Top 7 Best AD Support Champions in League of Legends

Supports in League of Legends are a highly challenging and vital role. We’ve seen many meta changes within the role over the past years. There were some drastic ones, while others didn’t leave a lasting impact.

One thing is for sure, though – AD Supports came and stayed. An AD Support was unconventional and an unusual sight back in the day. However, that has changed significantly, with the game sporting a healthy roster of AD Support Champions. 

This article will detail the 7 best AD Supports in League of Legends. Things are always subject to change in League, a volatile live environment. Thus, if anything should happen to shift – we will update the article accordingly. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

7. Pyke

Riot Games never went out of their way to design a Support as an Assassin or Fighter. Well, except for Pyke. He was an experimental attempt to create something new and refreshing and spice up the Support role. 

It backfired for them, however. Pyke never seemed to wish to stay in the Support role, and he has seen action both in the Jungle and on Mid. The latter one was so popular at some point that it spawned dozens of viral videos detailing how to play him. 

As a Support, Pyke is as good as they come. He has a good pull, a long-lasting stun, and tons of damage. That Ultimate also gives a ton of extra gold to Pyke and his ADC, causing them to snowball rapidly. 

Pyke can, therefore, buff his ally exponentially through means of killing. He can prioritize going for kills himself without any cost to his fellow ADC. He will benefit the ADC by taking kills, as they will gain additional gold. 

Pyke is an incredible Support, and I highly recommend you give him a try. 

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6. Pantheon

Pantheon is a traditional Top Lane Fighter that has somehow found his way into the Support role. This is easily explainable, as Pantheon possesses some exquisite Supporting capabilities. Though fit for a Fighter, his kit is almost perfect for the Support job. 

He has a long-range, high damage Q that he can use to harass the enemies from a safe distance. Neither he nor his ally will have to get anywhere near the enemies to do damage. This allows them to grow in power slowly and get enough gold and XP while forcing the enemies into caution. Too much caution, and they will start losing on that precious gold and XP. 

Other than that, Pantheon has his W stun; that’s a point-and-click ability. If Pantheon is buffed, it can do significant damage and last for long. Pantheon can use his E to prevent incoming damage and protect himself and his ADC following an engagement. 

If someone needs to start the fight, or if Pantheon is too far, he can use his juicy Ultimate to get into the action. It has a ton of damage, and it can cause a lot of distress among the enemy team. Pantheon can then proceed with everything mentioned above. 

The only downside to Pantheon can be his single-target focus. However, his overall utility overcomes this, allowing for any focused target to die in seconds. Switching targets is as easy as ever. 

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5. Senna

Making an ADC and labeling it as a Support wasn’t Riot’s brightest idea. Senna almost immediately began her ADC adventure with most players, with many forgetting she was a Support at all. But to say she’s a lousy Support is ignorant, as Senna is rather remarkable in this role. 

She has a ton of scaling, allowing her to get free-range and defenses from her passive. While on the topic of range, Senna’s Q is a far-reaching healing/damage tool that she can use offensively and defensively. If she aims it right, she can even do both simultaneously. 

It allows her to quickly rejuvenate her ally, making Senna and her duo pretty resilient. 

Senna also has a solid root, an excellent cloaking ability for additional protection, and that amazing global Ultimate. It deals a ton of damage, heals, and even grants a shield on top of that. She’s perfect for people who want to play a marksman Support. 

As most of us get into Supporting through auto-fill, Senna is an excellent pick in this case. But I’d go as far as to recommend her to just about anyone that likes to play Support. Trust me; she’s a gem. 

4. Thresh

While you wouldn’t consider Thresh an “AD Support” in any traditional sense, he very much is one. His spells do Magic Damage, yes, but his attacks are our focus here. His E grants Thresh additional damage on his basic attacks, which incrementally increases. By the late game, the bonus damage can be pretty significant, giving Thresh some heavy-hitting attacks. 

