Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Lulu in Season 12

Enchanter supports in League of Legends are so strong in team fights that they mostly get banned. One of the best enchanters in the game is Lulu. All of her skills work for the benefit of her teammates. She has a shield, a speed boost, and an ult that has CC and increases the size of the champion. She is like a swiss knife that has everything you need. 

Another great thing about her is that she doesn’t need to build damage or tank items because of her skills. Therefore, she can build utility items that protect or helps her teammates even further. With that said, let us take a look at the champions that work well with Lulu.

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1. Vayne

She might just be considered as the best champion to pair with Lulu. Vayne profits from every skill Lulu has, from speed boosts that help her chase enemies better and shields that help mitigate early game pokes from the enemy ADC. Vayne will be really safe when partnered with a Lulu as she has one of the best peeling abilities in a league of legends game.

Lulu can give Vayne a boost in every utility passive in the game. What’s great about this Duo comes when Vayne reaches her power spike. Usually, a Vayne wants to go in on 1v5s in the late game. Lulu can back her up on this with the different items she built along with her set of skills. But Vayne’s bread and butter for late-game fights are from Lulu’s Ultimate ability. 

Vayne has a reasonably low attack range which means enemies with gap closers can quickly get to her. When that happens, Lulu can cast her ultimate on Vayne and knock all enemies near her back. She can follow this up with a slow and a shield to give Vayne, giving Vayne the space she needs to kite all her enemies.

Lulu’s Item Build For An Aggressive Vayne

Shurelya’s Battlesong + Chemtech Putrifier + Ardent Censer

This item build would be great when you are in a situation where Vayne gets the upper hand in the early game, and all she needs is for you to give her all the boosts to chase down enemies. Shurelya’s Battlesong as a mythic item is great for chasing down enemies along with Ardent censer’s attack speed and damage boost. Vayne will have everything she needs with this build and will let you snowball even faster to eventually win the game. 

Lulu’s Item Build For A Late-Game Vayne (Defensive)

Moonstone renewer + Ardent Censer + Redemption + Mikael’s Blessing

This build path is focused on protecting Vayne in the late game. If the enemy outranges Vayne in the early game and needs to play safe and farm, this is the item build. 

The increased heal and shield power are great, and the Moonstone renewer works great on Lulu as she procs its effects with the pixie. Just remember not all CC abilities used on Vayne needs cleansing from Mikael’s. Choose the right time when to cast it to bring out the most of its value.

2. Twitch

Twitch is a grand champion that hits like a truck in the late game. Still, he lacks mobility, so he needs all the peeling he can get as he stands there and hits all the enemies demolishing their health bars. Lulu is great in this Duo as in the late game. All she needs to do is cast her ultimate on Twitch at the right time and keep enemies away from him. 

The Laning phase would be challenging, though, as Twitch is outranged by enemies most of the time. Still, if not, this Duo can play thanks to Twitch’s invisibility very aggressively. Lulu will often want to cast her speed boost on Twitch as he can poke their enemies with his passive and E combo. 

Twitch is also safe with Lulu as a support as she can transform anyone who goes near Twitch into a small critter. Suppose they somehow get the jump on this Duo. In that case, Lulu can immediately cast her ultimate on Twitch to protect him from the assassin’s bursts.

Lulu’s Item Build For An Aggressive Twitch

Shurelya’s Battlesong + Ardent Censer + Archangel Staff

You’re going to want to constantly boost Twitch’s movement speed as he needs to keep his distance within the enemy’s range for him to kite them. Ardent also works excellent on Twitch as it gives him extra damage and attack speed. Archangel Staff makes sure you never run out of mana as you constantly use your skills to peel Twitch.

Lulu’s item build for a late-game Twitch

Locket of the Iron Solari + Redemption + Ardent Censer + Knight’s Vow

This item build revolves around protecting Twitch at all times. All of the effects of these items lean towards shielding and healing Twitch. This should be your go-to item built on Lulu if assassins or enemies with backline access are in the enemy.

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3. Yasuo

Yasuo is a very aggressive laner when it comes to bot lane. He tends to dash most of the time to get in range of enemies to hit them with his Q. During the late game, he will be even more aggressive and needs all the enchantments he can get. Lulu’s Ult works great on Yasuo as it can be used to set up a Yasuo ultimate. This Duo can literally stay in one lane and push until the 2nd tier tower in the early game. 

Lulu’s Item Build For An Aggressive Yasuo

Imperial Mandate + Redemption + Ardent Censer

You’re gonna want to poke the enemies with your Q as you have an imperial mandate. This item gives Yasuo bonus damage and movement speed whenever he procs your imperial mandate cast on the enemy. 

He will be dashing towards enemy lines most of the time, so you won’t be beside him at all times. When he does this, be sure to follow him, but if you can’t reach him, you can use your Redemption to heal him from a distance. 

4. Ezreal

Ezreal has an excellent poke and self-peel ability, which means you’re gonna want to play aggressively with Ezreal. Gain bush control in the laning phase to always be prepared to cast your polymorph on the enemy champion. If successful, this would give the signal to Ezreal to go in on an all-in exchange. Follow your polymorph up with a Q slow which would help bring down the HP of enemies. 

If Ezreal decides to go in in the late game and gets caught, immediately cast your ultimate on him and polymorph the nearest bruiser or assassin champion so Ezreal can get back on a safe distance where he can poke your enemies.

Lulu’s Item Build For An Aggressive Ezreal

Zeke’s Convergence + Imperial Mandate

These two alone can help Ezreal deal tons of damage from their passives. Zeke’s Convergence is also perfect for keeping enemies away from Ezreal. It’s slow, and both damage procs from both items will increase Ezreals damage output a lot.

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5. Samira

Samira works so well when she has her Ult up, and for her to bring out the best of its value, she needs to cast this in the middle of the enemy’s ranks. When she does this, she risks being shut down with a CC canceling her ultimate channeling effect. 

That is why Lulu’s Ult is great in this scenario, as it knocks enemies back from Samira and briefly slows them. This short time is enough for Samira to bring their enemy’s health bars down.

Lulu’s item build for an aggressive Samira

Redemption + Staff of Flowing Water + Moonstone + Ardent Censer

All the enchantments from these items will help Samira cast her abilities more often with bonus damages. Samira procs her on hit effects with her ultimate, so it is perfect to put a shield on Samira. At the same time, she is ulting so she can proc the bonus damage coming from Ardent. 

So that is the detailed view of the 5 best ADCs you can pair with Lulu. I hope this guide helped you love Lulu more and play her in your games more. Lulu is a grand support champion at all ranks, so be sure to practice her. GHLF on your next games summoner, see you on the rift. 

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