Top 5 Best Support Champions That Counter Ashe in Season 12

Ashe is a very immobile ADC, making her very vulnerable against champions with high mobility. This makes her susceptible to surprise assassin ganks because she has no way of self-peeling, and her support can only do so much. So, let us look at 5 great support champions you can use against her.

1. Morgana

Morgana counters Ashe in a lot of ways, one is that Ashe really doesn’t have the means to evade Morg’s Q,  all she can do is sidestep it. Morgana also counters Ashe’s ult so hard that it becomes useless, Morgana can simply cast her black shield on the person bound to be hit by Ashe’s ultimate. That champion won’t even be slowed or stunned if Morgana succeeds to cast her black shield on time. 

Early Game Playstyle

Morgana can continuously damage Ashe with her W so she can gain gold on her support item. Morgana can also use this to stack on her Manaflow band, so she doesn’t have to worry about mana anymore when mid-game comes. 

Once you learn your Q and W, use it together on Ashe and have your ADC follow up on it just to bring Ashe’s hp down or kill her ultimately, continue doing this, and Ashe’s value will fall off eventually. It will be really hard for an Ashe to climb back to the game once she falls behind. Her kit is really not meant for this season so it’s easy to win a game against Ashe if you pick a Morgana.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Builds

Once Morgana has her ult ready, she can quickly flash into Ashe, cast her ult, and combo her with all her skills. Morgana alone can kill Ashe and Ashe won’t have anything to counter this assault from Morgana. She can mitigate the slow and stun coming from Ashe’s W and Ult. For added protection, Morgana can build an early Zhonya’s or simply a Stopwatch so she can kill Ashe without receiving any damage in return. 

Late Game Playstyle

Late game sees Morgana as a mage of some sort who can pick enemies off of their team. Once she catches Ashe with her Q, her entire team can fall upon Ashe and it will be an easy pick. If Morgana has total mage items, then a simple Q + W combo from her can quickly finish off a very Squishy Ashe. 

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2. Pyke

Ashe has no mobility, which, Morgana means Pyke can quickly hook him with his Q and set her up for a kill. A pyke with a hail of blades can be a very dangerous opponent for Ashe in the early game. Her only chance is if she has a support that can give her a black shield which is Morgana. Unfortunately, a pyke support can quickly ban Morgana in the banning phase so there really is no way Ashe can win against a Pyke support. 

Early Game Playstyle

Push the lane fast enough so the minions are positioned just beside the inner bush of the enemy in the bot lane. Do this so you can have control over the bushes. If Pyke controls the bushes and is always hidden, Ashe won’t expect when Pyke will throw a spear. It is easy to counter Ashe with Pyke in the early game especially if you have a long-range ADC or someone who has dashes. 

Pyke alone can bring Ashe’s HP down to half with his combo and Hail of Blades rune. This will be a quick in and out damage as he can use his W to quickly move out of Ashe’s range and regenerate whatever damage Ashe was able to retaliate. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Builds

Pyke usually roams so that he won’t be present in the bot lane most of the time, but he can also use this to his advantage to kill Ashe. Ashe won’t be expecting a flank from Pyke as he can easily slip past wards with his W. Once Pyke manages to get the jump on Ashe, he can quickly burst her down with his basic combo and finish her off with his Ultimate. An Umbral Glaive as an early item will go a long way for Pyke as he can easily roam other lanes with this without being detected. 

Late Game Playstyle

Do not try to engage Ashe alone in the late game because she is now capable of killing you if you were ever hit by his ultimate. A stun could prove lethal to you as her damage is already high in the endgame. Instead, look to lurk in the shadows and pick her off from her team whenever you can. Let your teammates poke her down and finally kill her using your ultimate. You can use your E to either engage her or use it to get away after you ult her. 

3. Blitzcrank

Ashe is the weakest support champion with CC and hooks abilities. No jump or dash makes her an easy target for hook-based champions. Once Blitzcrank grabs Ashe with his hook, it is almost game over. Blitz also has substantial burst damage with his combo so it will be easier for Blitz’s ADC to take Ashe down.

