All Agent Ultimate Voice Lines in Valorant

Valorant has seen massive success since it was launched in 2020, the game that everyone called CS: GO with abilities, has now made a name for itself. 

With more than 10 million active players Valorant is one of the most popular games right now and there are a number of things that make it so exciting, one of these things is the Agent voice lines. 

In all the voice lines, the ultimate voice lines are probably the most iconic part of the game, so let’s hop in and find out the ultimate voice lines of every agent in Valorant.

All the agents in Valorant have two Ultimate voice lines, which they speak after initiating their ultimate abilities, one which is audible to their allies, and one which is for the enemy team.

Listening to voice lines can help you identify which agent has used their ultimate ability, so it is quite useful if not necessary to know these voice lines, let’s dive in to see these voice lines in detail.

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Agents and Their Ultimate Voice Lines

Ultimate voice lines are something an agent speaks right after they use their ultimate ability, the allies of an agent hear a different dialogue than his enemies, which makes every ultimate voice line have two variants, one enemy oriented and one ally oriented. 

All the ultimate voice lines are included in the table below.

Agent Enemy Perspective Ally Perspective
Killjoy “You should run” “Initiated”
Jett “Get out of my way” “Watch this”
Omen “Scatter” “Watch them run”
Raze “Fire in the hole” “Here comes the party”
Brimstone “Prepare for hellfire” “Open up the sky”
Sage “You will not kill my allies” “Your duty is not over”
KAY/O “You are powerless” “No one walks away”
Reyna “The hunt begins” “They will cower”
Pheonix “Jokes over, you’re dead” “Come on, let’s go”
Viper “Welcome to my world” “Don’t get in my way”
Yoru “Who’s next” “I’ll handle this”
Astra “You’re divided” “World divided”
Skye “I’ve got your trail” “Seek them out”
Breach “Off your feet” “Let’s go”
Cypher “I know exactly where they are” “Where is everyone hiding”
Sova “Nowhere to run” “I am the hunter”
Chamber “You want to play? Let’s play” “They are so dead”
Neon “Oy, I am pissed” “Here we go”
Fade “Nightmare take them” Face your fear”

Killjoy’s Lockdown

Lockdown has the largest area of effect among all abilities but it is also the most time taking ultimate, Killjoy sets up a device that disables and slows enemy agents for 8 seconds if they are in the circle of the device when time runs out.

Ally Voice Line


Enemy Voice Line

“You should run!”

Jett’s Blade Storm

Blade Storm is a highly offensive ability that requires precise aim, Jett summons a set of knives which she can throw at enemies from any range, unlike other ranged weapons in the game, knives don’t have recoil.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Watch this!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Get out of my way!”

Omen’s From the Shadows

From the shadows is one of the most dynamic abilities of the game, giving an ultimate positioning advantage to Omen. Omen can teleport anywhere on the map using his ultimate. Omen is known to be the most mysterious and interesting character of the game and so are his voice lines.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Watch them run!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line


Raze’s Showstopper

If you hear the voice lines of the showstopper it’s probably best to run and find cover, Raze equips a rocket launcher in her ultimate which has an area of damage when it hits something. It’s a good ultimate if you want to confirm multiple kills from a single ability.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Here comes the party!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Fire in the hole!”

Brimstone’s Orbital Strike

Orbital Strike can do massive damage over a decently large area, Brimstone fires a damaging beam from the sky over a selected circular area. The beam induces damage per second to the enemies caught in that area.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Open up the sky!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Prepare for hellfire!”

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Sage’s Resurrection 

Sage’s Resurrection is the most iconic ability of the game and also the one with the most memes on it. Sage can resurrect a dead ally with full health, for a brief time the resurrected agent is unable to move and is vulnerable.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Your duty is not over!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“You will not kill my allies!”

KAY/O’s NULL/cmd

KAY/O pluses waves that don’t allow the enemies to use their abilities, in “null/cmd” KAY/O gains an enhanced fire rate, and if he dies while in his ultimate he can be revived within 15 seconds of being killed.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“No one walks away”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“You are powerless”

Reyna’s Empress

Reyna’s ultimate ability is totally dependent on her performance, this ability can go in vain if not used in the right way. Empress grants Reyna increased fire rate and movement speed, she also has infinite soul harvest charges and becomes totally invisible when she devourers a soul orb. 

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“They will cower!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“The Hunt begins!”

Phoenix’s Run it Back

Pheonix’s ultimate allows him to rush into enemy lines without risking his life, Run it Back places a marker on Pheonix’s current location, if Pheonix dies within his ultimate he is teleported back to the location where he initiated the ability.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Come on, let’s go!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Jokes over, you’re dead!”

Viper’s Pit

Viper sends out a chemical cloud over a large area, that disrupts enemy visions and slowly decays their health. The cloud vanishes if Viper dies or moves out of the cloud for a certain amount of time. 

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Don’t get in my way!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Welcome to my world!”

Yoru’s Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift is not an ability Valorant fans are fond of, but it has its moments. Yoru goes into another dimension after activating this ability, where he gains increased movement speed, invulnerability, and invisibility but he can’t use his weapons though, he can cast his abilities.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“I’ll handle this”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Who’s next”

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Astra’s Cosmic Divide

Astra creates a map-wide wall on her desired location. Vision and bullets can’t penetrate the wall, Sound is also heavily damped through the wall. Agents can move through the wall though.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“World divided!”

Enemy Perspective Voice Line

“You are divided”

Skye’s Seekers

Skye summons three seekers that follow the closest 3 enemies, when the seekers hit the enemy agent, the enemy is near-sighted. The seekers are destructible and are mostly used to seek out the enemy’s location

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Seek them out!”

Enemy Perspective Voice Line

“I’ve got your trail”

Breach’s Rolling Thunder 

Breach sends an earthquake towards the selected direction which stuns and knocks back agents who get caught up in it. The ability is probably the best disabler in the game and is also ideal when initiating fights.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Let’s go!”

Enemy Perspective Voice Line

“Off your feet”

Cypher’s Neural Theft

When it comes to intel, Cypher is probably the agent that comes to mind, and his ultimate lives up to his reputation. Cypher uses an enemy corpse to find the exact location of all the enemies on the map, but keep in mind that there’s a specific time after the enemy’s death in which you can cast this ability on their corpse.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Where is everyone hiding”

Enemy Perspective Voice Line

“I know exactly where you are!”

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury

It’s hard to run once Sova initiates his ability especially when you pair it with his Recon bolt or his Drone. Sova equips a powerful bow which can fire long-range, wall-piercing energy beams. If the beam hits an enemy they are heavily damaged and also revealed for a brief time.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“I am the hunter!”

Enemy Perspective Voice Line

“Nowhere to run!”

Chamber’s Tour de Force

If you like using the Operator, Chamber is your guy. He equips a powerful sniper that has the same mechanics as an Operator and kills any enemy with a direct hit. Killing an enemy with the sniper creates a slow field around the enemy’s corpse. (Xanax)

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“They are so dead!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“You want to play? Let’s play!”

Neon’s Overdrive 

Neon enters a state of extreme power and speed, which allows her to move at elevated speed and fire a lighting beam from her fingers. The beam deals massive damage and also has no recoil.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Here we go!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Oy! I am pissed!”

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Fade’s Nightfall

Sends a wave of nightmare which covers a huge area which deafens, marks and decays the enemies caught in it. Nightfall is probably the best ability when you want to enter an enemy-occupied site.

Ally’s Perspective Voice Line

“Face your fears!”

Enemy’s Perspective Voice Line

“Nightmare take them!”

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