Top 7 Best Champions For Arcane Comet Rune

Best Arcane Comet Rune Champions League of Legends

Arcane Comet is an amazing rune that fulfills a very simple niche: Poke Damage. Champions that aim to chunk their opponent’s health little by little, benefit a lot from this keystone. Upon damaging an enemy, a comet is launched from the location of your champion, towards the spot where the enemy champion was damaged.

The Top 7 Best Champions For Arcane Comet Rune include:

  • Lux
  • Malphite
  • Miss Fortune
  • Vel’Koz
  • Zyra
  • Ziggs

These champions either have long range poke, consistent damage sources, or crowd control to hold the enemies in place. Arcane Comet adds additional damage to a champion’s poke in the laning phase.

As described above, the best users of Arcane Comet are the champions that can constantly proc the rune by dealing damage to their lane opponents. Having CC in their kits acts as an added bonus as it increases the chances of the comet connecting to the target.


Best Arcane Comet Rune Champion Lux  League of LegendsLux is probably the most popular champion in the game. She is the poster child of League of Legends. Her kit has a lot of magic damage and utility built into it. Lux can be played in the mid lane or as a support in the bot lane. Her Q offers a root and her E slows her enemies, both of which are great abilities to set up for additional damage.

Arcane Comet Usage

Arcane Comet is launched after a short delay, but it is always launched at the spot where it was originally triggered. This means the enemy champion can simply walk out of the spot they originally stood in IF they are able to. Lux shoots a slow projectile with her Q, rooting the first 2 targets hit by it.

Lux’s E also slows her opponents as long as they remain inside the circular area. Detonating this E can launch the comet at the slowed target, increasing the chances of it connecting. Lux is a great champion for Arcane Comet because she can constantly poke her opponents with these two abilities and trigger Arcane Comet each time either of them connects.


Best Arcane Comet Rune Champion Malphite  League of LegendsMalphite is a unique tank champion. His entire identity revolves around his anti-AD nature. This is because Malphite can have an absurd amount of Armor, and some of his damage also scales with this Armor. His ultimate is an amazing engage tool, albeit one with a long cooldown. He is picked to neutralize AD-heavy teams because of his passive.

Arcane Comet Usage

Malphite has a fairly weak laning phase. His ability cooldowns are long and he lacks damage. He does not have a way to perform melee short trades or any form of long trades without his opponent messing up. Therefore, the best way to make his presence known in the lane is through his Q spam.

Malphite steals movement speed from his target upon hitting them with his targeted Q ability. This slows them down and guarantees the comet damage to connect. In the early game, this is a very potent source of poke. Malphite can put pressure on his lane opponent by constantly using his Q to poke the opposing laner, and adding the Arcane Comet damage on top of it.

Miss Fortune

Best Arcane Comet Rune Champion Miss Fortune League of LegendsMiss Fortune is a severely underrated ADC because she can diversify her runes and builds according to the game’s needs. She has a lot of magic damage for early game poke built into her E. She is a great champion for Arcane Comet because some early poke in the laning phase can allow her to get ahead of her opponent.

Arcane Comet Usage

Miss Fortune’s E is a very powerful ability in the early game. It has a very long range, so it can be used for CSing from a long distance. It slows her opponents down, which keeps them in the area for as long as possible, making sure they take a lot of poke damage. This is the ability that can be used to get maximum value out of Arcane Comet.

The slow from Miss Fortune’s E provides a great setup for Arcane Comet. When placed correctly, this ability can ensure the comet connects to its target unless the target dashes away from it. It is also worth mentioning that upon taking Arcane Comet, Miss Fortune can also benefit from runes like Manaflow Band and Scorch, both of which synergize extremely well with her E+Arcane Comet combination.


Best Arcane Comet Rune Champion Vel’Koz League of LegendsVel’Koz is a great poke mage because of his long range abilities. He can constantly dish out large amounts of magic damage in the lane, and deal significant burst damage when his passive is triggered. This makes him a great user of Arcane Comet, as it can add additional damage to his already-potent poke.

