5 Best Top Lane Champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19

In League of Legends Patch 10.19, we witnessed quite a bit of change, but the top laners have remained true – not much has changed outside of a small nerf to Akali in the top lane. Let’s take a look at the best top lane champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19 and see what they have to offer… 

5) Camille

Right now, with Patch 10.19, Camillie is in a great spot and is one of the best top lane champions. We should also mention that she does a great job going up against the other top-five top laners we’ll mention in this list. This is a lane bully that you don’t want to come face to face with – she has an incredible dive to rank up on solo kills, and using her E (Hookshot); she can quickly getaway. 

Camille is the type that likes order – she looks at sloppy technique as an embarrassment – something that needs to be put to order. Her mind is as sharp as the blade she clings to, and many wonder if Camille is more of a machine than a lady.

A Close Up of Camille’s Abilities

  • Passive Ability – Adaptive Defenses – With her passive ability, a basic attack on champions will grant a shield equal to 20 percent of her max health against either physical or magical damage for a brief duration.
  • Q – Precision Protocol – With Camille’s next attack, there will be bonus damage that also grants bonus movement speed. 
  • W – Tactical Sweep – With Tactical sweep, Camille blasts a cone, causing damage to enemies within range. Enemy champions in the outer half of the cone will receive extra damage and will be slowed – this also heals Camille. 
  • E – Hookshot – With her Hookshot ability, Camillie will pull herself to a wall and leap off the wall, and when she lands on the ground, she knocks enemy champions. 
  • R – The Hextech Ultimatum – The champion dashes towards a target enemy, causing them to be anchored to the area. During this time, Camille also deals magic damage using her basic attacks. 

4) Garen

Next on our list of the 5 best top lane champions in League of Legends, we have Garen. Regardless of who you are playing on, Garen will always be a harsh champion to lane against. His Q (Decisive Strike) ability makes him super fast as it grants him extra movement speed. Not only this, but it also silences his opponent, and through his passive Perseverance, he has infinite health sustain. Long story short, it’s always a big challenge to take on a Garen player who knows how to use his skills. 

Garen is a proud warrior fighting as a Dauntless Vanguard. This champion is ready to take on sorcerers and mages in battle with his magic-resistant armor and a might broadsword. 

A Close Up of Garen’s Abilities

  • Passive – Perseverance. If the champion hasn’t recently been hit by enemy abilities or damage, he can regenerate a percentage of his total health every second with his passive.
  • Q – Decisive Strike – With this ability, Garen will receive a nice burst of movement speed, eliminating all slows that may have been affecting him. His next attack will silence his enemies and deal bonus damage. 
  • W – Courage – By killing enemies, Garen can passively increase his armor and magic resist. He can also use this ability to grant him a shield and tenacity for a brie amount of time, followed by a lesser amount of damage reduction. 
  • E – Judgement – With this ability, Garen will quickly spin his sword around his body. If there are enemies nearby, this will deal physical damage to them. 
  • R – Demacian Justice – With this ability, Garen will call upon the might of Demacia to execute his enemies. 

3) Shen

Shen is in a popular place right now, more so now than ever before. Even with his small nerf to Ki Barrier (his passive shield), he’s still at the top. With his ultimate Stand United, he’s always going to have an interesting presence on the map. 

Shen is the leader of the Kinkou (Ionian warriors). Shen longs to stay free from the confusion of ego, emotion, and prejudice. Shen uses arcane energy against his enemies and wields blades of steel. 

A Close Up of Shen’s Abilities 

  • Passive – Ki Barrier – After Shen has cast a spell, he will be granted a shield. Affecting other champions will reduce the cooldown of this. 
  • Q – Twilight Assault – Shen uses his spirit blade with this ability, dealing damage to the enemy – the amount of damage done is based on the enemy’s max health. If this attack collides with enemies, they will be slowed. 
  • W – Spirit Refuge – Attacks that would strike Shen or any ally near his spirit blade will be blocked. 
  • E – Shadow Dash – With his ability, Shen can dash in a direction while taunting enemies. 
  • R- Stand United – Shen protects allied champions from incoming damage, then teleports to their location.

2) Mordekaiser

In LoL Patch 10:19, we couldn’t help but notice how much players have been spamming Mordekaiser. If you don’t ban this guy, we’re telling you right now, this is one of the champions you’re going to be going up against, and we don’t think you want to do that. He has a passive called Dark Rising, which will increase his DPS, and the ultimate called Realm of Death is super hard to get over. 

Mordekaiser is a brutal warlord that takes advantage of his necromantic sorcery to bind souls into an eternity of servitude.

A Close Up of Modekaiser’s Abilities

  • Passive – Darkness Rise – After landing three spells against champions or attacks, Mordekaiser will be granted a powerful damage aura and movement speed. 
  • Q – Obliterate – This champion uses his mace to strike the ground, causing damage to each enemy it hits. When striking a single enemy, the damage is increased. 
  • W – Indestructible – With this ability, Mordekaiser truly is indestructible as he stores damage he deals and uses it to create a shield. In order to heal, he can consume the shield. 

E – Death’s Grasp – Using Death’s Grasp, this champion can pull all enemy champions in an area. 

R – Realm of Death – Mordekaiser takes his enemy to a different dimension and steals a portion of the enemy’s stats.  

1) Darius

Surprised to see Darius on this list? Probably not, because we all know he deserves a spot on the five best top lane champions in League of Legends patch 10.19. This guy right here is another that is on many players’ top lane perma-ban list. Darius is almost impossible to take on when you’re on a champion who can’t correctly kite his moves. He has a passive called Hemorrhage that causes Darius to deal so much damage that it leads to death almost every time. 

Darius is the most feared commander in the nation. Once his ax is raised to the sky, he doesn’t hesitate, and those he confronts can expect no mercy.

A Close Up of Darius’s Abilities

Passive – Hemorrhage – This champion’s damaging abilities and attacks will cause enemies to bleed for physical damage over a total of 5 seconds – this can be stacked up to 5 times. 

  • Q – Decimate – Darius swings his ax in a big circle. Enemy champions that are hit by his blade will take more damage than those that have bit hit by his handle. Darius will heal base on the champions and large monsters that are struck.
  • W – Crippling Strike – His next attack will strike the crucial artery of an enemy. As they are bleeding out, they won’t be able to run fast as their movement speed has been slowed. 
  • E – Apprehend – Using his Axe’s hook, he sweeps up enemy champions and pulls them to him. This ability causes his ax to ignore a percentage of the enemy’s armor.
  • R – Noxian Guillotine – With this ability, Darius leaps over to an enemy and strikes them, dealing true damage. For each stack of Hemorrhage on the target, the damage is increased. If Noxian Guillotine turns out to be a killing blow, the cooldown will be refreshed. 

Who are the best top lane champions in this patch of League of Legends?

The five best top lane champions in League of Legends Patch 10.19. As a refresher, the top champions are Darius, Mordekaiser, Shen, Camille, and Garen. These are five champions you don’t want to deal with on the enemy team, and if you have to, you better be on top of your game.  

Written by Spezzy

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