Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Blitzcrank in League of Legends

Blitzcrank has been around for a very long time. Long enough for people to know that this support is not to be taken lightly. He gives constant threats to the enemy team as anytime he can pull them towards his team, which basically means instant death for the unlucky one. But Blitzcrank has one weakness, and it is the fact that once he’s thrown his hook, he basically becomes useless until it comes off cooldown. Despite this fact, he really is still an intimidating support, much so if he’s partnered with the right ADC.

With Blitzcrank’s skills in mind, he provides great zoning to create spaces for his team. During the laning phase, he can stay in the brush to give a constant reminder to the enemy bot lane duo that they need to think twice before walking close and taking CS. With all that out of the way, let us now take a look at the very reason why you’re here, the top 5 best ADC you can synergize with Blitzcrank.

1. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a great lane bully and zoner thanks to her W trap. As we all know, she works well with champions that have root abilities like Lux or Morgana. But little do people know, Blitz Cait works so well because of the burst potential that they have, plus Blitzcrank has excellent peeling abilities to help keep Cait safe. 

There is an easy combo you can do with this duo. Let Blitzcrank hook an enemy champion, once he lands his hook he’ll immediately follow it up with a knockup, this is the perfect time for you to plant your traps and burst the enemy with your abilities as well. If the enemy manages to get away, you have your ult as Caitlyn to secure the kill. That is why every hook Blitzcrank hits, it is almost a guarantee that you will kill that champion.

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2. Miss Fortune

Blitzcrank is a really great support, but only if he lands his hooks. Playing Blitzcrank might seem easy if you are not the one playing him, but landing his hooks is quite hard as enemies know how to sidestep and predict your casting moment. But with MF as Blitz’s ADC, you can almost guarantee a hook.
MF can slow enemies down with her E ability to make it easier for Blitzcrank to land his hooks. MF can also clear ranged minions to expose the enemy bot lane duo for a hook.

This duo works great as Blitzcrank can peel MF hard against enemy assassins. He can also build items like Zeke’s Convergence which empowers the both of them if Blitz casts his ultimate ability. Frozen heart works great on Blitzcrank too as it does not only give him a huge boost in mana, but also has a passive that slows his enemies down. It also gives him enough tankiness to perform a clean tower dive. 

3. Draven

Draven works so well with champions with hooks as he has everything even in the early game. Nuke-like damage, mobility, and a small CC, once Blitzcrank lands a hook, Draven can Follow up on it with a very strong damage from his Q. He can chase down enemies with his W and win trades against them as he can keep his blood boil ability going. As the fight goes on Blitzcrank can continue hitting his enemies and wait for his E ability to come off cooldown, as it only has a very short cooldown. 

With this duo, you can play extremely aggressive and control the tempo of the game. You can prioritize buying items to improve your damage output with Draven. Items like Infinity Edge or even Lethality items are great on him. You don’t have to worry about sustain items on Draven as Blitzcrank’s CC and burst damage is strong enough to kill enemies hit with his hook. His knockup and silence last long enough for Draven to burst enemies down. This duo really is a force to be reckoned with, so definitely try picking this combo with your duo partner. 

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4. Tristana

Pretty much the same with Draven, Tristana provides strong burst damage even in the early game. Once Blitzcrank hooks an enemy, Tristana can follow it up with a rocket jump Q + E combo to burst down an enemy champion. 

There is another great trick you can do with this duo. So, the combo goes like this, Blitzcrank hooks an enemy champion and proceeds to burst him with his E + R combo, then Tristana jumps behind the hooked champion and she can ult that champion even further back so that champions team is very far away from her. Which would mean the death of the hooked champion. 

Tristana Blitz also benefits so much from Zeke’s Convergence. Blitz needs to slow enemies down after casting his skills so he can keep a close range with them long enough for his skills to come off cooldown again. Tristana, being a champion dependent on her basic attacks, would also abuse the effects of Zeke’s passive bonus damage on her. Play this duo the right way and have a good communication with your partner, then interesting plays will come as you play. 

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5. Heimerdinger

Now Heim really isn’t an ADC as he is a mage, his damages comes from his ability power, and skills. But you can use Heim in the bot lane as a carry. This duo really has the highest lane dominance potential. Heim’s turrets and Blitz’s hook can really scare the enemy bot lane duo. Because a hook from Blitzcrank is an easy kill. 

Blitz hooks an enemy and Heim follows it up with his stun ability which would make his turrets deal burst damage on the unlucky enemy champion. They can also follow it up with Blitzcranks rocket punch and Heim’s rockets, which would result in a very strong burst damage coming from 2 champions.

This duo also works great as Heim can play a weakside lane while Blitzcrank roams all over the map to help the entire team. Boots of mobility would work great on Blitzcrank along with the waterwalking rune, this would open up a huge potential for roams.

During the late game, both of these champions would pose a huge threat to the enemy team with their skillshots. Heim has an excellent AOE damage while Blitz has a threatening CC ability which is one of the best skills for picking off enemy carries.

With Blitzcrank, you can build almost all active utility items as he does not really need damage or tankiness. His main value comes from his hook ability which is so unique that one hit from it could very well be the deciding factor of one game. With all that in mind, now you know how to play Blitzcrank with the best ADC’s to partner him with. Now go out there and play games to dominate your enemies. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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