Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Alistar in League of Legends

Alistar is an excellent engage champion, be it early or late game. So it is only natural that he should be partnered with champions who can capitalize on these engages. ADC champions that can follow up on these engages are the ones that have gap closers or crowd control abilities as well. Alistar is also great at peeling his carries, so take the chance to pick high-risk, high-reward champions in solo queue. With that in mind, let’s look at the top 5 ADC champions you can play with Alistar support.

1. Kalista

Kalista works well with Alistar because of her passive ability that lets her leap a short distance every time she throws a basic attack. It is also great as Alistar can provide great peeling for Kalista as she puts stacks of her spears in her enemies. Kalista gets stronger the longer the fight goes. 

With Kalista, make sure to put your spear passive on Alistar so both of you can capitalize on the bonus damage it provides when you both hit the same champion. During the late game, Kalista can help Alistar open up a fight with her ultimate. Alistar can cast it upon enemy champions and headbutt them away from their teammates, making an easy pick for the team. 

During the laning phase, this duo can play aggressively. Alistar can engage the enemy ADC with his basic combo as Kalista continues to pin her more and more of her passive. This combo could easily secure an early kill; if not, then it is guaranteed that the enemy ADC has to reset for him to continue taking CS. 

If ever the enemy decides to stay, Alistar can go in an all-in combo with his flash or hex flash to secure the kill. Repeat this type of trading, and you will surely snowball the lane to victory.

Items you can build on Alistar to have stronger synergy with Kalista

Zeke’s Convergence

This item works really well with the Alistar-Kalista combo. As we all know, Kalista lacks skills that slow down enemy champions’ movement speed. She only has one, which is the active of her E ability. With Zeke’s Convergence, Alistar can engage with his basic combo and cast his ultimate immediately so he can follow up his crowd controls with a slow effect on the enemy team. 

With the enemy being slowed, Kalista can now either kite or chase the enemy and put more of her passive on them. The more passive she puts on the enemy team, the stronger its damage gets, which can be used as the last hit to secure a kill. It also comes with an added passive that the ADC partnered with this item deals bonus damage.

Mikael’s Blessing

This is a very underrated Item that would work well on Kalista. Alistar can build this item in the early game if there are champions that can root enemies. Champions like Morgana or Lux are great examples. Kalista has one weakness, and that is being pinned down to one location, unable to move. She won’t be able to abuse her passive ability if she gets rooted, so building this item makes perfect sense to help Kalista, plus the item only costs 2300 gold.

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2. Vayne

If you want to pick a hyper-carry champion, be sure to partner it with a champion that can peel well for her. That is why Alistar works so well with Vayne. Her main objective as the hyper carry of the team is to farm fast enough so she can reach her power spike and start demolishing the enemy team. 

Alistar is great when peeling his carries; you can play slow during the laning phase and just focus on farming with this duo. Make sure to ward every possible ganking position of the lane as Alistar. 

If it so happens that one ganks your lane, be prepared to use your headbutt and pulverize at the right moment. Sure, you can use it anytime, but using it at the right time can save your duo and secure a kill for them.

What do I mean by this

For example, an enemy Lee Sin proceeds to gank your lane. You are both running towards the tower for safety. The Lee Sin lands his Q on your ADC, you can either headbutt him away so he can’t dash towards your ADC, or you can wait for him to continue dashing to your ADC. When he commits with his 2nd Q cast, you can pulverize him upon arrival and headbutt him to your tower; with this, you did not only peel for your ADC but also gave him a potential kill score. 

When playing Vayne, Alistar can opt-out of building Mikael’s Blessing as Vayne can build QSS on her own. During the late game, Vayne can go on her own to secure kills for herself. With a QSS built on Vayne, she can peel for herself because of her evasive set of skills. Alistar works well on Vayne because of the role that Alistar needs to babysit Vayne for her to reach her power spike. 

3. Kog’Maw

Kog’Maw is a champion that is also high-risk, high reward. He lacks self-peeling abilities like dashes or sustains; he only has his E ability to slow enemies down either to chase them or prevent them from getting close and personal with him. Kog’Maw has really high damage output during the late game as he deals health percentage missing as bonus damage. 

