Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Braum in League of Legends

Braum is excellent support as he can play like a tank, a setter, an initiator, and an enchanter. His most valued ability as a support in the early game is his passive ability. This ability starts an increasing stack upon the enemy with each subsequent hit it receives. So, champions who can quickly proc this passive stun works very well with Braum. 

This is a great trading strategy that can lead to a giant snowball. Braum also works excellent with supports because of his shield and dash combo. Braum can quickly come to the aid of his ADC when the need arises. He can pick the Guardian keystone to give his ADC the best protection. His 2nd skill alone gives his ADC a flat amount of resistance, and it can be partnered with his E ability which works just like Yasuo wind wall. 

It blocks all projectiles rendering them useless, and he receives reduced damage while this skill is up. You can do many things with Braum but let us first look at the champions that work well with him. 

1. Lucian

Of course, the classic bot lane duo. Lucian is excellent ad proccing Braums passive as he has a gap closer and a passive that lets him shoot two bullets simultaneously. So Braum can cast his Q on the enemy champion, putting one stack of his passive on them. 

Lucian can quickly follow this up with an E auto-attack Q combo. This will be a guaranteed stun and burst damage, perfect for early trades. After this trade, both can back out to avoid further damage, making the enemy duo lose their health bars with no exchange. 

Another thing that makes this duo such a force to be reckoned with is Braum’s shield. Anytime in the game, the pair can face enemies head-on, with Braum standing in front of Lucian as a shield and Lucian just shooting away at enemies. Braum’s shield negates all kinds of projectiles that might hit Lucian. This leaves Lucian the opportunity to chip away at their enemy’s health. 

Suppose one champion ever gets close to Lucian. In that case, Braum can quickly dash towards Lucian and passive proc the enemy. Or he can immediately use his ultimate ability to knock enemies airborne and slow them afterward. 

Best Season 12 Items You Can Build on Braum for Lucian


Nobody really notices this Item that much on Braum as he has a meager pick rate and most usually builds shield and heal items on Braum. But this Item would work great on him as he can dash towards minions. 

This would surprise the enemy team as they haven’t seen this kind of interaction before. So, you can dash on your allied minions and quickly cast Everfrost on the unsuspecting enemy, promptly follow it up with your Q passive proc and when the stun is about to end, use your ultimate ability to knock them up and slow them. 

This is an excellent CC chain ability to lock down one enemy champion for 5 seconds or even more if your teammates have more CC to stack on this. You can use this if there are assassin champions like Leblanc or Zed. Lucian can quickly follow up on these CC chains as he has gap closers and long-range abilities. 

Locket of the Iron Solari

Braum provides excellent peels for his ADC’s but Lucian is a very squishy champion. With Locket, Braum constantly provides Lucian with resistances, which can be stacked with his dash ability, which puts resistances on the unit he cast it upon. This is also great for trading as its passive ability will put a shield on Lucian. 

You can use this at the start of the trade to prevent damage for your ADC or use it at the last minute to prevent the previous tick of damage from killing your ADC. Anyway, this Item’s effects would benefit Braum and his teammates, giving it considerable value. 

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2. Tristana

The best way to utilize Braum as a support is to proc his stuns as quickly as possible. With Tristana’s long-range, high mobility, and fast attack speed partnered with Hail of Blades, they can do just that in any phase of the game. Be it early or late game, this duo would wreck team comps. 

Picking Braum in this duo comes with multiple playstyles. Braum can either select a Hail of Blades keystone if enemies do not have solid pokes or engage. This way, Braum can proc his passive self and play very aggressively, just like how Damwon ended G2 in Worlds 2020. 

He can also play very defensively with Tristana as she plays aggressively. Tristana has a fast start in all games as she reaches a substantial power spike when she reaches level 3. Braum can quickly follow up on this by providing her with all types of peels and initiations. Any champion who dare to trade with this duo should be aware that they have a great burst potential and high defensive abilities. 

Best Season 12 Items You Can Build on Braum for Tristana

Moonstone Renewer

Tristana lacks heals and lifesteals. She can build lifesteal items. Still, she needs to focus on damaged items, or else her value falls off in the late game most of the time. Braum can coordinate with tristana and build a Moonstone redemption combo to provide all the heals that Tristana needs so she can focus on all offensive items. Braum can often proc the effects of moonstone, giving back a huge value for such a low price with a strong poke and engagement. 

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3. Ashe

Both hailing from the regions of the Freljord, these two icy champions will indeed work great together with their icy skills. Ashe excels in slowing her enemies as she hits them from a farther range. She provides constant pressure to prevent enemies from taking CS. This champion synergizes with Braum so well that it’s almost impossible to farm when facing this duo. 

With Ashe’s long-range basic attacks and W alone, the enemy will be really frustrated about taking CS. Braum also provides constant threat as he can jump on melee minions anytime to cast his Q and passive on the enemy. This slows the enemy champion, which Ashe can quickly follow up on her W and elemental attacks, almost guaranteeing a kill every time one is caught in this kind of strategy. What’s great is that they can chain their CC abilities.

They can perpetually slow their enemies and also stun them for a very long time. Braum has an excellent CC ability that lasts long with a slow. He can follow it up with an ult that knocks enemies airborne, and Ashe can also stack his ult stun on the enemy, locking them down for more than 5 seconds. 

If you are immobilized for that long in a game of League of Legends, you might as well let go of your keyboard and watch as your screen turns grey. 

Best Season 12 Items You Can build on Braum for Ashe


Building Everfrost on Braum would add another few seconds to the CC chain this duo can dish out. If the enemy is not hit within the stun location of the Item, they will undoubtedly be slowed down. That’s why the value of this Item on Braum and Ashe is just so very high. The stats that Everfrost gives also add to the aggressive nature of Braum.

4. Vayne 

Babysitting ADC champions is what Braum really does for the entirety of the game. Braum can protect Vayne throughout the match until she can solo kill the entire opposing team. They also have an excellent trading tactic during the laning phase. 

Braum can start by casting his Q on one of the duos, and Vayne quickly follows up on it to stun the champion. Just before the stun wears off, Vayne can condemn the enemy to prevent further damage giving them nothing in return for that trade. 

At the late game, Braum should stay by Vayne’s side at all times to give her the peels while she goes on to kill the entire enemy members. Every time an enemy gets close to Vayne, Braum could either jump by her side to provide peel or cast his ultimate to give space for Vayne’s kiting.

Best Season 12 items You Can Build on Braum for Vayne

Knight’s Vow

This Great Item works so well with Braum and Vayne as it gives Braum a bonus movement speed passive. It also diverts damage that Vayne receives towards Braum, which can be stacked with Braum’s dash—making Vayne so tanky even though she doesn’t have any tank items or keystones. Any extra movement speed that Vayne gains is always great for safety and engagement. 

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5. Caitlyn

Caitlyn can proc Braum’s passive at a long range and follow it up with her W snare to secure a massive burst on the enemy while getting no damage In return. With Caitlyn’s Long-range, the only threat for her would be another long-range skill or character. Braum can easily protect her from these things with his shield and peels. 

This duo would feel like putting a gun in front of a riot shield. Robust protection with a threat of dealing damage to anyone facing the shield. Caitlyn can build a Galeforce for even further peeling if something gets past Braum’s colossal shield.

Braum can build whatever Item with this duo as what really is important is his shield. Caitlyn can stay at a safe range, so Braum should build items depending on the enemies they face. 

So those are the best ADC champions you can partner with Braum in any kind of game. I hope you pick Braum more in your games as Braum really is underrated support who can do all kinds of stuff. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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