Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Janna in League of Legends

Janna is one of those champions that excel in peeling their ADCs. Her tornadoes and shields are some of the most essential peeling abilities in League of Legends. She also has a poke ability that slows enemies trying to get to the ADC or running away from them. She also has an ultimate ability that heals her allies and pushes all enemies near her to the edge of their range. Janna must build as much ability haste as possible, as her value does not come from her shield or heal strength. 

Still, from the CC abilities, she has. There is a saying that you should never chase a Janna because you won’t ever be able to reach her. Janna is the perfect champion to pick if your ADC decides to pick a hyper-carry marksman that needs heavy babysitting in the laning phase. With all that, let us now take a look at the 5 best ADC champions you can pair with Janna

1. Vayne

With her rising popularity, Vayne is one of the best ADC you can pick together with Janna. She has a very high winrate in season 12, thanks to mythic items. With Janna as support, Vayne can start with a Cull item perfect for farming in the laning phase. It is also worth noting that Janna gives her allies bonus physical damage whenever she uses her E shield on them. 

This is perfect when opening up a fight that was set by your tornado and slow. Vayne can really capitalize on the bonus damage Janna gives as it stacks together with Vayne’s ultimate stats. 

Janna should prioritize building utility items and runes when partnered with Vayne. Revitalize is an excellent rune that Janna can pick as it gives her increased healing potency. This also works well with certain Items that can boost her healing even further. 

Best Items You Can Build on a Janna/Vayne Duo

Ardent Censer

This Item provides a 10% bonus on heals and shields. This is perfect to quickly bring Vayne’s health back up when fighting with your Ultimate channeling. It also gives everyone you heal or shield a 10-30% bonus attack speed which is truly magnificent when playing with a Vayne. This Item is perfect as it provides peeling and a boost on your ADC to handle situations even better. 

Moonstone Renewer

Janna’s heals come from her ultimate ability, which, if you must know, is not always available for its long cooldown. That is why Janna has to build Moonstone to make up for her lack of healing abilities. Sure, she has an excellent shield ability. Still, Moonstone provides excellent healing. This would protect your ADC better as you can constantly proc its effects because of your aggressive nature. Procs can come from your abilities. Also, picking the font of the life rune is excellent as it would synergize with this Item very well. 

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2. Yasuo

Janna works well with Yasuo as he is a champion that has excellent mobility in the laning phase. His kit is perfect for an early aggressive playstyle for him to take over the lane, and there is no better tactic than giving him shields and inflicting CC on enemies. Janna may seem like a timid champion, but her kit is so aggressive, and she can protect champions better than the beefiest tank champions in League of Legends.

Yasuo can also work with Janna’s Tornado as it can knock enemies airborne. He can use this to easily cast his ultimate on enemies, perfect for initiating when a jungler comes to gank your lane. Yasuo also benefits from the fact that Janna’s shield gives bonus physical Damage. 

Best Items You Can Build on a Janna/Yasuo Duo

Imperial Mandate

When playing with Yasuo, Janna should rush to build this Item as it is excellent for her W ability. Their poke ability will be boosted with this Item. Janna’s W already has impressive damage when partnered with the Aery rune, build Imperial Mandate, and her poke damage becomes very annoying. To top it all off, Yasuo can capitalize on this as he deals bonus damage on the enemies and provides hi extra movement speed.

3. Ashe

Everybody knows that it is highly annoying to play against a champion you can’t get close to. Ashe excels on this because of all her slows from her basic attack and the one that comes from her W ability. Janna can also initiate the perfect moment for Ashe to cast her ultimate. Janna can hide her Q in the bush to surprise enemies, and this skill knocks enemies airborne for quite some time, perfect for Ashe to never miss her ult. 

Ashe also lacks self-peeling abilities that is why Janna is perfect for her. Janna has many ways to keep enemies away from Ashe, and Ashe can use this to power farm the bot lane to rush her core items. With the right items, this duo can be unstoppable, so let’s look at the items that Janna should build.

Best Items You Can Build on a Janna/Ashe Duo

Imperial Mandate

Janna has a great way to proc this Item on enemies because of her W. This is an excellent poking ability once you build imperial mandate. Ashe can also follow it up with a 2nd proc from her W ability. Small pokes like this would lead to a dominant lane giving you all the CS and EXP advantage over the enemy.

Ardent Censer 

With Janna’s E, Ashe will receive a fat shield with a boost in her physical damage. Building Ardent would even make her more potent as it increases her attack speed and does her deal bonus magic damage. Perfect for quick trades in any situation of the game. 

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4. Jinx

Jinx is a very straightforward champion. As long as you have the enemy within your attack range, you can kill them. She is also a late-game hyper carry, just like all the champions mentioned above. She also needs babysitting during the laning phase.

Jinx and Janna’s skills synergize very well. It is a given that it’s hard to land Jinx’s snare ability. She needs Janna to land her tornado on enemies, making it easier for Jinx to place her E and root the enemies. Once snared, Jinx can then take advantage and kite them until they’re low. It would also be easier for her to land her W because Janna has a slow-inducing skill making it harder for enemies to sidestep Jinx’s laser.

Best Items You Can Build on a Janna/Jinx Duo


It is a unique item to build on Janna but is great on peeling Jinx and landing a CC chain on the enemy as Jinx hits them all with her basic attacks. Janna can cast her Q on the enemy, and Jinx follows it up with her E snare, and finally, Janna can use Everfrost on that enemy, keeping her stunned and slowed for more than 5 seconds

Shurelya’s Battlesong

Jinx lacks gap closer abilities which makes her rely on her movement speed or a Galeforce dash. But this can have a solution as Janna can build a Shurelya, which gives everyone near her a burst of movement speed. After Jinx scores one takedown, she will gain another movement speed boost from her passive “get excited.” At this point, you just have to shield and peel her as she will have her own gap closer with her movement speed. 

5. Jhin

A champion that needs to move around while hitting enemies, Janna is perfect for this bot lane duo as she can stay on Jhin’s side throughout the game. Their W’s also work great as Janna can slow her enemies, and Jhin can follow it up with his W ability. A great poking combo they can use right off the bat. 

Jhin is also vital as long as enemies don’t get to touch him. During a late game on teamfights, Janna should stay beside Jhin at all times and when team fights erupt. She can cast her ultimate to keep enemies away from Jhin. She can hold this to continuously heal Jhin as he trades with enemies. 

Best Items You Can Build on a Janna/Jhin Duo

Imperial Mandate

As mentioned before, Jhin and Janna have a strong poke with their W’s. With this Item, they can deal even more damage, which also gives Jhin a movement speed boost. Perfect for kiting and chasing down enemies. Jhin also has all the means to proc the 2nd tick of Imperial mandate as most of his skills are ranged. 

With all that said and done, now you know 5 great champions you can pick together with Janna’s support. Janna is an excellent peeling champion, so take advantage of this and pick hyper-carry late-game champions that need to power farm in the early game. I hope this helps you on your future games, so GLHF on your next games summoner, see you on the rift. 

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