Arcane Comet Usage

Vel’Koz can proc Arcane Comet using all of his abilities. But three out of his four abilities are perfect for setting up the additional damage from Arcane Comet. Vel’Koz can toss his Q sideways to maximize the distance this projectile can travel. This projectile slows the target upon contact, allowing the comet to connect.

Vel’Koz can knock up his opponents if he hits them with his E. This stuns them for 0.75 seconds, ensuring the comet hits his target. Finally, Vel’Koz’s ultimate also slows his opponents by 20%. These three abilities are perfect for landing Arcane Comet, making Vel’Koz a great poke mage for utilizing this keystone.


Best Arcane Comet Rune Champion Xerath  League of LegendsXerath is quite similar to Vel’Koz in multiple regards. Xerath is a poke mage that excels at whittling down his opponent’s Health bar using his skillshots. Arcane Comet is a perfect keystone for champions that need to regularly poke their opponents. Xerath’s long range abilities are perfect for this keystone.

Arcane Comet Usage

All three of Xerath’s basic abilities are perfect for setting up Arcane Comet. His Q has a very long range (1450 units at maximum range), making it the perfect tool to poke the opponent and land the Arcane Comet. His Q slows his opponents by 0-40% based on channel time. Similarly, his W also slows his opponent by 25% for 2.5 seconds, allowing the comet to easily connect.

Lastly, Xerath’s E is the only hard CC he has in his kit. He throws an orb that stuns the target upon connection. The stun may last from 0.75 seconds to 2.25 seconds based on the distance traveled. In any case, it is the perfect setup for Arcane Comet. These three abilities make Xerath an exceptional user of Arcane Comet.


Best Arcane Comet Rune Champion Zyra League of LegendsZyra is a very obnoxious champion to lane against. Her poke is extremely strong and can exert pressure on laners that don’t have damage mitigation or lifesteal. Zyra’s constant poke is a great way to utilize Arcane Comet. Her damage can also refresh the comet’s cooldown because of how consistent it is.

Arcane Comet Usage

Zyra does not have a lot of CC in her basic abilities. Her Q can turn the seeds into Thorn Spitters. These plants continue to attack opponents in their range, which can proc Arcane Comet whenever it is off cooldown. But the most consistent way to utilize this keystone is through her E.

Zyra can root the opponents that get hit by her E. This guarantees the damage from Arcane Comet will connect. Her E also converts seeds into Vine Lashers, creating additional opportunities for triggering Arcane Comet. Zyra’s ultimate knocks up opponents in a circular radius, acting as another source of CC for the comet to connect.


Best Arcane Comet Rune Champion Ziggs  League of LegendsZiggs is the king of destruction. His entire theme revolves around poking down his opponents to lethal health threshold and then finishing them off with burst damage. Ziggs does not have ways to hold his targets in place to land the comet, but this does not prevent him from being a great user of Arcane Comet. This is because his long range and consistent spam damage can continuously proc the keystone.

Arcane Comet Usage

Ziggs can dish out an unexpectedly large amount of damage if he manages to hit all of his abilities. His Q is a fairly short cooldown ability, which can be spammed to CS from a long distance or poke his opponents. Because of how consistently this ability can be utilized, it ends up being a great way to proc Arcane Comet.

Zigg’s W has a fairly long cooldown, and also serves as his only escape ability, making it an unwise decision to use it for poke unless in dire need of damage. The best way to use Arcane Comet on Ziggs is through his E. The minefield deployed by Ziggs can slow any opponent that steps on even a single mine, allowing the comet to connect with ease. Multiple mines act as multiple instances of damage, further adding to this ability’s potency.

Finally, Zigg’s ultimate is a long range bomb. This ability nukes everything in a large circular area, with the majority of the damage concentrated in the middle. This ability has a fairly long cooldown, so it is not a consistent way of utilizing Arcane Comet. However, because of the large area covered by this ability, it almost guarantees that the comet would launch if multiple targets are caught within the radius.


Arcane Comet is a great rune for poking lane opponents. It is best suited for champions that can either CC their opponents to guarantee the damage, or deal damage consistently to constantly proc the keystone. The champions mentioned above are the best ones at utilizing this rune, but they aren’t the only ones that can benefit from this rune. Make sure you select this rune only for champions that can proc it often in the lane.

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