the best of the best.  

Written by Spezzy

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