How Long is an Average Valorant Match?

The length of a match is a really crucial part of the gameplay of an online multiplayer game, more some games a long match becomes boring and repetitive while for some games, the extended length of a match is the backbone of their gameplay. 

Valorant has different game modes, with each of them having different match lengths. Let’s hop in and find out about all these game modes and exactly how much time we spend on them.

The standard game mode of Valorant is around 35 minutes long, it has other game modes like spike rush, deathmatch, snowball fight, and escalation which have their own lengths.

To keep the game exciting its creators have introduced a lot of game modes in Valorants, so stick with us as we unfold these game modes one by one and see the importance of match lengths in them.

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Length of all Modes of Valorant

There are a number of game modes in Valorant each with its own mechanics and rules. Although the original Valorant match is the “Standard Mode”, the other game modes are also quite fun and generally have shorter match lengths than the Standard Mode.


The standard mode can be played in both, ranked and unranked matches of Valorant, it’s the signature game mode for this game and you can only truly experience Valorant in all its might through standard mode. 

In ranked matches, The first team to win 13 rounds wins the game but if the score is tied at 12-12, the team who wins two consecutive rounds gets the win. The average time for a Standard match is around 35 minutes, but the matches can be a lot longer than this if the teams decide not to settle for a draw.

Snowball Fight

It’s a deathmatch game mode with a 6 minutes timer, the team that reaches 50 kills first gets the victory. In case the 6-minute timer runs out, the team with the greater number of kills wins. 

Snowball Fight is the only game mode that doesn’t have any standard Valorant gun in it. Every player is given a snowball launcher to, snowball the enemies to death.


Both teams start with the same weapons, all the agents are given a powerful weapon and the weapon keeps changing as the game progresses and the teams secure kills. The game starts with a really powerful weapon and ends with knives, first team to get 5 kills from the last weapon, wins the game. 

The average time for an Escalation match is around 8 minutes and the length of an Escalation match rarely deviates from this time.


In replication, voting is conducted at the start of the match for each team to pick an agent, the hero with the most votes in each team is automatically picked for the whole team. 

Replication has a total of 9 rounds and the team that is able to secure 5 rounds first, wins the game. A replication match is around 10- 12 minutes long.

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Spike Rush

The second most played team match would be spike rush, the reason for its popularity is that it’s the closest game mode to the standard one. It can be called a compact version of the stock Valorant mode as it has exactly the same mechanics, the only difference is the number of rounds. 

The total number of rounds is 7 and the team that manages to get the first 4 winning round is the victor. 

Spike is probably the best way to get ready for your real matches, you can pick up an agent and start practicing some abilities or sharpen your aim a bit. The average time for a spike rush match is around 9 minutes 

Death Match

Death Match is probably the most played game mode in Valorant, the thing that makes it different from all other game modes is that it’s a single-player mode, you fight against 11 individual players to get the highest kills in a game. 

The player that is able to get 40 kills first, wins the game. If the timer runs out, the player with the highest kills wins the game. Deathmatch is the best game mode for practicing your aim, although you can’t use abilities in a Death Match. 

Deathmatch has a timer of 9 minutes whereas a normal game lasts around  7.5 minutes on average.

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Ending Notes

The length of a match is incredibly important for the gameplay, and at the end of the day, it really depends on the time of the match if a player will find the game attractive and engaging. 

A comparatively shorter timed match allows you to be more comfortable when starting a match as you won’t be bound with a game for a long time, but a longer match will help players to immerse in the game and keep focus, so there’s a balance that must be found and looks like Valorant has found that balance.

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