5 Greatest Sneaky Cosplays Of All Time

In League of Legends, there is no one other like Sneaky, Zach Scuderi. The name of the legendary ADC is known to every LoL player that has ever played the game. And no, it’s not only because Sneaky was a part of the famous Cloud9 squad the ruled the NA LCS, nor the fact that he stayed a professional player for more than 8 years. But because Sneaky’s cosplays are kind of legendary on their own too.

You see, Sneaky doesn’t really cosplay male champions. When Sneaky decides to bring a character to life, you can bet a million dollars that that champion will be a female one. And you know what the best part about it is? He is always freaking successful in it!

By now, Sneaky has done dozens of cosplays, many of which are of LoL champions, naturally. Some of them have been hits more than others, but they have been received exceptionally well by the community. People find Sneaky both hilarious and genius, and they love watching him pursue his weird hobby.

And a big part of Sneaky’s power is his girlfriend, Esther Lynn. She is a professional makeup artist and is responsible for transforming Sneaky from a nerdy gamer into a lovely girl whenever he tries to cosplay. From costumes, preparations, and photos, Esther helps Sneaky to deliver on the level that he always delivers – fabulous! 

Now let’s check the top 5 cosplays done by Sneaky that are considered overall best!

5. Bowsette (Super Mario)

Bowsette was one of the characters that Sneaky decided to portray in 2018. But not only did he surprised everyone with his appearance, but he also did it better than most girls who tried at cosplaying Bowsette. Sneaky wore two different costumes, a black and white one, and looked, well… amazing! He wanted to be extra and certainly achieved that.

Plus, Esther’s professional makeup was really a “big” hit here with so many details done perfectly. Sneaky, on the other hand, obviously enjoyed his new appearances tons, and he didn’t hesitate to show that in the photos. His fans wanted more, of course, but they had to wait for the next cosplay!

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4. Xayah

Loyal to League of Legends and his role of ADC, Sneaky cosplayed as Xayah during the 2018 All-Stars event. But to the surprise of many fans, he was joined by his support – Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, who cosplayed Rakan. And as the love duo showed up on the Summoner’s Rift, so they did on the stage too.

Sneaky’s cosplay of Xayah was once again perfect, with all the elements being in place. His costume was highly realistic, his makeup identical to that of Xayah, and his natural shyness ideal for depicting Xayah’s character. But the best of all was that Sneaky wore his appearance proudly and gave everyone one hell of fun at the All-Stars event!

3. Star Guardian Soraka

One of the most popular cosplays by Sneaky is the Star Guardian Soraka one. Dressed in a short skirt with knee-high socks, a gorgeous green wig, and long banana staff – Sneaky did a phenomenal job of portraying Soraka. And his natural calm vibe was perfect for showing us how could Soraka look like in real life!

The interesting fact about this cosplay was that Sneaky announced to his fans that for only $2, they can receive additional images. The reason for this was that Sneaky took the cosplaying job so seriously and wanted to upgrade his collections of clothes, paints, makeups, and wigs, so he could deliver cosplays with even more quality. And Sneaky never really disappointed.

2. K/DA Kai’Sa

As soon as K/DA dropped their first hit, “Pop Stars,” Sneaky dressed up as Kai’Sa showed the world one more side of him. But the special thing here was that his girlfriend Esther also decided to join him on this one and dress up as Ahri. They both did fantastically, posing in their own way as the two fabulous members of the LoL K-Pop group.

But here is where we saw why Zach and Esther were perfect for each other. They did many photos of these cosplays, which went extremely well on their Patreon account. Every fan who wanted an exclusive and more in-depth look into Sneaky as Kai’Sa and Esther and Ahri could donate to them and receive a full album of awesomeness!

1. Pizza Delivery Sivir

And Sneaky’s Pizza Delivery Sivir cosplay takes our first place. It’s not because this cosplay is so much better than the rest, but because it is the most iconic of them all. When Sneaky first masked himself into Pizza Delivery Sivir, there wasn’t a fan that didn’t check it out or tune in to his stream to watch him play. And he played… Pizza Delivery Sivir dressed as Pizza Delivery Sivir!

Now, Sneaky is a famous Sivir player. So naturally, this cosplay was done with excellence and great knowledge of how this character should look. But Sneaky took it even further, and he made a whole photoshoot, with fresh pizza out of the box! Many couldn’t believe that it was a boy instead of a girl in the photos, but maybe that was Sneaky’s plan all along?

Final Thoughts

Sneaky is responsible for many happy moments for many people involved in League of Legends. Back when he was a pro player, he was one of the coolest dudes to watch play the game. He was always smiling, even while in the hardest times. And his cosplays gave so many fans some good memories that will last them for a lifetime. Plus, he inspired other LoL players, males, and females, to show up as their favorite characters too!

And whether you like Sneaky’s cosplays or not, you can bet that he’ll turn up as another girly character and break the internet sometimes soon. It’s just who he is. Sneaky is legendary!

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