Top 5 Best 1v1 ADCs in League of Legends

Choosing a champion for a 1v1 duel is not always an easy task. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that a particular type of champion brings specific skills that can be crucial during a 1v1 duel. In this 12 season, we have seen many changes and many champions who have experienced their buffs and nerfs, so you have to keep up to date with the news and changes with each new update to choose a suitable champion. Below will be shown the 5 best ADCs champions who are ideal in 1v1 duels.

You will not make a mistake with the choice of Marksmen champions because Marksmen are ideal in 1v1 duels. Marksmen have a massive amount of damage that allows them to eliminate an opposing champion quickly. However, Marksmen do not have much power of mobility, so if they are careless, they become an easy target. 

You will not mistake choosing the marksmen champions because the marksmen are ideal in 1v1 duels. Marksmen have a huge amount of damage that allows them to eliminate an opposing champion quickly. However, Marksmen do not have excellent mobility power, so they become an easy target if they are careless. Their greatest enemies thus become mages and assassins.

1. Vayne

Vayne deservedly ranks first on this list and is an ideal pick for all players who have the desire and patience to learn her abilities and quality build. Vayne is also an extremely strong carry and is pretty unstoppable in the late game. Her Tumble is an excellent dodging skill while at the same time getting a bonus of physical damage based on her AD. Silver Bolts is a passive skill that allows it true damage after every third basic attack. This bonus is based on the target’s max health. Her ultimate Final Hour increases her AD and speeds up the cooldown of her Tumble, while at the same time, Vayne becomes invisible for a duration after using it. Vayne is a very interesting champion, so it is not surprising that players are happy to choose her as an ADC.

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2. Kai’Sa 

Another ideal choice is a flexible Kai’Sa. Kai’Sa becomes strong as soon as she maxes her Icathian Rain and Supercharge. Icathian Rain, in the late game, has a low cooldown which allows her to cast this spell multiple times and does strong damage to the opposing champion. Supercharge makes her invisible but will enable her to move super fast and is thus able to avoid the spells of rival champions.

Her Killer Instinct gives her a shield for two seconds while she dashes into a target location near the enemy champion who is marked. Kai’Sa should by no means be underestimated because, in the late game, she becomes like a monster that is hard to kill while at the same time, her flexibility makes her ideal when she needs to jump to another lane and help her team.

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3. Tristana

Tristana is one of the extremely strong champions in the early game, which is her advantage over some other champions. She is a ranged marksman, which means she relies most on her range and serious damage using her Rocket Jump and Buster Shot. Her abilities allow her early kills, so the opposing champion won’t even be able to cope; Tristana will already catch up to him. 

Regardless of her mobility, it is very important against whom she will be on the lane. Tank champions will give her more problems, so she will be more careful against them and maybe focus more on destroying turrets, which she is very, very good at.

4. Lucian

Like Tristana, the strength of Lucian in 1v1 duels strongly depends on who he is against on the lane. He is already strong in the early game and has high mobility as an advantage. His strength lies in his passive, Lightslinger, which gives him two auto-attacks after each ability cast. 

The Culling, his ultimate, does great damage at long range by firing weapons in one direction, which is hard to avoid. His strong abilities allow a player who has experience playing Lucian to play aggressively, push the lane and quickly eliminate opposing champions, so choosing Lucian for a 1v1 duel will be a great decision.

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5. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is one of the most accessible ADC champions to main, she has high damage output, and since her buffs were returned to her, she is quite strong. Her ultimate allows her to stand at a safe distance and, by firing from a weapon, eliminates opposing champions who fail to escape in front of her open fire. 

Her Strut allows her to move quickly between lanes, and if she is fed up enough, she can take advantage of this and surprise the opposing champions in other lanes. Her Make it Rain can slow down opponent champions by dropping a rain of bullets , allowing Miss Fortune to escape a dangerous situation and possibly win a kill. However, Miss Fortune is a pretty much immobile champion, and this is her biggest weakness in 1v1 duels. 

But with good tactics, proper support, and quality build, Miss Fortune will dominate and thus justify why she is still one of the better choices for the ADC champion.


Choosing only 5 ADC champions who can fight in 1v1 duels was not an easy task. Various factors depend on which of them will be good in the 1v1 duel, from the player’s experience, build, support champion, and the opponent’s champion. Each of these 5 champions has its advantages and disadvantages, but they can prove to be an ideal choice with proper gameplay. 

In addition to Vayne, Kai’Sa, Tristana, Lucian, and Miss Fortune, I would mention Jhin, who is a beast in both early and late game, and Caitlyn who has good movement and long-range damage, but like Miss Fortune, should have good support so as not to become an easy target for stronger champions. Of course, with a little more research, you can find your perfect ADC to main in 1v1 duels.

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