5 Best Top Lane Champions in Patch 10.13

5 Best Top Laners in Patch 10.13

Are you tired of losing to Top Laners and want to find the best champions to pick up this patch? Here are the 5 best top lane champions in League of Legends Patch 10.13

5. Volibear

5 Best Junglers in Patch 10.13

Players have finally figured out how to play Volibear. His incredible turret dive potential and strong laning phase has lead to his increase in the charts and has put himself quickly into top tier. The fact that his StormBringer (R) completely stops the turret and makes him tankier is a game-changer as he can lead surprise tower dives without the fear of dying or taking a lot of damage from the tower. This one of a kind ability definitely puts Volibear at the top of this Patch.

4. Maokai

5 Strongest Top Laners in 10.13

Maokai has good sustain, good dive potency, and reasonable zoning. In a team-fight, he performs exceptionally well because of his five-man root potential, and manages comfortably top lane against just about anyone. Although he might not be equipped with a lot of damage, you can count on Maokai for not dying at all with his constant heals and his in-built tankiness.

3. Fiora

5 Best Top Laners in Patch 10.13

Fiora has caused all of us plenty of misery. Her ability to deny all incoming damage through Riposte (W), while comfortably poking using Lunge (Q), she’s a tricky Champion to deal with that can comfortably harass for long periods of time. She has been in the top tier for several past patches and has maintained her position this patch too.

2. Darius

5 Strongest Top Laners in Patch 10.13

Darius has had a huge increase in both play rate and ban rate because of the Ghost buffs and is still definitely a top tier pick in Patch 10.13. The Ghost resets greatly help Darius to maintain his bleed stacks and in chasing his enemies down and dunking them to death. This along with the fact that he also has a very simple kit and does not require much skill makes him top tier material and a definite pocket pick.

1. Garen

5 Best Top Laners in Patch 10.13

Spin to win Garen only keeps getting better and better with each patch and you cannot go wrong with this pick. He now has even more options for summoner spells because he can either go Ghost or Ignite now. The Ghost buffs greatly help his playstyle as he can chase his enemy down and make sure they die and then quickly move on to the next enemy. Because of his simple kit and no mana, Garen is definitely one of the strongest and safest picks this Patch across all elo’s.

5 Best Junglers in Patch 10.13

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