A Complete Guide on How to Change Language in League of Legends

A lot of people are having a hard time understanding League of Legends due to the language barrier. Here's how you can easily change the language in League of Legends so you can fully understand the game and its wonderful features

Playing League of Legends is a whole lot of fun – it’s thrilling, exciting, and all of the above. Apart from the game, there are features and settings that you should familiarize yourself with, one of them being the ability to change the language. If, for some reason, you need to change the language in League of Legends, continue reading this guide as we will explain how to do just that.

How to Change the Language in League of Legends

Having the ability to change the language in League of Legends is great. You see, there are people playing across the world that may not be able to understand English fully, and to really take part in LoL, they should be able to view it in their native language. This game has a total of 11 servers with specific languages in them. 

Some players aren’t familiar with what this means. Basically, Riot assigns a particular server to every player. A localist (this is a word used to describe an individual playing from a supported region) won’t find any issues. However, the player whose region language isn’t listed on the server’s list will get the short end of the stick if they don’t know how to change the language in League of Legends. 

League of Legends can’t actually change a language that isn’t on their server’s list. Earlier in the year, this is something that a player pointed out, and he received an honest response from the Riot Team. It stated that enabling language change in League of Legends is merely impossible. For some reason, it will infringe on the game’s policy.

There is a silver lining to this – developers managed to find a way to raise the restriction. Today, players are able to change the language settings.

League of Legends Change Language 

In League of Legends, there is a way for you to manipulate the configured folder to your language. Don’t worry; it’s not going to be a major headache – the process is as simple as moving and renaming a file. 

Start by checking the top bar to see the cluster of dialects in the assigned server. You might find that your language preference is available, and you won’t have to follow the steps of manipulating any file.

If you discover that the server doesn’t support your desired language, it’s time to gear up for technical alteration. 

League of Legends Change Language Codes

Currently, Riot supports a total of nineteen dialects, and they all have different codes – it is good to know these codes, or perhaps, everything on how to change language on League of Legends. 

For American English, it is en_us, En_gb for British English, and it goes on. To make the process straightforward, look for your language code and store it. You’ll need it later.

For a quick glance, here’s a pile of sustained provinces along with their dialects.

● Northern Americans use English

● Turkey: Turkish

● Brazilians have Portuguese

● EU West supports English, French, German, etc.,

● Japan uses Japanese

● EU Nordic and East: English, Romanian, and Polish

● Oceanic: English

● And many others.

Methods of Altering LoL Dialects

A lot of players are having a hard time understanding League of Legends because they're not playing it in their own native language. Here's how you can change language in League of Legends in 5 minutes

In order to alter a dialect in the client account, apply the shortcut means or use the popular notepad technique. The former is easier and hassle-free. However, for personal troubleshooting, the latter would be best.

Shortcut technique

Follow the steps below to modify LoL Change Language:

● Access the server

● Stay signed in and close the game

● Look for …/League of Legends

● Create a shortcut by right-clicking LeagueClient.exe and confirm the action

● Access its properties with another right-click

● Say, I prefer to play in American English. I’ll put “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe” –locale=en_us” in the target space.

The same step can be applied to other dialects. Remember, you will need your language code, so make sure you have that. 

You just dealt with the regions and locales, so go ahead and launch your client. If nothing has changed, then your best option would be to use the notepad technique.

Steps to Using the Notepad Technique

Do number-one and two, as we mentioned in the shortcut steps. From there, you will want to continue with these steps we have listed below:

● Open your text editor and put down LeagueClientSettings.yaml

● Check the locale text and use a code relating to your dialect.

● Take the same approach in the region text. By now, you know what your regional code is. Replace what’s there with yours.

How to Change League of Legends Server

Have you chosen a server which is far away from your location? Maybe that's the reason why you always have high ping in your games. Here's how you can easily switch to another server in League of Legends

For whatever reason, you may want to change from one server to another, and we understand that the LoL language may be the main reason for this.

You can switch over to a different server by doing two things. The easiest way would be to select the server you want when you register. 

Alternatively, if you have already selected a server and you have been playing it for a while, but would like to transfer, this is possible. This will cost you a total of 2600 Riot points, which is equal to $20. The process afterward, usually takes place right away. Once done, your profile will go through a transfer to the server you selected. However, on your old server, you will lose friends, but they can join you on your new server. 


When you play a game like League of Legends, playing in a hard language for you to understand can snatch the fun right out of the game. Changing it to your native language (one that you can understand) will make the game much more enjoyable for you. The actions, thrills, voiceovers, and fun stuff are best enjoyed in your own native language. If you want a change, you need to decide how to implement it – use the steps we just talked about. You can try the shortcut technique, which usually works. However, if the problem continues, go ahead and switch to the notepad method. In the end, if none of that works, and you’re able to switch servers to your native language, that would be the best approach.

We hope this small guide on how to change your language in League of Legends helped you out. If you need additional help with this, drop your question below. 

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