Top 7 ADCs for Beginners

Top 7 ADCs for Beginners League of Legends Guide

League of Legends has over 150 Champions in its ever-expanding roster. For a new player, it might be difficult to find the right one to play initially. The game itself offers you some good options during the tutorial part, but never really goes deep enough into explaining said Champions. Thus, a beginner would be entirely dumbfounded when met with the nearly endless pool of Champions to choose from.

Some Champions are inherently easier than others, and that will always be the case so long as the game exists. With simpler kits, intuitive gameplay, and a frustration-free design, these Champions are best suited for newer players. They will be their gateway into the more complex and intricate mechanics that League of Legends has to offer, as there is always something new to discover in the game.

ADCs are one of the most difficult roles to play in League of Legends. The sworn companions of Supports, they are a part of a challenging duo trusted with the responsibility of carrying their team. They will almost always be the most important target on the roster, with the duty of dealing as much damage as possible.

Often fragile, they are usually unable to fend for themselves, and enemies will prey on them constantly. This and more make the ADC role tremendously frustrating, challenging and overall hard to play. A ton of unique mechanics and tactics apply only to ADCs, and learning all of them can be a chore. Thus, we’ve compiled this list of 7 best ADCs for beginners to help new players find their way in the role.

To cut a long intro short – let’s begin with our list!

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Best Beginner ADC League of LegendsMiss Fortune is regularly seen as a very basic Champion in many regards. Her lack of complexity means that you won’t frequently see Miss Fortune compilations online. However, what you will see is her blasting entire teams with a single spell. And that’s what she is all about – raw power capable of causing irreparable damage.

Her kit is straightforward and easy to understand, with little to no difficulties for the new player. Whoever picks her up will find her exceptionally comfortable to play, though a bit immobile at times. This lack of mobility is somewhat made up for by her passive and W, but only so much. In any tight situation, where mobility would be absolutely necessary, MF tends to fall off.

Thus, players will likely be taking a distant position, behind a veil of defense, and do their duty from there. Though she is simple in design, some thought does go into how you play her, and she will be a good guide for a beginner. MF’s straightforwardness means she is easy to pick up and play, but her ADC deposition means that you will still have to learn the role itself.

And what way is better to do it than by picking up something relaxing? Go ahead and give her a try, I guarantee you’ll love her.


Ashe is likely everyone’s first choice when it comes to ADCs. I know she was mine, way back in Season 2. Since the Freljord update, she’s been part of the game’s tutorial, meaning that a ton of players started League out with Ashe in their initial tutorial playthrough. Some may have moved on to other endeavors, while some understood her quality and kept close.

The latter may have been the smarter bunch, as Ashe has received a number of updates and buffs over the years that have only made her stronger. Though she did gain in complexity to some degree, Ashe remains a solid pick for new players and beginners that want to jump into the ADC role. Her easy-to-understand kit, and tremendously powerful abilities, allow beginners to be dominant while not taxing their brains too much.

Ashe, like MF, is a bit immobile. Her attacks are blazingly fast, and her slows allow her to catch up with opponents like it’s nothing. The skill-shot Ultimate means you have the opportunity to practice your aim a bit right off the bat, which will certainly serve you well when you get into the big leagues.

Ashe is an amazing Champion that I cannot recommend enough. Thus, I must advise you to read through the article and immediately pick her up afterwards.


Jinx Best Beginner ADC League of LegendsRiot’s latest poster-child just had to find her way onto a list somehow. Though she is insanely popular right now, and has been for the past year or so, it’s not the reason she’s here. Instead, we decided to include her on the list due to how great she is at introducing new players into League of Legends, and especially the ADC role.

Her kit has a ton of uniqueness to it, meaning that you’ll be having a ton of fun without her getting boring after only a few matches. The fun factor is key to keep any player going, even the most hardcore and top level ones. Thus, Jinx remains nearly unmatched in this regard, and her crazy attitude will be the source of all the fun you need.

And not only is she fun; she is super powerful, with high attack speed and solid mobility, range and just about anything. Rending through opponents is kinda Jinx’s thing, and she loves doing it. Getting powerful and dominant will be a no-brainer for even the utmost beginners, and I highly recommend you give her a try if you’re just starting out.

