Top 7 Best 1v2 Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has many Champions known for their dueling skills. We’ve even covered that aspect in one of our articles that you should check out. But not all Champions are good when fending off multiple foes alone. The entries on this list are all precisely that – Champions excellent at fighting more than one enemy simultaneously and winning most of the time. 

We’ve compiled the 7 best 1v2 Champions in League of Legends here, and that’s an understatement. The ones you’ll read about in the list are so good at doing that no other can equal them. Trust me when I say this – these Champions are beasts, and you should read to the very end. 

To avoid boring you with these introductory ramblings, I’ll stop now. Let’s begin with our list! 

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7. Darius

Darius has been a dominant force on the Top Lane ever since he was reworked into a Juggernaut, alongside some others. This new power level turned Darius into a formidable opponent, capable of singlehandedly destroying even multiple enemies. He is undoubtedly the most challenging Champion to face for a newbie Top Laner, and there are several reasons for that.

First off, the damage. Darius can deal so much damage with ease, making him pretty unbearable. Everyone dreads fighting him, as he can slice you to death in seconds. He has this sort of danger zone around him, and if you get too close – you’re more or less done for. He has a knack for sticking to you once he gets close enough. 

The second reason is – that people just don’t know how to fight him. They consistently get into the danger zone mentioned above, allowing Darius easy kills. He is strongest in the early to mid-game and drops off towards the later stages. If you manage to survive for long enough, you will outscale him. The problem is that’s difficult to do, as even in a gank situation, Darius can 1v2 without too much hustle. 

At any rate, he is definitely one of the most broken Champions ever to release and has garnered quite a reputation. I highly recommend giving him a try, and you will reap the benefits immediately.  

6. Mordekaiser

Since his rework, which was flooded with controversies, Mordekaiser has become a deadly Juggernaut. Dreaded by both Top players and others alike, he can bash your head in with his giant mace, and you can do nothing about it. 

I like to call this sort of Champion an isolationist class. He revolves a lot around picking off the most crucial enemy target and taking them into his realm. He can keep them dormant for long enough for his team to win the fight. 

If he fails to kill them, they can easily be swept up after the fact. His laning Phase is also solid, and there are few picks to counter him in any considerable capacity. He has damage, heals, shields, CC, you name it. 

And he’s easy to play. Yes, you’ve read it right. Mordekaiser has a straightforward way of being used both in the Lane and in team fights. Pressure your enemies, shove them up against the wall and try to pick them off whenever you can. Your Ultimate buffs you a lot, too, making those 1v2s a lot easier. 

5. Fiora

Fiora has become my most recent main and has enchanted me entirely. Whenever I cannot play her, I simply dodge the queue. She’s been consistently strong over the past 6 months, giving rise to her popularity and infamy. For years now, Fiora has reigned supreme as one of the best dueling Champions ever, but her 1v2 is just as good as her direct confrontational prowess. 

Fiora’s nickname is literally “the grand duelist,” and she pressures her enemies into fighting her, no matter what they want. She will engage in fights constantly, using her passive to her advantage. Fiora cuts opponents down with that true damage and mobility like they’re nothing. Her swift blade slices through their health bars like butter, giving her one of the fastest kill times in the game. 

Fiora cuts them down just as efficiently when the second enemy rolls around. If she has her Ultimate, the 1v2 is pretty much set and done. However, multiple CCs can be a problem as she can only deflect for so long. Her W doesn’t last too much, and if the enemies manage to bait it out, Fiora will be in a pickle. Thus, to really bring out the 1v2 in her, a Fiora player must know what they’re doing at all times. 

I could go on forever about Fiora and her strengths. But, since this is only an entry on a list, it’s better I kept it short. I wholeheartedly recommend you give her a try and even main her for the time being. She’s the strongest she’s ever been, and Riot seems willing to keep her that way. So, why not make use of her while you can? 

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4. Illaoi

Illaoi is much of the same as Darius. However, she does have one thing that truly makes her a horrifying Champion to see in the Lane. Before I get into it, I have to mention that people misunderstand her. 