For him to kill his enemies, Kog’Maw needs to make sure that they don’t reach him and he is in range long enough to wear them down, eventually killing them. That is why Alistar works so well with him.

How Kog’Maw abuses Alistar as a support

As mentioned above, Kog’Maw needs to maintain the perfect distance between him and his enemy to secure a kill. Sure, he can use his ult to poke enemies, but the bread and butter of his damage comes from his basic attacks. 

As Alistar, you can pick the Hex Flash keystone and acquire brush control in the bot lane. Having established this lane dominance, enemies would now think twice to go near minion range, preventing them from taking EXP and Gold. If they as much as try to go and take a cs, Alistar can use his hex flash and pulverize them, following it up with a headbutt towards Kog’Maw. This combo would put the enemy in a dangerous position where they are forced to use their flash or save it and die at the hands of Kog’Maw. 

If the enemy proceeds to use their flash, just repeat the same strategy to finally secure a kill. If they ask for ganks from their mid or jungler, just continue to give peels for your Kog’Maw and demolish the enemy team during the late game. 

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4. Jhin

Partnering with Alistar that can follow up on his basic combo engage is perfect, that is why Jhin is one of the best champions to pick with Alistar. Their combo is pretty basic, Alistar proceeds with his headbutt pulverize combo, and Jhin roots the enemy caught with his W, prolonging the enemy’s immobility. Jhin also has skills with very long range, and this is also great as Jhin can stay far away, and Alistar takes up all the damage from the enemy team and still have synergy. 

They can have great synergy for the entire duration of the game. Jhin can dish out insane amounts of damage while Alistar sets kills for him. During a team fight. Jhin and Alistar can open up a pick on the enemy team as they do their basic trading combo. The duo can lock down on enemy carry for their team to burst down. If it so happens that the enemy survives, Jhin can finish them with his ultimate ability, which has a very long range. 

Jhin also lacks self-peeling abilities that is why he needs to be protected all throughout the game. With this in mind, Alistar can build various items to protect Jhin even further. 

Items you can build on Alistar to have stronger synergy with Jhin

Knight’s Vow

Jhin needs constant peeling, and Alistar can provide just that, but what if Alistar’s abilities come on cooldown? How could he protect Jhin? That is why Knight’s Vow works so well with Alistar. This item diverts the damage of the designated champion towards the caster of its passive ability. This works well on Alistar because he is a tank champion and can take on the damages that Jhin receives. 


It is not all the time that Alistar can stay beside Jhin’s side. There are times that he needs to roam or to recall without Jhin, so having an item that can help his ADC even though they are far away apart is great. This item can also be used even if the caster is dead. If Alistar ever dies after an engage, he can still peel on Jhin with this item giving him the upper hand on prolonged fights. 

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5. Samira

Yes, Samira, the ADC who can capitalize on any kind of support. She’s got it all, sustain, damage, self-peel, you name it. Those are just a few of the reasons why so many players think that this champion is broken. But when she is partnered with an Alistar, they can demolish their lane and the entire game. When you play Samira and Alistar duo, there are lots of different engage styles you can do. 

Either Alistar initiates a fight or Samira herself, as she has a skill that blocks all types of projectiles. To top it all off, she has a passive that extends the duration of crowd control abilities cast upon enemy champions. 

Alistar can peel or engage for her because they have such strong synergy because of the fact that they both have gap closers and damages. So all types of approaches can be made with these two. 

When you play this duo, you can start a game slow when faced against champions that beat your range. Once you have completed a Shieldbow or enough sustain items, you can start playing aggressively with Alistar’s basic combo and a quick passive dash follow-up from Samira. This duo also excels on extended fights as Samira grows stronger the longer the fight goes, and Alistar has enough tankiness to survive the entire skirmish. 

Final thoughts

Alistar is an excellent champion to partner with most of ADC champions. He does have a very low ban and pick rate, so picking him this season might come off as a massive advantage for your team. So try and pick him often in your games; just make sure that our ADC know’s what to do when playing with Alistar support. With all of that said, GLHF on your next games summoner, see you on the rift. 

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