8 Skins That Got Cancelled from League of Legends

8 Skins That Got Cancelled from League of Legends

Have you ever wondered which Skins were about to hit the rift but got cancelled last second? Well, this article will let you know which skins were in production but got cancelled last second.

Sewn Chaos SeriesAmumu and Blitzkrank

The crying mummy and the robot were about to get an exclusive sewn chaos skins but they did not seem to meet the standard of League of Legends and were cancelled right before release. Regardless, Riot Games still loved them so had released the skin spotlights on them just to give a teaser. You can see the skins below.

Sewn Chaos Amumu
Sewn Chaos Blitzkrank

Futuristic Caitlyn

Futuristic Caitlyn

Caitlyn had a skin called Futuristic in the works, for unknown reasons, it got cancelled and was reworked into Pulsefire Caitlyn. I suppose it was the right call as Pulsefire Caitlyn still looks futuristic.


One of the Riot Games Developers had confirmed that Diana would be receiving a classic, sexy and slightly creepy skin but was again cancelled due to unknown reasons. Reports say that it was reworked into Lunar Goddess Diana which is a classic and sexy skin.


Canceled League of Legends Skins

This skin was before the rework of Evelynn and was supposed to make her look all Blue. Perhaps this was simply a leak for the new Evelynn and not a special skin coming for her as she has become completely Blue/Purple after the rework.

Rick Astley Ezreal

Skins that got canceled by Riot Games

As we all love Rick Rolling people, League of Legends too wanted to Rick Roll everybody on the Rift. There were in-game files that showed the Ezreal having a skin that looks exactly like Rick Astley, the singer of Never gonna give you up.
It was perhaps simply a joke from Riot Games and the skin was later cancelled.

Cyber Katarina

Cyber Katarina was also in the works but again cancelled due to unknown reasons. This skin was rebuilt into Project Katarina which was still very cyber/futuristic and lives up to the name.

Snowman Yi Prestige Edition

Master Yi was supposed to get a prestige skin but was cancelled because of bugs in the Skin. This skin would not work properly in the hextech chests and there were other bugs that they could not fix that they completely dropped the skin.

Almost all skins that were cancelled were not really cancelled but simply reworked into something else that could match the Different League of Legends Skin series. The only known skin to be dropped because of bugs is the Snowman Master Yi Prestige Edition.

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