5 Most Fun Support Champions in League of Legends

Playing the support role is a job that goes unnoticed at times, but that’s okay because we supports know what we’re doing (usually). This is okay because this also means the enemies don’t recognize the support champions very much, which means they don’t put a whole lot of focus towards you. 

If you haven’t already, I recommend you choosing support as one of your mains. Why would you choose support as a main? Well, long story short, maining support can help you climb from low Elo

Many LoL players find the support champions a bit on the boring side, so they go for the other roles – this is understandable. However, luckily, not all of those support champions are on the boring side. Believe it or not, there are actually some fun LoL support champions you can pick. I recommend choosing one of the support champions that you like the most and using him/her to boost your rank, if that’s what you need. 

Some of the support champions are mechanically intensive, which can be surprising. As long as you’re able to get used to the strategies and combos, playing support can be a whole lot of fun…in fact, it can be just as fun as any other role.

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1. Pyke

Pyke has an ability that sets him apart from the other support champions, and it comes in the form of his R. There’s an AoE execute that resets, and let me tell you, it is super fun to use, especially in the support role, because it shares kill gold. Pyke is assassin support, and we all know how fun assassins can be – him being an assassin in the support role is what sets him apart from the others. 

Pyke has everything (well almost everything) you’d want – he has plenty of CC, and if done right, he can deal a lot of damage, and then there’s the outplay potential. Regardless, Pyke is relevant in all parts of the game, and you’ll never find yourself sitting there at your desk yawning. 

Pyke is one of the most fun support champions in League of Legends – go ahead and give him a try if you don’t believe me. 

2. Taric

Next on our list, we have Taric – Riot reworked this champion, and hands down, it’s one of the best reworks they’ve done. This LoL champion has many utility and CC to hide behind and works great with other hyper-carries. Did I say Taric is a tank? Of course he is – he is capable of taking a lot of damage while providing shields and heals for his team members. 

Word of advice – when it comes to Taric, it is crucial to keep track of his mana. If you sit there and spam too many skills, you’re probably not going to get very far. Also, make sure you make full use of his passive. Thankfully, even if you were to use Taric half-decently, he will still be powerful, which is half the reason why he’s so fun.

3. Karma

Just the name “Karma,” alone, sounds fun. Karma is the type of LoL champion that is competent in almost every situation. If you’re the type of player that is looking for a versatile and safe support Champion, then Karma is the route you’ll want to take. Her R is used to empower her other abilities, her Q does major damage, her E is for a group-wide shield and movement speed boost, while her W is used for long root and healing. 

She does a great job in skirmishes, but this doesn’t mean she isn’t a threat in team-fights. If you find yourself being placed with teams who just group mid after the laning phase, that’s okay, because Karma is fully capable of clearing waves on those side lanes. 

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4. Zyra

Zyra is another fun LoL support champion that you’re going to want to try out. She’s technically a mage, but she fits just fine into bot lane though, better than she fits in mid lane. She has reliable CC that’s easy to use – when you combine this with her crazy burst potential; you’re going to have a lot of fun. Oh yeah, and a great poke!

After she picks up 2 or 3 items, she becomes a real monster (that’s always fun). She can easily pick off enemy champions and tilt them. Regardless, Zyra brings a lot to the table and can carry the game if you feed her enough.

5. Thresh

When a player does the Flash+Hook combo, it takes the breath out of everyone (if he lands it). I remember when Thresh first showed his face, many people picked him up because he made the support class fun. He has a decent hook hitbox, making it pretty easy to land. I’d say the only difficulty is to land that one game-changing hook. Other than that, he’s definitely a fun support champion that you should try out.


So, there you have it, the five most fun support champions in League of Legends. The one you choose is entirely up to you, but our personal favorite has got to be Pyke. Some other fun support champions that you may want to try out are Shaco, Predator Nunu, Singed, Miss Fortune, and you can’t forget about cute little Teemo!

What about you? Do you have a personal favorite support class that is a load of fun?

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