Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Leona in League of Legends

When you’ve played League of Legends since the beginning, you might be a player who fears ranked games when you see a Leona being picked by the enemy team. Being an ADC, Leona is one of the champions that most fear. ADC’s mostly fear assassin champions like Zed or Talon because of their One-shot bursts. 

Still, it is different with Leona. She is the champion with most crowd control abilities in the game, meaning she alone can lock you down for more than 5 seconds if she sequences her skills right. Her Ult can also be cast upon a very long-range, so wherever you are, if you do not have a dash ability or flash up, it is most likely that you’ll get stunned and locked down in one place. Now that Leona can do let us look at different ADC’s you can use to pair with this aggressive CC machine.

1. Caitlyn

Of course, to follow up a support champion’s aggressive CC style, you also need a champion that has great CC ability that allows her to burst enemies as they spend their time stunned. Caitlyn can use her snare on the enemy while they are locked down by Leona. This would give Caitlyn the window to burst her enemy down. With Leona being able to lock down her enemy for so long, Caitlyn can cast the 2nd snare on the enemy, further immobile time. 

Leona can open up a fight in the early game with her quick combo, and Caitlyn can follow this up with her skills that will be easier to land because the enemy won’t be moving. During the late game, this duo would have a great way to pick enemy carries. Leona can catch them with her Ult as the opening skill, and everybody can follow up after that. Caitlyn is also great; if an enemy gets away, she can finish them with her Ult. Leona’s passive also works excellent as Caitlyn can always proc this because of her long-range, which damages her enemies more. 

Best Items for a Leona/Caitlyn Duo


Now building this item is not really necessary for Leona. Still, suppose you are up against assassins like Zed or Katarina who can jump around killing everybody including your ADC. In that case, your best bet is locking them down for more than just 5 seconds. Everfrost does just that. With this item, you are looking at around 5 or 6 seconds of downtime with all your CC abilities stacked. 

Zeke’s Convergence

Another great item that works for this duo is Zeke’s effects. Leona casts her Ult on the enemy, and when they are caught, she has a gap closer root ability that makes her utilize Zeke’s effects. It also grants Caitlyn bonus magic damage when Zeke’s passive is procced. Stack this to Leona’s passive damage procs, and you have yourself a devastating ADC champion who can shoot you down from a long-range. 

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2. Miss Fortune

Now here is a champion that needs her opponents to be at one fixed point for her to land her ultimate properly. Miss Fortunes ultimate is so devastating that everybody runs from it when it is cast. But what happens if you get stunned at one location for more than 5 seconds and catch MF’s Ult for its entire duration? Death is guaranteed. 

During early-game alone, this duo is already devastating with their synergized abilities. MF can open up trade by slowing the enemy. Leona can go in with her gap closer root ability and stun that enemy. When you are playing Leona, make sure to keep a close watch on your MF’s mana as she won’t be able to follow up your engages when she has no mana. Also, be mindful of your skills. Sequence it nicely so stun durations are maximized, and your passive procs are all used by MF. This way, you will be playing smart, and you will be able to utilize Leona’s value the right way. 

Best Items for a Leona/Miss Fortune Duo


With Leona, you’re gonna want to be at the frontlines most of the time, making yourself a shield so enemies won’t get near your Caitlyn. Thornmail is a great way to mitigate most damages, even from the tower, if you decide to dive an enemy champion. This is great as you need to be the one to soak up all the damages from the enemies. Letting them hit you gives them grievous wounds, another great passive if you want to win more teamfights. 

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3. Draven

A champion that can go really hard even during the laning phase. He needs to reach his level 2 power spike to secure more kills early on in the game. With Leona being a hyper-aggressive support champion, she needs an ADC who is also aggressive given the right circumstances. Draven does just that with his Q and W. He can already deal high damage output even at level 2, thanks to his Q that lets him deal bonus physical damage.

A Leona engages in the early game can be followed up by a Draven because of his blood rush, which boosts his movement speed and attack speed and incredible ability to follow up on Leona’s CCs. Upon reaching level 6, both champions reach different levels of aggressiveness; Leona can pick apart enemies caught by her ultimate because of its long-range. Draven can then chase that champion down with his blood rush and ultimately let him quickly kill enemy carries because of his High damage output. 

Best Items for a Leona/Draven Duo

Shurelya’s Battlesong

With this duo, you will most likely be winning your lanes the entire game. You are gonna want to build shurelya’s for this fact because enemies will always be running away from you. Building this item gives you a significant gap closer to the enemy. This means guaranteed takedowns whenever you catch up to them. This is also a great item to run away from 5-man ganks, which can put Draven in danger.

4. Vayne

Vayne is also great with Leona as she profits greatly from Leona’s stuns and roots. Vayne can quickly follow up on a Leona engage with her ultimate + Q initiate. Vayne is also great even though Leona has her skills on cooldown as Vayne can self-peel with her invisibility passive from her ultimate and a push from condemn. This champion is a monster at engaging the enemy team and punishing them with significant damage coming from Vayne. But of course, during the early game, Leona might not want to engage enemies and focus on peeling Vayne as she farms for her core items and while waiting for her power spike. Upon reaching Vayne’s power spike, this duo should take advantage of their strong engages and win their lane.

Best Items for a Leona/Vayne Duo

Knight’s Vow

With Leona being at the vanguard of team fights, this would mean that there would be a massive space between her and Vayne. Leona can take advantage of this by building Knight’s Vow. It gives both the caster and designated partner a speed boost when moving towards each other, giving Vayne more movement speed which is always great for kiting and chasing. This would also make Leona take damage for Vayne so she won’t be too squishy.

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5. Varus

Following up on Leona’s engages doesn’t always mean you need to be close and personal with an enemy champion. Sometimes you want champions Varus who can burst down enemies from a faraway range while also chain CC with Leona from his Ult. 

Leona can engage Varus in the early game to bring down the enemy’s health. When the trade is made, Varus can finish the enemy off with his empowered Q. If he builds a dark harvest lethality build, he might just be able to one-shot the enemy even if they are at ¼ or ½ of their health. Leona won’t worry too much about peeling Varus, as Varus can keep hitting enemies safely. 

Best Items for a Leona/Varus Duo

Locket of the Iron Solari

Being the same item Leona represents, this is also a great item to build on when supporting a Varus ADC. Varus lacks self-peeling abilities, which means he needs all the free defensive stats he can get. To top it all off, it has a shielded passive that prevents burst damages on Varus. 

Leona is always great, even when playing with a newbie ADC player. This support is both great in engaging and peeling, perfect for teaming up with new players. Leona can babysit every lane in the game during the early phase. Make sure to build mobility boots on her so you can roam around your teammate’s lanes and help them. With that in mind, I hope you have a great day and win more games. GLHF summoner, see you on the rift. 

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