I’m serious – you cannot make a mistake by picking Jinx up. Some people may hate you for it, but that’s just League.


Caitlyn is certainly not an easy Champion per se, having a ton of complexity hiding in her kit. However, she isn’t a hard one either, being rather straightforward to get into. The existing complexity means that you’ll have a ton to learn with her, and even more to explore as you play. Thus, you won’t see everything there is until at least a few dozen games. Maybe even more.

Caitlyn will teach you all you need to know about the ADC role, and then some. A ton of skill-shots, planning, and strategy are part of her gameplay loop. You’ll have to think to execute everything she has to offer properly, and I believe that’s amazing for any player, let alone beginners. The sooner you get a grasp on the game’s depths, the faster you will climb up to the actual League of Legends.

The low levels are nothing more than a gauntlet in which some fail and some succeed. With Catiyln you are almost guaranteed to be part of the latter. And, if you’re really committed, you might just soar up far beyond what you anticipated. This Champion is just that good, and I highly recommend you pick her up as soon as you can.


Vayne is a Champion focused on raw power, and almost nothing else. Her whole kit revolves around granting her additional, raw AD, with no attack speed or anything of the sort. She even has easy access to an obscene amount of true damage, making her one of the most heavy hitting Champions in the game, and even more so among ADCs.

Vayne’s builds are, therefore, pretty straightforward and without too many situational deviations. The itemization update brought a welcome addition to the store where the game itself will guide you towards a good build. Thus, you’ll have no trouble playing Vayne and unlocking her full potential in every match.

She is very simple in design, which is likely a consequence of her age. She’s been in the game for a while, and it shows in more ways than one. Though she is somewhat immobile, she makes up for it with her Q, especially when pared with her Ultimate that can grant her short invisibility. Vayne, despite being simple, hides a huge ton of mechanical depth behind her kit.

Exploring what she has to offer allows for tremendous fun, which is basically all you need. I highly recommend that you play her if you’re a new player or beginner.


Tristana is, like Ashe, likely a ton of people’s first choice when it comes to ADCs. She is tremendously popular among high level players, and has had some spikes in play rate over the Seasons. All of this for a good reason – she is just insanely good. Mobility, damage, AOE, control – you name it, Tristana has it.

Her elusive nature means that you’ll likely be safe at all times with her, and only the most severe mistakes will cost you anything. This makes her perfect for a new player or beginner who doesn’t know his movement and positioning yet. Overextending can be easily mitigated by jumping away from the enemy back to a safe spot.

Her overall kit is very simplistic in design, and will take no time to understand fully. It’s incredibly strong, and you’ll often see it praised or even named overpowered. And, to some degree, it is – which should only serve to attract you to her even more. New players and beginners will love playing this Champion and learn a ton by doing so.

Just go and do it. Trust me.


Jhin Best Beginner ADC League of LegendsJhin is Vayne’s male counterpart when it comes to having raw damage. He takes that concept to a whole new extreme, however, and it’s often you’ll see Jhin with over 1000 AD under his belt. A hit or two from his insanely powerful four-bullet pistol will be more than enough to take down even the sturdiest of targets. A true beast, Jhin is a fantastic Champion for beginners.

He is slow and methodical, and you can take your time with him. You’ll approach the game a bit differently, at least for a while, and have to plan out how you’ll use your bullets. This adds an extra layer of gameplay which I often praise as being incredibly useful to beginners. The more a Champion has to them, the better they are suited for a new player.

Jhin’s character is also exceptionally well designed, with many praising him as the best Champion Riot ever made. The kit isn’t too far from that either, being simple yet incredibly effective. I cannot stress enough how much I want you to play Jhin, both from a Champion and character standpoint.

His artistic way of murdering people will leave you only wanting to murder your enemies more – and what else would you need from a Champion? Go and strike down everyone you see, before someone else decides to do it against you.


League of Legends Champions are many, with only more releasing week after week. Though Riot has announced that Champion releases will stop at some point – it’s already bad as is. New players and beginners will often find themselves searching for the optimal pick, unable to find their way around. Lists like these are aimed straight at them, as our ultimate goal is guiding players towards greatness.

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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