Top 5 Best ADCs To Pair With Galio in League of Legends

Galio is a flexible champion that can be played in the mid-lane or as a support. As support, he can dish out insane amounts of magic damage with lots of crowd control effects. His Q and passive also have very low cooldowns, which he can abuse to bully anyone they are faced with in the laning phase. His engagement is also great, and he has a taunt ability that gives him damage reduction perfect for tanking all kinds of harasses the enemy can throw at them. With all that, let us now get down to the top 5 best ADC’s you can pair with Galio in season 12.

1. Kai’Sa

This is a very perfect combo as all their skills synergize so well. One essential thing you can do with your ultimates is based on Kai’Sa’s ult. It goes like this, Kai’Sa marks one of her enemies, and she can make an ult dash towards that champion. She can even do this in the middle of the opposing team, even though it’s five of them clumped together. Kai’Sa might want to use any stasis items so she can survive just before Galio arrives. Just as Kai’Sa comes at the enemy’s side, Galio can immediately cast his ult to guarantee a multi-champion knockup. They can then burst down with their damaging skills. 

They can both win the lane in the early game as Galio harasses their enemies and perform a quick engagement with his combo Kai’Sa can follow it all up to stay at a safe range while Galio takes all the damage and taunts the enemy. Galio can provide excellent zoning Kai’Sa so she can farm and snowball until they win. 

Best Season 12 Items You Can Build on Galio for Kai’Sa

Shurelya’s Battlesong

This is perfect as Kai’sa struggles in range. More movement speed means Kai’Sa gains the ability to kite enemies for her to play aggressively. It goes both ways, so Galio can also benefit from this. He needs all the gap closers he can get to land his taunt and CC abilities on enemies.

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2. Yasuo

I know what you’re thinking. This duo might lose the lane because both champions are melee, and they will be harassed by the enemy bot lane duo. But hear me out, this duo will demolish any laning opponents they have. Yasuo is a very aggressive laner, but he lacks protection and is very squishy. That is where Galio comes in. With very low cooldowns, both champions can control the tempo in bot lane or play super aggressively while controlling the wave flow. 

Yasuo can dash on minions, which means he can get close to the enemy, poke them and quickly get out. He can do this repeatedly to bring the opponent’s health down. When this happens, Galio can then go on an all-in engagement to finish their enemies. They also work great during the late game as both their ults work hand in hand. Yasuo can dash inside the ranks of the enemy team, and Galio can use his ult on Yasuo, knocking them all airborne. Yasuo can then use his ultimate to finish them all. 

Best Season 12 Item You Can Build on Galio for Yasuo


Locking enemies down with his CC abilities and burst is great as Yasuo hits them until they die. Everfrost extends this immobility, making it easier for Yasuo to hit his tornadoes, leading to wombo combos.

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3. Swain

Swain can also be played in the bot lane. He is a champion who works excellently together with champions with CC abilities. He can pull them towards him whenever they are immobilized. Swain and Galio or both mages, which means they can win the lane early on by spamming abilities on the enemy. Winning lanes in the early game would both put them in a fast-growing snowball state, which can then dominate every other lane in the late game

Swain can open up a fight with his ultimate ability and heal the damages the enemies deal to him because of his conqueror rune. Galio can then ult on him to start a massive initiate for the entire team to follow up on. With this burst of CC and damage, you are sure to win every skirmish with the enemy team you will ever have. 

Best Season 12 Item You Can Build on Galio for Swain

Hextech Rocketbelt

Galio can build AP items so they can both have a massive impact on their team in the late game. This is also a great item on Galio as it gives him more engagement potential to help Swain take down enemies more. This is an excellent item when you are partnered with Swain because you can help him burst down enemies.

4. Samira

With this duo, you can perform initiates and engage simultaneously as you both have excellent gap closer abilities. To top it all off, Samira has a passive that extends the duration of CC abilities on enemies she first approaches. 

Samira also has her own self-peel coming from her insane lifesteal and projectile negator. Samira is a broken champion whenever she casts her ultimate ability. Still, every time she throws her ult, she needs to be protected from all kinds of Crowd Controls. This is where Galio comes in as he can stay beside Samira as she ults. It’s also great to taunt enemies caught in Samira’s ult range so they won’t have the chance to react to her ultimate. The damage reduction from Galio’s top also works great. It gives Samira enough survivability to help her survive long enough to have her ultimate and lifesteal her way back up to total health. 

Best Season 12 Item You Can Build on Galio for Samira

Moonstone Renewer

Samira has excellent lifesteal with her passives, but a little more heal is perfect while casting her ult. Galio can put moonstone procs on every enemy with his AOE skills for Samira to proc with her ult. This would be great as sometimes Samira gets brought down by subsequent damages from enemy champions while she is ulting. You need to ensure that she survives long enough until she kills her enemies and gets her dash resets. 

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5. Kalista

This duo revolves around Kalista’s ultimate ability. Kalista can open up a fight by using Galio for her ultimate ability. Galio arrives and knocks everybody caught airborne. He can continue the crowd control abilities with his E knockup and W taunt and follow it up with his Q and passive proc. This would deal so much damage that all Kalista has to do is finish them off with her hits and E active. 

Best Season 12 Item You Can Build on Galio for Kalista


Galio can use this item just before he casts his ultimate on Kalista. His damage reduction will be followed up by a burst of heals. This item also damages the enemies caught within its radius. It might be weak damage, but it might still be a huge deciding factor of who wins the exchange. 

So that sums up the best ADC champions you can partner with Galio. I hope you find this helpful for your next games. GLHF on your next games summoner, see you on the rift. 

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