They underestimate what she can do and consistently drop themselves into situations whence there is no escape. She is heavily reliant on one spell, the soul grab, and you’re pretty much set if you manage to dodge that. 

The one thing that makes Illaoi insanely powerful is her Tentacles and her Ultimate. These two in combination can be deadly, even for an entire team. I can’t even recount the number of times Illaoi had made a Pentakill in split seconds. People are often left wondering what the hell has just happened. 

The easiness with which Illaoi can perform such deeds makes her a terror of the Rift. However, her inherent weaknesses make her nigh unplayable in the higher ranks. Like Darius, she is the bane of the newbie’s existence and will exert her power over them as much as possible. 

I recommend you give her a try, though Darius is much better, in my opinion. They’re in the same category, at the same level, up to you. 

3. Renekton

In the Lane, Renekton can be a menace and can render you defenseless. He has a lot of sustain that stems from his Q, and his CC is borderline mad if appropriately used. Renekton’s passive fills up as you attack and use spells. At 50 points filled, the passive amplifies Renekton’s next ability used. 

At level 3 he will have all 3 of his spells unlocked, and the one that he will emphasize is the W, the source of his CC. This spell is already potent on its own, but when buffed, it can slice and dice you into pieces while holding you stunlocked. 

The order of business with his kit is E through minions to have a reset ready. Then, W-Q and E out. Having no mana, Renekton can repeat this combination of spells endlessly, and if he manages to catch you with the buffed version, you’re undoubtedly dead in the early to mid-Laning Phase. 

If the sports Ignite, it will make facing him even more dreadful, and his Ultimate only makes him stronger. It’s the same as the Nasus one, meaning that he grows large and has a lot more HP. It also slowly fills up his passive bar, giving him even more opportunities to use his buffed spells on you. 

Surviving the Laning Phase against Renekton is everything, and you’ll easily defeat him once you reach the later points in the game. Use your jungler to help you isolate him further early on, so you can reach your potential faster.  

2. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger is a Champion that never fights alone. He never fights, instead leaving the job to his insanely powerful toys. A master of design and technology, Heimerdinger has devised his miniature cannons that do more than enough damage for a single Champion. Though he does use many other spells, the damage primarily comes from the miniature toys. 

These toys can make Heimer very challenging to approach, let alone fight. Heimer can effectively avoid all damage and altercations with good placement and distance. Whenever someone does roll around for a gank, all he needs is to land a single E, and the game’s over. I cannot even express how much damage a single strike from these cannons can do. 

The cannons won’t do too much during the Lane, especially against melees. However, with each item and level, Heimer’s small toys become lethal weapons that are barely survivable. Even when you have a ton of HP and defense, you can barely live for more than a few seconds when all three cannons start raining hellfire on you. 

In 1v2 scenarios, Heimer can easily defeat his enemies. With his Ultimate, he can create a super cannon that, you’ve guessed it – EVEN MORE DAMAGE. He effectively creates a defensive barrier that is insanely dangerous to cross by surrounding himself with them. And I wholeheartedly advise against crossing it, as you will be dead in mere seconds.

There’s so much to talk about with Heimer, but I leave it up to you to figure it all out. I recommend him, and you should go play him – now. 

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1. Singed

Well, I’m going to keep this one as short as possible. Singed is by far the most dreadful Champion ever to be designed, and I simply have a lack of understanding for him. I have a severe disconnection with the minds of Singed players, and that’s why I’m just going over this quickly. 

Singed’s Q leaves a trail of poison behind him. With how fast and insane he is, he can just run around while you try to chase him down. There are also many spells to create extra distance and slow you down, making chasing him even more of a chore. I cannot deal with this Champion, so I’m ending the entry right now without even recommending him. 

God, I hate this thing. 


League of Legends has many Champions fit for dueling. However, 1v2s are not the usual fight, and only a few Champions are vital and obscene enough to handle. The ones above are undoubtedly the best out there, and you should do yourself a favor and give them all a try. Trust me on this one. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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