Top 5 Most Fun Champions in League of Legends

How do we measure which champions are the most fun to play in League of Legends? When the game is over 10 years old, and the champion pool is larger than 150, it’s tough to find just a few shining examples. That’s because, in League, there are characters of all styles. By now, we’ve seen all kinds of unique abilities, mechanics, philosophies… and every player has his own favorite champion.

But at the same time, there are some champions in League of Legends that everyone enjoys playing. Whether they’re ADCs, assassins, bruisers – these picks are widely popular in every elo of the ranked ladder.

often picked despite the obvious counter picks, and they also have some of the most “main” players in numbers. So no matter if you’re watching a challenger or a silver game, chances are that you’re probably going to spot one of these champions there.

And of course, not a single champion in LoL can be universally loved by literally everyone since no one likes losing. But if there are champions that come close to that, then those are these 5!

1. Thresh

You might see it as a joke, but Thresh is the go-to pick for every player on the planet that gets auto-filled in the support role. And yes, it is a very difficult champion that demands a lot of mastery, but he is undeniably fun to play too! All of his abilities neatly tie together, and when you line them up perfectly – there is rarely a more satisfying feeling in League.

Thresh’s Q – Death Sentence is one of the hardest abilities to hit, but the challenging part is what makes us keep trying. It has inspired so many god-like moments in esports. And all those mad predictions make Thresh such an interesting champion to maneuver. And his W – Dark Passage is quite a story for its own. Even though Thresh has been around for more than 7 seasons, the lantern has stayed as perhaps the most one-of-a-kind mechanic in League of Legends.

2. Jhin

Jhin has already been elected by the LoL community to be the best-designed champion in the entire game. And you won’t find that surprising after you play him even once!

Jhin is a contradictory character to his role. Most marksmen champions tend to go for a heavy attack speed and kiting, Jhin favors precision and aiming. He is the perfect middle ground between a traditional ADC champion and a MID pick, which makes him, really… perfect! His Q and E help him lend a long-range root through his W, and his ultimate is never-repeated one until now!

But LoL players also like Jhin because of his personality. His quotes are both philosophical and fun. And for some reason, we love playing with this mad killer type of maniac and just smile satisfyingly every time he finishes his count to 4!

3. Yasuo

Yes, it’s true, Yasuo is also among the most hated champions in League of Legends, right besides Teemo. But everyone can admit that when playing him, Yasuo is tons of fun.

The dash-and-strike playstyle is a very engaging mechanic that forces you to pay attention while playing and not just go on auto-pilot. During the laning phase, Yasuo has many tools to outsmart his opponent, primarily with his W – Wind Wall. And when his Q – Steel Tempest turns into a tornado, it’s always a go time!

Yasuo’s ultimate – Last Breath can be an excellent ability for both team fights and 1v1 duels. There are tons of tricks that go with it, like the Flash + E + Q, and also performing an auto-attack before pressing the R button while enemies are still airborne for maximum damage.

Yasuo has one of the highest skill caps in League of Legends, and that’s why people hate him initially. When players who can’t quite meet his criteria usually fail and feed. But when Yasuo is in a pro’s hands, he shines the brightest!

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4. Ezreal

Ezreal is one of the most fun-to-play champions in League of Legends at the moment. He deals massive damage in the late game, and he can always escape the enemy's assassins with his E.

Ezreal is perhaps the most likable character in League of Legends. All of his abilities are skill shots that need to be aimed at, and there is no reason for anyone to not love him. When playing Ezreal, you’re both an ADC and a mage, and continuously shooting Mystic Shots makes for such compelling gameplay.

And not only does Ezreal’s playstyle is very “active”, but the aesthetics of his spells are also stunning. The animations are pretty cool, and all of his skins (there a lot of them) gorgeous to look at.

Ezreal’s also a very unique champion in the sense that he is pretty much limitless. You can randomly select any rune for a keystone and any build path, and you will still deal unbelievable amounts of damage! Ezreal works great in both the AD and AP departments, and he can do pretty much everything! Plus, his quotes are very assuring of that.

5. Lee Sin

Every single player that has ever played League of Legends has at least tried out Lee Sin. What can be more fun than a flying kung-fu monk that can kick enemies left and right and decimate them with punches and kicks? Yep, nothing!

Lee is a global phenomenon in League of Legends because, like Ezreal, he can do everything really. He is good at one-shotting, he is good at supporting, he is good as a utility/engage tool… he is good for all types of situations in the game. By now, there have been more than a hundred different builds for Lee Sin, both tanky and bruiser ones, and they have all worked excellently on him.

And, Lee Sin’s R – Dragon’s Rage is one of the rarest abilities in League of Legends because every season, people find another way to perform it. First, it started with the inSec kick, then it transitioned to the Flash kick, and who knows what will be next. No matter how much you’ve played Lee Sin, it seems like every new game, there is something new for you to learn!

Final Word

With such a broad choice of champions in League of Legends, it’s not surprising that many didn’t make this list. Akali, Vayne, Zed, and many others are also heavily prioritized by most of the LoL community, with their pick rates being high throughout the seasons. But these 5 choices are at the very top of the throne of League of Legends!

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