5 Best Supports in League of Legends Patch 10.13

5 Best Supps in 10.13

The support tier list was the most affected out of all the other tier lists this patch because of the massive nerf to Yuumi and Guardian. Here are the top 5 supports in patch 10.13.

5) Blitzcrank

5 Best Supps in 10.13

Blitzcrank is really easy to climb with and is one of the most accessible support Champions in the game. A simple and straightforward kit, that’s hard to fail with.  As long as you land his Rocket Grab (Q), everything else is pretty much a button mash while your ADC does all the work. You cannot go wrong with Blitzcrank and is definitely a top tier pick this patch.

4) Thresh

5 Strongest Supports in 10.13

Thresh is amazing, and it’s not hard to see why. A kit that’s brimming with utility, he can comfortably make big plays. His mini-stun and pull from Death Sentence (Q), allied pull in Dark Passage (W), and a potent slow/prison in The Box. He is just like Blitzcrank but has a high skill ceiling to get the most mileage out of him, but he’s so worth it. If you are slightly experienced with Thresh then he should definitely be your go-to support this patch.

3) Bard

5 Best Supports in 10.13

Bard is a complex Champion that isn’t necessarily easily understood. He doesn’t bring as much support tools as his peers, but he can make brilliant plays thanks to Magical Journey (E) and Tempered Fate (R) . His double-stun, if it lands, can be incredible on bottom lane. He is top tier right now because of his roaming, definitely the strongest roamer out there because of how his kit is and how he can show up out of nowhere with the help of his Magical Journey (E). Although he does require some skill to play, Bard is an incredible pick this patch.

2) Senna

5 Strongest Supports in Patch 10.13

Senna is incredibly strong right now. Her kit pretty much does everything: there’s little point listing it all. Roots, stealth, sustain, poke, burst – it’s all there. She is an all-rounder support because she is equipped with everything a support needs. Damage, Healing, Roots, invisibility, she’s got it all and especially with the downfall of Guardian champions, she has become much stronger and top tier material.

1) Soraka

5 Best Supports in Patch 10.13

With Yuumi out of the way, Soraka is the best healer in the game right now. She was not buffed or nerfed this patch but the attack on Yuumi has increased the strength of Soraka. She  has excellent self sustain because of Starcall (Q), and her ability to slow is also potent. What makes her great, however, is her large AOE silence that can, for the most part, absolutely destroy opponents in a team fight. This with her two healing abilities will make sure nobody dies in the team and is the best support to pick in Patch 10.13.

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