Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Brand in League of Legends

Brand is a skillshot based champion. He casts so many spells within a minute and can dominate a lane by spamming enemies with endless burns and burst damages. That is why he is a great support, he can zone enemies away from his ADC as they farm. Gaining a lead on gold and exp during the laning phase is a huge factor that might lead to a huge snowball as the game goes on. ( He can take the presence of mind keystone along with Manaflow Band so he doesn’t run out on mana when spamming the enemy champions.

Brand also poses a huge threat late game as he can build on Liandry’s and Demon embrace combo along with a Morello, this would give him so much DPS on the enemy team as the effects of these items get prolonged by his passive ability. So, it’s great to partner brand with a champion that can hard carry the late game. A champion who can capitalize on just farming minions instead of kills, today we are going to teach you the champions to pick with Brand as support so you can win more games. 

1. Vayne

I mentioned Brand is perfect for champions who need to farm early game but demolish teams during the late game, and there is no other champion better than Vayne when it comes to this kind of strategy. Vayne relies on her CS during the laning phase as she is pretty weak before she gets her power spike. Let Vayne take CS as you harass enemies with your spells as Brand. This duo can control the wave management and the tempo of the game in the bottom lane. This is perfect because you not only zone them out of exp and gold but also make them vulnerable to ganks from your allied jungler or mid laner. 

You definitely want to build DPS items on Brand as you are expected to contribute to the team damage later on in the game. With your long-range skills, you will be able to stack your Frostfang in no time. Take this range advantage to communicate with your jungler to prepare for ganks in your lane. 

Vayne and Brand can also trade with the enemy duo even in the laning phase. Brand can use his combo to stun one of the opponents and Vayne can follow this up with a wall stun condemn which would very likely lead to a takedown. This synergy can start a snowball as early as the laning phase and continue to capitalize on that until the end of the game.

2. Ezreal

Brand’s peel is not that great as he only relies on the stun his Q provides, if it misses then he can’t protect his ADC anymore. Good thing Ezreal has a self-peel ability that gets him out of harms way. Another great reason why this duo is great is because of Ezreals range, this compliments Brand’s long-range combos so well that they can bully the enemy duo. If Brand lands a stun on one enemy, Ezreal can quickly follow it up with any of his skills. 

With Ezreal having his own self-peel ability, Brand can roam mid, top, or the jungle to help their other teammates. This is great as it doesn’t only give Ezreal solo gold and exp, but their teammates also gain leads against their opponents which would eventually lead to a Victory screen. 

It’s great if both Ez and Brand build items that slow their enemy’s movement speed like Serylda’s Grudge and Crystal Scepter. Landing skillshots would be easier with these items as it impairs the enemy’s movement speed. 

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3. Jhin

Another long-range champion who can quickly follow up on Brand’s stun combo. Jhin also has the ability to take out enemies from a far away range. This combo is really aggressive as both champions have great skill synergies. One combo from Brand to be followed by a root and ult from Jhin would be a great way to pick one enemy be it during the laning phase or the late game. 

Of course, they don’t need to be fully aggressive, they also have to take in mind that some players know how to deal with difficult situations. So, play smartly and don’t blindly kill enemies for your amusement. Remember, Jhin is squishy and doesn’t have a self-peel ability aside from his flash. But build Liandry’s + Demon embrace combo on brand, it is almost a guarantee that even tanks would think twice before engaging this duo. 

4. Caitlyn

Cait has a very unique skill for being an ADC, she has a crowd control ability that has no prerequisite to proc. It only needs enemies to step on it. This works really well when you play with a Brand support. You can chain CC enemies with this duo, Brand can stun combo an enemy and Cait can extend the immobility of the enemy by placing a trap on the point where they are standing at. The duo can then proceed to burst the unlucky enemy. Cait can also put another trap in front of the enemy to follow up on yet another root. Enemies wouldn’t usually notice this as they are so focused on running away and surviving.

During the late game, this duo’s entire team can benefit from their skills. Their long-range pokes and burst work great to zone out the enemy carries. Brand can also demolish tanks with his late-game items. So, they don’t only work great during the laning phase, but also the late game. Their high burst potential is very threatening that the enemy team should think twice before engaging in team fights with their team 

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5. Ashe

Ashe is a very underrated ADC because she really doesn’t synergize well with the season 12 new Items. But little do people know that items don’t really matter that much if you know how to play the game with your duo. Ashe is a monster in the late game which means she needs all the help she can get to the farm fast to get her core items. 

Brand is a great champion to pair with Ashe as he can zone enemies away from Ashe. Brand can either solo kill one of the enemy duos or repeatedly bring their health low to force them to reset. Brand as a support for Ashe is like playing the lane by yourself. Harassing the enemies just like you would do in the mid-lane. The only difference is that you won’t take CS and make sure Ashe secures all CS she can get. As you babysit Ashe in the early game, she would then be able to pay you back later on as she carries the game. Late game carrying is the main purpose of the majority of AD carries that is why Brand is great to pair with almost any ADC in season 12. 

Brand is great in dealing damage and zoning enemies, but he lacks in heals and shields or even peels she can provide for the ADC, so make sure to scatter wards throughout the jungle and the riven to prevent ganks and flanks. Playing offensively while paying close attention to the map will eventually lead to a victory with Brand as a support. Now that you know the champions best suited for Brand, go play some more games with them. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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