5 Best Top Lane Champions in League of Legends Patch 10.15

Are you tired of losing to OP Top Laners and want to find the best champions to pick up this patch? Here are the five best top lane champions in League of Legends Patch 10.15

5. Shen

Looking for the best champs for top lane in patch 10.15? Here they are!

Shen has been buffed this patch with his passive shield being increased by 20 across all levels. A massive buff in the early game and a decent one later on. Shen can also reduce the cooldown of his passive significantly later in the game, so it is a more significant buff than it seems. Shen is still so low in the tier list because he does not have a level-6 power spike. Almost all other champions hit a level 6 power spike, but Shen’s level 6 only lets him assist his allies, making other Champions stronger at level 6, but still, League of Legends is a team game, and his ability to make plays in other lanes makes him a top 5 champion in patch 10.15

4. Jax

If you've been wondering what champions are strongest top laners 10.15 patch, we present you with them

Although Jax did not receive any keen buffs or any change, he is here because he has a favorable matchup against most S-tier picks and can scale into a hyper carry in the top lane. His AoE stun and strong zone control allow him to punish bad positioning and flip trades against the likes of Darius, Camille, Garen, etc. Jax is not very difficult to play and is a great pocket pick to have in your champion pool for Patch 10.15.

3. Camille

Camille is a newcomer to the S tier, but she has earned her spot among the game’s best champions. Camille is extremely mobile and practically the game’s premier one on one specialist. She is an excellent pick as she is challenging to face in the lane and can use her mobility to harass the enemy jungler or roam to mid lane. Late game, Camille turns into an excellent split pusher and can open up the map for the rest of her team.

2. Garen

Spin to win Garen has been a top tier pick for almost all of the recent patches, and he continues his streak this patch as well. Garen has long been a powerhouse in the top lane. His Passive allows him to retain a healthy life state regardless of who he is laning against. Judgment (E) allows Garen to mow down minion waves and farm up quickly. Demacian Justice (R) is a powerful spell that Garen can use to win almost any 1v1. He is mechanically easy to play, which means it’s far easier to be playing him at an optimal level than more difficult top laners such as Fiora. Garen doesn’t have any unwinnable matchups and should be competitive in almost every game if played correctly.

1. Darius

His 51% win rate, number one top lane pick rate, and an almost 50% ban rate say a lot about Darius. If half the player base bans him, then something is up, and while we don’t see a lot of his plays because of his ban rate, its obvious that he is one of the best if not the best champion to use in solo queue. He snowballs hard and makes his laning phase no fun for his opponents. 

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Written by Jusjeet

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