Top 7 Best AFK Farming Champions in League of Legends

Top 7 Best AFK Farming Champions in League of Legends Guide

When we talk about League of Legends, a hot topic that gets everyone rolling is AFK farming. You may even come across high elo players who will lose their marbles if they miss even one minion, and rightfully so too. Farming is essential when it comes to wave control so as to build your first items. Otherwise, nothing is gonna get done around, so without further ado, let’s get on to the show.

Farming in League of Legends is an important aspect of the game, and the best way to do it is by using AFK Farming Champions. AFK champions essentially farm up a storm and end up being quite useful in the late game. Today we will be looking at our picks for the top 7 champions for AFK farming in League of Legends.

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The top 7 AFK champions are:

  • Yasuo
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yone
  • Mordekaiser
  • Sett
  • Jax
  • Master Yi

Yasuo – 1.06% AFK Rate

Best AFK Farming Champion Master Yi League of LegendsYasuo, who also happens to be Yone’s brother, is a League of Legends champion who specializes in melee combat. Originally designed as a samurai, Yasuo carries a pistol sword-styled Japanese blade, fighting for justice.

Being a melee fighter, the champion can dash toward his opponents using his E skill and can deliver multiple attacks while thrusting forward and thus damaging all enemies in line using his Q skill.

Yasuo has high mobility which makes him a valuable asset, but the champion isn’t to master. In accordance with LeagueOfGraphs, Yasuo has an AFK rate of 1.06% with a popularity of 14.6%. You can get 425 Gold per minute with him.

Most users play Yasuo in mid-lane while his strongest counter is Jax. If playing against Jax as Yasuo, it’s a good strategy to avoid attacking him when he makes use of his W skill. Additionally, Jax’s third auto attack can be quite damaging, so always be on the lookout for that.

On the other hand, Yasuo works strongest against Vel’Koz, Ahri, and Nidalee. If you are playing against Yasuo, then remember he is the weakest right after he has launched a whirlwind. That is the time to attack.

Xin Zhao – 0.99% AFK Rate

Best AFK Farming Champion Xin Zhao League of LegendsXin Zhao is a melee fighter who is a loyal warrior to the royal family of Demacia. He carries a three–talon spear. With an AFK rate of 0.99%, Xin tops our list in second place.

He uses his E skill to charge toward the enemy while slowing down their movement and increasing attack speed. Xin’s Q ability allows him to deliver three standard attacks, with the third one knocking the enemy into the air.

The champion is most popularly used as a jungler in the early game, with a popularity of 2.6% and a win rate of 48.6%. He can get 401 Gold per minute and one of his strongest counter is Jax and Pantheon whereas he is the strongest against Vladimir and Jayce.

Xin is quite strong at lower levels so it’s a good idea not to trade early.

Yone – 0.94% AFK Rate

Best AFK Farming Champion Yone League of LegendsA fierce melee warrior, Yone is considered to be one of the strongest champions in the game right now. In life, Yone was killed by his half-brother Yasuo. He killed an evil entity in the spirit realm and now wears its mask as a curse.

Yone carries a mystical blade of the Azakana, called the Spirit Blade. He is mostly used for the top and mid-lane with a popularity of 16% and a win rate of 48.8%. Yone’s E skill lets him move forward without his body, gaining movement speed and doing devastating damage to the enemy. On the other hand, his Q ability lets him thrust forward, damaging all enemies in line with multiple attacks.

Yone’s strongest counter is Ryze. A good strategy if playing against Ryze, is to wait for a Jungler to help fight against him as he can win in a single match quite easily.

Mordekaiser – 0.94% AFK Rate

Best AFK Farming Champion Mordekaiser League of LegendsAlso, a melee fighter, Morderkaiser has been killed twice and born thrice. He is a warlord from an epoch and uses sorcery to bind souls in an eternity of slavery. With an AFK rate of 0.94% just like Yone, he can be used as a tank, thus delivering devastating magic damage through abilities and automatic attacks.

