7 Best League of Legends Lux Skins – Ranked!

7 Best League of Legends Lux Skins - Ranked!

Luxanna Crownguard, best known as Lux or Lady of Luminosity, is one of the most popular and well-liked champions in League of Legends (LoL). With her bright personality, her classic light puns, and beautiful voice, not only is she a player favorite but Riot’s favorite champion to release a collection of skins for. In this article, we will rank the 7 best League of Legends Lux skins.

1. Elementalist Lux1. Elementalist Lux

Released on November 28, 2016, the Elementalist skin has a price of 3250 RP. It is one of the most expensive Lux skins, and also one of the most expensive skins in the game. Not only is this the best skin for Lux, but it is also considered to be the best skin in the entire Leagueverseverse. There are 10 different element-inspired skin forms in the game: Water, fire, air, light, nature, ice, storm, dark, and magma.

Each of them has their own unique effects, and you can choose from the different options during the game. It’s almost like having 10 skins in one. Owning an Elementalist Lux skin is the dream of every Lux main.

Lux starts off with a light, basic skin at the beginning of each match. As the game goes on, more options are presented, and she is able to transform into a stunning character based on the chosen options. With amazing attention to detail, every aspect of this skin offers a unique and gorgeous style to Lux.

Another spectacular aspect of this skin is the animation and sound effects. The sound of her spells is directly tied to the chosen element which not only provides her with a distinctive style, but enhances the player’s gameplay experience. Every encounter an enemy has with Lux is new and fresh, thanks to the stunning makeovers. An example of this is that if a player were to choose fire as the first element, the Lady of Luminosity would transform into a majestic, regal depiction of a pyromancer with blazing animation.

With stunning aesthetics and beautiful sound effects to go with them, there are no drawbacks of the Elementalist Lux combo.

2. Dark Cosmic2. Dark Cosmic

Released on 26 March, 2022, the Dark Cosmic skins are part of a pair of twin skins that can either be bought separately, or in different bundles. The Dark Cosmic skin is the complete opposite of its twin Cosmic Lux, bringing forth the more sinister side of Lady Luminosity. It depicts the idea that Cosmic Lux also has a bit of darkness inside of her, and isn’t afraid to embrace it. The color palette of shades of dark blue and purple radiate and demand power.

It has original voiceovers and voice emotes that have an edge of malice and evil, drawing you in and immersing you in the darkness. Plus, the absolutely stunning visuals make it impossible to not feel any growing attraction towards the dark side. To add to the beauty, the animations come with constellations! This skin perfectly sums up the aesthetic of all things sinister and cosmic.

It depicts Lux manipulating the universe and destroying a planet with powerful audio to enhance the experience, all while radiating a powerful dominating look.

3. Star Guardian3. Star Guardian

Released in May, 2015, the Star Guardian Lux is the perfect depiction of all things sparkly, pink, and girly. While this type of skin wouldn’t suit any other champions, Lux is the queen of style. Her outfit, her hair, her abilities, and even her style is trademarked pink. This skin is a fan-favorite, showcasing the hardworking, team captain Star Guardian Lux is, while having a kind, soft heart.

One of the best aspects of this skin is the cute trail of pink behind her when she moves. Another aspect is that the animations are all very bright and visible. Everyone on the rift can see just how spectacular and adorable Star Guardian Lux looks. Who wouldn’t want to see the enemy get defeated with sparkles, rainbows, and a whole lot of pink?

Moreover, the unique music for Star Guardian Lux will only make every Lux fan fall more in love with her.

4. Lunar Empress Lux4. Lunar Empress Lux

Released in February 2018, the Lunar Empress Lux is the definition of regal. With shoulder pad armor that looks like wings, a staff adorned with gold dragons, and a majestic outfit, Lunar Empress Lux screams goddess. Not only are her attack animations so bright that it’s blinding, but the animation and effects are all accented with shades of gold that depict her poise and grace. Another super fun aspect of this skin is that Lux summons two adorable little dogs Lux with the recall animation that waddles their tails and prances around her.

Lunar Empress Lux keeps away the darkness and protects the world from anything evil. She is the epitome of a mystical queen that knows how to take charge and lead. The only downside of this skin is that it can’t be bought directly from a shop. You’ll have to keep an eye out for any limited-time events or loot chests.

5. Prestige Battle Academia Lux5. Prestige Battle Academia Lux

Regal, elegant, evil, bubbly, you’ve seen it; now comes the superhero. Released in May 2019, the Prestige Battle Academia Lux wants to brighten the world with her strong principles and positive outlook. She is a sophomore in a magic and battling high school, and as a result, her outfit is a school uniform of sorts, made up of knee high socks and a cute skirt. Her bright red hair is let down rather than tied up, and the attention to detail on her outfit is marvelous.

The attack animations are also unique, with hues of bright colors and pink hues coming alive in style! The design for this outfit also adds to the class and grace. Her light binding effect always leaves an impression and the effects and accents of gold on both her weapon and outfit adds a beautiful touch. Moreover, due to an update in 2023, the visuals of her skin.

The Prestige Battle Academia Lux skin, however, is very difficult to achieve. You can only obtain it from the prestige shop. Another downfall is that this skin is on the weaker side.

While Lux looks stunning in her outfit and her abilities only enhance her beauty, there isn’t much to it other than that. Yet if you’re a player who loves to collect special edition skins, this one is perfect.

6. Pajama Guardian Lux6. Pajama Guardian Lux

The Pajama Guardian line was released in 2018, and immediately gained popularity. Fans absolutely loved the cuteness of the line because it adds a fun and playful touch to the character. Not every battle needs to be fought in heavy steel and armor. Pajama Guardian Lux can fend off enemies and defeat her foes in her comfy pajamas and adorable bunny slippers.

This skin isn’t as intimidating as the others, as it’s meant to be more goofy and playful. The downfall is that the line does not have any new effects and abilities as it is a spin on the popular, pre existing, Star Guardian Lux skin. Yet at the same time, the advantage is that you can buy it at a cheaper price if you already own the Star Guardian Lux skin. Rather than buying it for 1350 RP, you can buy it for only 752 RP! While the original Star Guardian skin is preferred due to the abilities and animations, who wouldn’t say yes to a fun pajama party?

7. Space Groove Lux7. Space Groove Lux

Unlike most of the newly released skins, Space Groove Lux did not receive a lot of appreciation. Released in April 2021, for 1350 RP, people kind of hated this skin at first. That was until they saw the cool features of Lux in a cosmic, sailor-moon, themed outfit. Part of a larger line called “Space Groove” silk line, this skin is clearly distinguishable from the others, giving the Lady of Luminosity a unique touch.

The main aesthetic of this skin is the space themed, groovy music. Her staff gains energy from disco balls, and her overall appearance gives her a fun and joyful personality. Moreover, the animations of her attacks and the sound effects are all bubbly and cute. To make things better, not only do bubbles appear with each ability and auto attack, but during the recall animation, she dances and skates to some fun and lively disco music.

Space Groove Lux is ready to defeat her enemies, then jam to some good music to celebrate the victory! The only drawback is that there are no new animations. However, the bouncy animations and the nine different chromas that come with this skin, make up for that fact.


The Lady of Luminosity has more skins than any other champion in the game, and rightly so! With so many different aesthetics and styles, there is a skin for everyone, whether you prefer the dark and mystical, girly and bubble, or graceful and elegant.

Our personal favorite was Elementalist Lux, but the others are also just as good!

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