AD Thresh is a popular build among off-meta players. But we won’t talk about that just now, instead focusing on the usual stuff. Thresh can scale nicely in defense through his passive, just like Senna. It allows for some laidback gameplay for Thresh can keep his distance and slowly grow. 

However, aggressive gameplay is his thing, and it’s best to focus on that instead. While passive matches are sometimes necessary, offensiveness suits Thresh and his kit much better. Use your Q to reel people in and get your ADC to bash them. Thresh’s primary goal is to keep the enemy at bay while his allies hammer them to death. 

He is hugely skill-shot dependent. Therefore, I’d not recommend him to any novice player out here. Practice your skill shot landing first, and get well versed with the mechanic. After you do so, you should give Thresh a try. You intermediate players out there, what are you waiting for? 

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3. Shen

Another traditional Top Laner, Shen is as good a Support as ever. He has everything you’d ever need from a Tanky Support Champion – a taunt, damage blocking abilities, shields, etc. A complete package if I’ve ever seen one. 

That damage blocking is the bread and butter of Shen’s Support endeavors. It allows him to deflect any basic attack that the enemy throws at him. As we all know, ADCs directly depend on their basic attacks to do any damage. If one happens to deflect them, you see where this is going. 

His taunt also allows him to get all the damage onto him. Though it doesn’t last for too long, any second that the ADC can do damage safely is enough. His global Ultimate is an excellent tool for saving any ally in danger around the map. The shield it gives is impressive and will keep any Champion safe from harm for a long while. 

Shen is a perfect Champion for Tank-loving Support players. I highly recommend you play him, as there’s scarcely any Champion equally as fun. 

2. Sett

Yet another traditional Top Laner. It’s wonderful how Riot’s meta shifting can cause solo Champions to become duo-playing masters. Sett’s damage is what gives him such a reputation, but not what makes him a great Support. For Supporting, Sett relies directly on his E, which I will now explain.

It’s a pull that brings the enemies to him and keeps them there for a quick second. Though seemingly a barely harmful spell, it can be pretty lethal in the right situation. Sett can pull those enemies in and rain hell upon them with his allied ADC. He has a knack for doing hundreds of true damage as a follow-up, so you can see how mighty this can get. 

Sett’s Ultimate is a real treat, too. He can pick out the tankiest opponent and slam-dunk them into the enemies. The more HP the enemy has, the more damage Sett will do with them. While this is perfect for team fights, it can be instrumental in the Bot Lane during 2v2 fights. Sett can take their Support and slam the enemy ADC for chunky damage. 

I highly recommend Sett to just about anyone. Whether you play him on Top or Bot, he’s as great as they come. 

1. Poppy

Poppy is a Yordle that you’d usually find roaming about in the Jungle. Recently she’s picked up the pace and become a popular Jungle pick. And rightfully so, as she has a ton of utility that can serve her team well. This utility also works nicely in Bot Lane, making her a solid Support pick. 

She has a ton of CC, can prevent enemies from jumping and dashing, and her damage is not too shabby. As a Tank, she’s also able to soak up a ton of damage and provide her ADC with enough protection. If the enemies get too close, she can just shove them back with her E. 

Poppy is the best against dashing Champions, as her W knocks up any Champion that tries to do so. It’s an excellent anti-escape tool that can keep an enemy grounded for long enough to be killed. It doesn’t last for too long, so using it has to be thoughtful and meticulous. 

Poppy is not an easy Champion to play. A lot of stuff surrounding her is situational and can be difficult to predict. Thus, I’d recommend Poppy to intermediate players. Those who wish to play her but are new to the game make sure to do so in Normals and custom games before trying the real deal. 


League of Legends has many Champions on its roster. Supports are not numerous but are a challenging and carefully designed bunch. Rarely does any off-meta pick fit the mold, and we’re glad that we’ve been able to make a list like this one. Though not all of these are off-meta picks, most are, and it’s good to have diversity in any role. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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