Top 7 Best ADC Streamers To Watch

Experts in all fields agree that the best way to improve at anything in life is through dedicated practice. While playing the game is necessary for improvement, especially for a role as mechanically intensive as ADC, it is also essential to study how better players play. Good players will learn from their mistakes, while great players will learn from the mistakes of others. We hope that we can help you find someone new to watch, whether you’re trying to improve or just trying to have a good time!

7. Rekkles

Rekkles is one of the most chill ADCs in League of Legends. ADC has played an important role and has notoriously attracted very cocky players. Rekkles breaks the mold in the personality aspect. You will rarely if ever, hear him call his opponents trash or talk down about his teammates.

Rekkles has played professionally for many European teams and is very respected in the pro scene as a masterclass ADC. There is a lot to learn from watching Rekkles play, and after most games, he will talk about how he could’ve played better. So Rekkles is perfect for players that enjoy chill streamers and a great player to watch for improving their ADC skills. 

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6. xFSN Saber

xFSN Saber has a big personality and is very entertaining. His fans enjoy him because he is humorous and informative (Sometimes). xFSN Saber has plenty of coaching videos that you can skim through if you’d like to learn more about the ADC role and how to improve. Coaching videos are a valuable resource because many players in the same Elo are making the same mistakes. xFSN Saber posts a lot of entertaining content on Youtube, so he is also a great streamer to watch even if you aren’t focusing on improvement and just want to have fun. 

5. Sneaky

Sneaky is a professional League of Legends player and has been a household name in the NA pro scene for almost a decade now. It’s very hard not to love Sneaky. He’s funny, humble, and all-around entertaining to watch. We recommend Sneaky to everyone, as there is a lot that players can learn from watching a veteran ADC main. We wish Sneaky streamed more often, but he likely has a busy schedule. If you happen to catch him streaming, though, do yourself a favor and take a peek! 

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4. Arrowioi

Arrow is a former professional player who has shifted his focus to streaming and making Youtube content. The great thing about Arrow is that his main focus is on coaching and creating educational content. His Youtube channel is chock-full of guides and coaching sessions. He covers many things other ADC streamers do not talk about, like the macro decisions of an ADC or when to use specific items. Overall, Arrow may be the best streamer to watch for improving ADC.  

3. Gosu

Gosu, aka “hi im gosu” is one of the most famous Vayne players in the world. He made his name through streaming with no voice or face cam. Instead, he relied on chill music and insane ADC mechanics. Nowadays, Gosu does speak, but he is still wrecking solo queue with Vayne and streaming for TSM. He doesn’t commentate quite as much as others, so it is more challenging to learn from him. However, sometimes it is nice to sit back and watch someone be an expert at their craft, and Gosu is perfect for that. 

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2. Doublelift

Speaking of Vayne mains, Doublelift is a must in any League of Legends streaming conversation. He has one of the biggest personalities in the game. Doublelift is one of those players that are not afraid to call someone trash or boast about how good they are. However, Doublelift stands out from other trash-talkers because he can back it up.

Hailing from NA, Doublelift has been one of the best, if not THE best, ADC in the game for his entire career. He has played professionally for over a decade and is probably the most notorious player on this list. His personality can be a bit much for some people, but that’s just Doublelift, and we love him for it. 

1. CookieLoL

CookieLoL is a smaller steamer than many on this list, but we still believe he is one of the best ADC streamers in League of Legends. While he does not have a lot of followers (relatively), his skills and advice are top-notch. He tops our list because he is the perfect balance of entertainment and informativeness. On his Youtube channel, he has a lot of guides for specific ADCs and general ADC guides, which are both perfect for learning and improving at the game. On top of this, we like CookieLoL as a person and think he has one of the best personalities of any active ADC streamer. Simply put, Cookie is the man. 

Here’s our list of the best ADC streamers to watch. We tried to balance this list for players who enjoy watching streams for fun and those who watch to learn. There are many great ADC streamers, and everyone gravitates towards different personalities, so this list is a great starting point but not definitive. Having said all that, We hope that we have helped you find at least one more streamer to add to your list! 

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