Early Game Playstyle

Let Ashe and her support push the wave towards your tower, if they are within range, it will be your opportunity to hook Ashe and rocket punch her within the range of the tower. If you manage to do this, she won’t be able to retaliate as if she hits you, the tower aggro will be focused on her. This is a very easy pick strategy in the early game you can use to counter Ashe and prevent her from snowballing. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Builds

Blitzcrank doesn’t provide massive burst damage and quickly with more mana and more damage excellent late-game; however, once much item variety, but you can build on him with great utility and ability haste. Once you have that, you can use your hook on Ashe more frequently giving her more pressure to farm in the lane. You can conserve your hooks and use them only when Ashe is exposed. 

Late Game Playstyle

Blitzcrank will now be joining his team from sieges and team fights. Once a team fight erupts, you can use your W to run towards Ashe, once you are near her knock her up with your E and use your ult. This will surely zone her away from the team fight, and if she wishes to come back you can. However, look at her. Hit your hook though as it has a high cooldown.

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4. Vel’Koz

The only way to survive an all-in burst from Velkoz is to have your flash up or have mobility skills like dashes or jumps. Ashe has none of those and only has her flash as a way to move out of Velkoz’s ultimate. Sure she can walk away but what if Velkoz builds a Crystal Sceptre to slow Ashe’s movement speed down? Well, all I can say is that she is pretty much dead once this happens. 

Velkoz also has a low cooldown on his spells so he can continuously poke on Ashe at any point of the game. Once he brings Ashe’s hp to less than 50%, he can use all of his skills to finish her. Velkoz Won’t even need his ADC to kill Ashe even in a 1v1. 

Early Game Playstyle

Start with your Q as your first skill, poke Ashe whenever you can but make sure you have either presence of mind or a mana flow band keystone so you can mitigate the loss of mana. Once you reach level 3, you can do a full combo on Ashe and pop your passive on her to deal bonus damage. She will have a very hard time farming against Vel’Koz support as he can easily zone Ashe and her support away from the minion range. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Builds

Velkoz should build a Luden’s tempest simply because it doesn’t only provide burst damage but it also gives the user a huge increase in mana pool. With more mana and more damage, Velkoz can easily bring Ashe’s HP down just by using his Q’s. If the ADC decides they want to kill Ashe, Velkoz can simply initiate with an E and do a full combo and his ADC can quickly cut Ashe down. An Everfrost will be a great item for Velkoz as he can lock Ashe down in one place just before he casts all of his spells on her. 

Late Game Playstyle

Velkoz is originally a mage for mid-lane so he has incredible damage and his value won’t fall off even in the late game. He can even one-shot Ashe now with just a simple combo. Try to build a Crystal Sceptre though as this will help you keep Ashe in one place so she can receive the entire damage of your spells. 

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5. Brand

Brand is a risky champion to pick against Ashe because she can easily cast her ultimate way ahead of you and she can burst you down with her late-game damage. But if you manage to stun her first then a simple combo can do an incredible amount of damage to Ashe. You can also 1v1 her in the mid-game if you already have a Zhonya’s Hourglass. 

Early Game Playstyle

Stay behind minions as the threat Ashe poses in the early game comes from her W. Every time she goes in to last hit a minion, use this as an indicator to cast your W on her. Once hit, W deals burst damage and Brand also has a passive that extends the damage with a DPS. Once you reach level 3 however, you can already burst Ashe down with your full combo. With your E + Q stun, once you hit her with your E + Q stun, throw in another W and watch her get burnt down by your passive explosion and DPS. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Builds

Liandry’s with demon embrace is an excellent item combo you can build on Brand, you can throw in another DPS item like the Morellonomicon to give her grievous wounds. The effect duration of these items gets reset as Brand’s passive provides multiple damage ticks. It also burns damage, so atop from Brands burst. There will also be a follow-up DPS damage to prevent Ashe from healing. This DPS can also kill Ashe if she is low enough. 

Late Game Playstyle

You can keep hunting Ashe because you can easily one-shot her, but prepare to hit her with your AOE skill when she is always with hers. Brand can quickly deal significant AOE damage on the opposing team. He can cast his ult on Ashe after a combo so it bounces on and off of her. However, you should play safely because Ashe can take you down now if you get hit by her arrow.

Final Thoughts

Ashe is a really squishy champion and I hope these tips help you when facing her. These champions are pretty fun to play, so don’t worry about being bored. Thank you for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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