The champion has a popularity of 8.2% with a win rate of 50.9% and is most popularly used in the top lane. Mordekaiser’s E skill allows him to pull all enemies in an area while his Q ability smashes the ground using his mace thus dealing damage to enemies close by.

His strongest counter is Garen. If you play against him as Mordekaiser, a good strategy is to keep a large distance when Garen spins and make effective use of the ultimate ability.

On the other hand, if you are playing against Mordekaiser, it’s best to kill him before his metal shield charges up since it will become quite difficult from there on. Additionally, try to stay away from creeps when Mordekasier is about to use his Siphon of Destruction.

Sett – 0.93% AFK Rate

Best AFK Farming Champion Sett League of LegendsA half beast child, who is now a powerful player in Ionia’s flourishing, Sett had humbled beginnings, to say the least. The LeagueOfGraphs has listed him to have an AFK rate of 0.93% Sett is a melee brawler who is played mostly in the Jungle position or in the Top Lane. His W skill lets him store damage as Grit and then uses it to form a shield and do devastating damage by punching an area in the center. On the other hand, his Q skill, “Knuckle Down”, increases his mobility and deals additional damage in his next two attacks.

Sett has a popularity of 5.7% with a win rate of 49.6%. His biggest counter is Lillia as he loses 5.4% more than the average opponent against her.

Jax – 0.93% AFK Rate

Best AFK Farming Champion Jax League of LegendsBeing the only survivor of the Kohari, Jax is Runeterra’s greatest weapon master. With an AFK Rate of 0.93%, he joins our list in the sixth position.

Used mainly for Top Lane attacks, Jax is a melee duelist with extraordinary power, carrying “Fire magic” and “Brazier Stave” as his weapons. Using his W skill, Jax charges his weapon with energy hence causing his successive attack to cause more damage. On the other hand, his E, known as “Counter Strike,” allows him to dodge incoming attacks for a short duration. These are then followed by sudden counterattacks, stunning enemies nearby.

Jax’s strongest counter is Malphite while he is strongest against Yasuo. Currently, his popularity is at 6.1%. If you use Jax, the reported win rate is 49.7%.

If you are playing against Jax, be extremely careful about every third AA hit. You are likely to beat him before 6 as Jax gets quite powerful after that.

Master Yi – 0.88% AFK Rate

Best AFK Farming Champion Master Yi League of LegendsMostly a calm person, Master Yi has sharpened his mind to the point that his thoughts and actions happen almost immediately. Although he would rather avoid violence, his blade is quick to serve justice. He serves as a melee player, having high attack speed, and mobility.

Master YI is used primarily as a Jungler with an AFK Rate of 0.88%. His weapon of choice is a five-foot-long serrated blade that has been forged from meteoric alloy. His E skill grants bonus true damage on basic attacks, whereas his Q skill, known as Alpha Strike, lets him teleport across the battlefield, causing damage to multiple enemies that lie in the path between. However, basic attacks reduce Alpha Strike’s cooldown.

The champion has a popularity of 9.6% with a win rate of 49.7%. His biggest counter is Jax. If playing as Master Yi against Jax, it’s a bit of valuable advice to not even try and dodge “Alpha Strike” since you will mostly fail at doing that. Instead, try to outrun him using your ultimate and attack him consistently until Jax makes use of his counter strike.


AFK farming is a controversial thing. When in the early game, farming will prove to be viable for winning mid-game since you will have an ample amount of gold and a probable advantage over your opponents in terms of XP. Since 15 minions are worth as much as a kill, naturally, between early to mid-game, farming almost always proves to be worth much more than a petty kill, assuming one of them doesn’t end up with you dead.

The list we compiled today was made after a lot of effort and official statistics were used. So, if you are looking for the best AFK champion, your best bet is to go with Yasuo, having an AFK rate of 1.06%, the highest this season. However, if you are looking for a killer combo of agility and mobility along with strength, go with Jax.

That brings us to the end of today’s article. The statistics collected in this article were all official and updated for July 2023.

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