Top 5 Cutest Yordles in League of Legends

Yordles are one of the cutest creatures in League of Legends. Most of them live in a mystical place called Bandle City, but there are some brave ones who have ventured out to live around Runeterra. 

History of the Yordle

Yordle comes to us from within the spirit realm. The origin of the Yordle on Runeterra is unknown, but they have been traced back to the prehistoric days when they lived with no civilizations on land because of Fizz, who is an amphibious Yordle. During the prehistoric times, most people believe that Yordles lived on Valoran. During this time, they were a nomadic race, meaning they traveled around a lot. Records have also shown that they lived in Ancient Freljord. Unfortunately, because they are so tiny, animals preyed on them. 

During the prehistoric times, they had front canine teeth and tails. As time went on, they advanced in their capabilities and appearances. They started using an ability called “Glamour” in order to blend in with humans. Glamour made them look like small humans.

Today, most of the Yordles remain inside Bandle City, rarely venturing out. There are many gateways spread across Runeterra that Yordles can use to get in and out of Bandle City.

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What makes these tiny yordles different from the other magical beings? Their physiology is more consistent from one member to the next. Yordles are much shorter than humans, and they are sexually dimorphic. Both males and females rarely get over 1 meter tall, with the average being between 0.5 and 0.8 meters. 

Their skin texture ranges from Yordle to Yordle – while one may be completely smooth, the other may be lightly covered in fur. Their hands have four fingers (some do have five), while their feet depend on the individual (from two to four-digit feet). 

Their skin tone comes in a wide array of colors – more colors than their human counterparts. Some believe this is a sign of their attunement to Runeterra’s magical nature, but some scientists believe the males are more colorful in order to attract females of their species. 

Their eyes are large with a vertically oval pupil and circular iris, and they tend to have an inferior vision. Their hearing is perfect because of their fox-like ears, and they can see into the infrared spectrum o flight, which is something humans cannot see. 

5. Gnar

Just look at Gnar! He’s the type of Yordle that you can’t help but to look at and say, “aww, he’s so cute.” Yes, he is adorable in every way, shape, and form, and makes you just want to cover him in kisses. However, if you’re kissing him while he goes into a fit of rage and transforms into that not-so-cute giant monster, you’re probably going to run away…like as soon as possible, while you still can.

If you have ever played Gnar, you probably understand why we chose him for being one of the 5 cutest Yordles in League of Legends. He hops away from his enemies using his E, and his voice commands are super adorable – those voice commands definitely match his tiny form.

Gnar is a cute little Yordle that we want to grab and never let go, but he’s not the only one on our list, so hopefully, you have arms big enough to hold all five of these yordles. 

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4. Yummi

I can’t even look at Yummi without going into an “aww” fit. There’s just something about this cat that has truly won my heart, and I know many others that feel the same way. Yummi is a magical cat in League of Legends, and you know, cats are so cute and cuddly. If you disagree with me, what kind of a person are you? Is there a soul in there? J

ust kidding, I understand that some people just don’t like cats…but I do, and Yummi is a cute little Yordle that I just want to pick up and smother with kisses. If you have to walk away and go AFK to use the bathroom, check on the food, or anything like that, for a couple of minutes, then Yummi is the perfect champion for you.

Yummi is resting (or not really resting) on top of a floating book where she protects her ADC with all she has. Reading Riots’ lore page, I discovered that Yuumi is drawn to worldly comforts, like naps, and I know many of us can relate to that one (who doesn’t love a good nap).

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3. Nunu and Willump

Nunu and Willump definitely deserve a spot on this list of the top five cutest yordles. I mean, for real, just look at them. Whoever thought of this design was a true genius that had a real eye for all-things-cute. The design features a little boy riding on the shoulders of a large, fluffy, cute Yeti. Not only is the image cute, but the lore nesting behind Nunu and Willump is adorable.

Basically, Nanu is a young boy (obviously) who set out to prove that he really was a superhero (isn’t that what most young boys do). However, Nunu ended up befriending the “beast” that he set out to slay.

While most young boys dream of showing their superhero powers, not all of them end up riding on the shoulders of a Yeti like Nunu. Everything about this duo is adorable. Personally, I feel that the lore is so good that it would make for an interesting movie (hey, one could only imagine). 

2. Lulu

Just like Gnar and Nunu/Willump, Lulu’s entire design is super adorable. The butterfly champion is something that captured my attention from the very beginning. Some would tell you that this is the cutest Yordle out of all of them, but I will let you be the judge of that one.

What makes Lulu even more adorable is that huge hat she wears on her head – that thing must be bigger than her entire body, and her butterfly put together. Lulu is the type of champion that believes everything around her could use a tad of enchantment, and I must say, her design has truly enchanted us. 

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1. Lillia

This is another one of those cute Yordles that we don’t want to leave off of this list. Seriously, she’s so adorable, and not only this, but she has become a favorite amongst professional players. If you have seen her prancing around the rift, surely you’re going to say “aww” to yourself. As she’s hopping from jungle camp to jungle camp, there’s nothing that can stop that aww from escaping from you. 

Some Yordle Trivia

Now that you know our opinion on the top 5 cutest yordles on League of Legends, I’d like to leave you with a little bit of Yordle trivia…

Spirits: Due to yordles having a connection to the spirit realms, they are somewhat considered as spirits.

The Word Yordle: The origin of this word comes from a dream that Paul Bellezza had. During his dream, he dreamed about Yaddle and Yoda from Star Wars, and when he woke up, he was thinking “Yordles.” Afterward, he thought of Teemo.

Yordles and Meglings: Previously, Yordles were divided into Yordles and Meglings. The Meglings had blue skin, while the Yordles were seen as being furry. Then there was a “Yordle Unification Pass,” where both sides were unified and shared similar features. 

Amumu: While Amumu was originally envisioned as a human child, he was described as a Yordle. In fact, he may have been the first and last Yordle emperor from Ancient Shurima. 


So there you have it, everything you need to know about Yordles – I even gave you a list of the top 5 cutest yordles. If you haven’t experienced the yordles on this list yet, I highly recommend jumping in and taking advantage of them.

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